Lost In My World Of Imagination

    Annyeong and Happy Halloween everyone! i've been skipping blogging for 2 days and i'm purposely doing that because i'm not in mood. hahahaha :D last 2 days which is 29th October, its was my mum's birthday. yeah, we do celebrate but i haven't wish her happy birthday yet because i was waiting for my report card as a present. hahahahaha :D she thought i forget that day was her birthday. hohohoh :D well, let she thinks that i'm bad. LOL :D actually that noon, we have a little fight ^^. love her very much though~ if i don't fight her, i feel so lonely you know, hahahaha XD okay. enough about that.

As you know, i'm addicted to Hyuk Min. So, i've search a little about him on the internet and what really suprising me is that he is smoking T^T. honestly, i don't really like someone who smoking. i hate smokers. when i found his photo which show that he's smoking, i was like "OMG! he's smoking!!" and my heart break onto pieces! because i'm so terribly addicted to his cute face, i feel like my heart broken like i was in love with real person. i mean, like he was really my boyfriend. hahahaha :D the whole day, i don't feel like online. i'm weird. i know! too much obsession on him! but then, that night, after i told dearest sis Jaba, i feel a little better and starting to accept that he was smoking. he's a model, right? and weather at Korea is still cold even on summer, right? so, he's smoking because he want to get his body fit and to warm his body up ^^. *try to think positive*. so, i guess keep on admiring him ^^. and last night, i upload his photo to my phone and use his photo which is one of my favourite photo of him as my wallpaper. i keep my phone open *i use flip phone* because i want to see his face 24/7 and before i went to bed, i stare at his photo again. LMFAO XD aigoo~~ i really need meet with mental doctor. hahahaha :D sorry HyukMin! I'm really really sorry! hahahaha :DD i don't know what make me becoming really obsess with you. its feel like i was in spell. hahaha. DUH! i'm abnormal. well, actually this is not my first time being to obsess like this. my first obsession is on Jiyong oppa a.k.a Gdragon ^^ i'm addicted to GD for 4 years. amazing eh? hahahaha :D but still can't compete with Benji Madden. okay. back to HyukMin. hahahaha XD. and whenever i think about him, i feel like i was in heaven but when i wasn't in my dreamland anymore, i feel like stupid and saying "like he will ever liking you back, you idiot! babo!" hahahaha :D i kept saying those things but still it didn't stop me from dreaming to be with him. hahahahahahahaha XDD.

Obsession can make me believe in anything eventhough its not really them. hahahaha :D i can't imagine. what if he really do have facebook? what if i met him accidentally? what if he become my friend all the sudden? KYAHHHH!! hahahahahahahahah XDDD i know. i know. thats not gonna happen. please somebody who read this post, help me and tell me the best way how to get rid of this obsession. hahahahaha :D later he'll sing "why are you so obsess with me?" hahahahaha :D i wish i'm an ulzzang to so that i can see him and maybe team up with him. or at least i can team up with Park Tae Jun like Hong Young Gi. hohohohoh :D i'm so envious with those ulzzang. because it seems like their world is just so perfect. Oh ya! i did some theory on how they can be ulzzang. hahaha :D
my first theory is "that someone must be a bad boy/girl" because so far, i found some photo which show that some ulzzang is kissing in public 'WHOA' and they smoking. and some of their photo show that they have been hang out at some night clubs and karaoke centre. hahahaha:D so that is my first theory. it just A THEORY. and my second theory is that "these ulzzang people must come from rich family" because so far, i saw their photo and they was talking photo in their room like YoungGi. and i saw her room is pretty nice ^^. and i think most of the ulzzang have the Canon camera. i mean the advance camera which The photographer use. so, that is my second theory.

And once again i want to said that i really hate my brother. i thought he stop being crazy! Urgh! Don't want to talk about him anymore. BLAH! make me gone mad.

so, that is all for now from me :D i want to eat pizza made by my dearest cousy, Ina..
adieu everyone! XD

Bye :D

My Curiosity Level Is Rising Up! T^T

Annyeong~ i'm just having my tea-time at my aunt house. thanks to my cousin for giving me opportunity to have tea time at their beautiful house. hahaha :D the truth is, i  always come over to eat. well, not always. sometimes. I may come without invitation but i do eat with their pemision. hehehehe :D i still have my pride. i drank milo and eat chocolate cake that my uncle bring from his workplace. i don't have idea where it from but i know it from some of his bestfriend. ehehee :D thanks to that person for giving me to taste the delicious chocolate cake. today, before i check on my facebook i search few i mean dozen of his new photo. I tell you, i;m so addicted to his pretty cute face. i wish he's mine. hahahaha :D but that is not going to happen at all~ because person like him, of course he had a girlfriend already right? hmm..hmm.. well, let's not talk about him first. 

   well, the things that i wanted to say is about this one boy who just enter my class. he's not new in the school but he already being kicked out from school for collecting to much dimerits mark. he's one of the most problematic boy from my school but if you just look at his face, you'll never know that he's the baddest because his look is soo damn innocent. He entered my class today, after recess. our lead discipline teacher call me up and then told me to watched over him and keep my classmates away and never talk to him no matter what. and then i met with my class teacher, mdm.Christina and she warned us not to talk to him and just abandoned him there. i am so curious about, what is their motive to put him in our class if they don't want us to talk and treat him well? i've been thinking about this and i've asked few more discipline teacher like Mdm. Tiong andf Sir Lau. they keep telling me the same thing. they told me, they don't know and they even said that they can't tell. well, if they can't tell me the WHOLE STORY, then at least tell me their motive on doing such things? why must our class? why not others? and why can't we be friends with him? why? why? WHY?! 

   well, i've heard a little about him from some people which kinda know him a little. *yes, i'm investigating* and they said that he's not that bad when we were still in middle school *yes, he's the same age as mine* he's good and even he ever be together with one of my friends. they said that he's changing after we enter highschool. i think he's pick the wrong group of person to be friends with. hmmm.. one of my classmates told me that the reason all the teachers put him in our class is because the teachers want him to be bored with school and drop out. but some of them told me that he want to learn well and change himself to be a better person. ahh~ i don't know! Nan Molla! i've been discuss about this matter with my classmates before sivik class started this evening. some of them said that, they feeling guilty for ignoring him and they think that we all should talk to him once in a while. well, you see. its really hard to be abandoned and ignoring someone that have done nothing wrong with us, right? and i've made few theory about this. one, i agree with what the teachers told us which that is ignored him and second, we could talk and treat him good but not be too close to him. but then when we talk and discuss this matter with our sivik teacher, she said that we just need to ignored him as the head of discipline has told us to do so and she said that like we have no other choice other than to ignore him. this make my curiosity grow bigger. you know i have a very high curiosity. I think i really need to know the real motive and why our class, i mean MY CLASS. my class, my responsibility. i'm the monitor of the class and i do think i have my right to know more about this. I may not a very responsible class monitor but i do care about my dearest classmates safety as the teachers themselves told us that the boy is dangerous. and i did this for my BFSPS's sake! so, i think, i must start to investigate a little by little and i think i can reveal the truth maybe not now but SOON ENOUGH. i just need few helps from few people. that's all.

     Ahh~ enough about that matter, now back to my dearest future boyfriend. ahahaha :D he may not going to be mine but my heart is soo just for him right now *eventhough he didn't know* hahahaha :D we never met anyway. and today, when the last bell rang, the one boy that i've been crushing on *the one only that i never mention here* whether i'm mistaken or not, i think he really does give a glance on me. HUAHAHAHAHAH :D i feel like flying! LMFAO :D ahh, HyukMin honey, just for "eye-wash" no worry, i won't cheat on you. ahahaha :D but about i'm crushing on him is already just a history. i have no feeling on him anymore though. not completely NO, i do have a little but i'm just liking him and adoring his cute face. teehee :DD but his cuteness can never compete with my Hot Korean Boy especially my HyukMinnie~ hmmm... ahh yes! i won a standing medal today for Debate Competition. hahahaha :D unbelievable right? yeah! i hard believe it. we can win third place?! hahahaha XD thats because my teamates, my daddy and mummy who put us in victory. i'm just making the debating worst. hahahaha :D what else to talk about? hmmm.. yeah, yesterday cikgu Annuar give me RM2 for helping him buy two cans of Chrisanthemum Tea for him and CIkgu Pirabu ^^. i did say NO when he gave me but he insist me to take it. so, i just take it. hehehe :D i thank him ^^.. but next time, i hope that he or other teachers who asked help from me, please don't give me anything for a return because i help with all my heart and not just to get any reward though. i'm happy if they could do this next time ^^

so, for end this post, i'll put another photo of me and my dearest HyukMin :D enjoy and don't be jealous for he is mine~ huahahahahaha XDD

Cute combination right? huahahahaha XD i know! ehehe :D so, i off my post today. see you in the next post :D ADIEU!

P/S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears

having tooth-ache but still going to participating in debate T^T

Annyeong~ long time didn't use kevin's photo to start my blog. ekekeke :D ahh~ really miss his beautiful angelic face ^^. well, today i have a very bad and long day. You see, right now i'm suffering from tooth-ache T^T. my two precious cute front teeth is sick right now. i really love them both as i think they make me look cute. huahahahaha *shameless* oh well, everyone experience tooth-ache right? ehehe :D as long as i'm not losing them, i'll satisfied. teehee XD. i can not even eat a single food today *liar* i only able to eat junk food T^T. hopefully both my tooth will recover soon so that i can ate my favourite chocolates and candy again ^^. School? not so bad just that fiona and i didn't get along well today. she seem to be different lately. since she be friends with caroline and siew mei. not that i blame them. NO, thats not my point. what i want to say here is that fiona seem like don't have the guuts to talk or hanging out with me, prudence and valerie anymore. maybe because the three of us still immature and don't really participating in any school activities. i mean, we're not so called active student and also not a very good grades student like them. we also not famous and not everyone know us. i know where i am and i understand very well if she don't want to cope up with me though ^^. maybe because i talk loud and embarrasing her infront of everyone she knows. not my problem. like it or not, i'm not going to change it. i was born with it so i have to live with it ^^

 And tomorrow i'm going to participating in english debate. I'm going to sit in Opposition side and the topic will be "television does not destroy lives". i'm so freaking nervous right now because i never participating in debate before and i'm scared that, when i got to much nervousness, i will do stupid things in front of everyone T^T. i'm scared. as i always said, my english is not good and even if i use english at home, thats only on weekends as i speak to my son in english T^T and that is the only time i use english at home! at school, i speak malay with my english teacher! aigoo~ i'm so dead tomorrow. but thanks God, the topics isn't bad enough. i can think of the ideas very well. hopefully its not out of topic. hahahaha :D i was team up with my mum and dad (prudence and christyan) hohohoh :D and that what great about the debate~ >_0. prudence said, " we are unseparateable" hahahahah :D i guess she's right! LOL XD then she even invented something like BFF thing and if i'm not mistaken, its was sound like this : "BESTFRIEND SINCE PRIMARY SCHOOL" ahahaha :D BFSPS for short. LOL XD. i can't stop laughing whenever i'm with her. same goes to Valerie. ekeke :D i really wish that the three of us were in the same class but if that happen, our classmate would be very dizzy as we're too loud! hahahaha :D i can imagine because we've experienced that before XD.

and so here we are, the main things that i really want to talk about. huahahaha :D i just found out he have a dog. his dog is soo look like my chubby~ only his dog is smaller *but chubby is cuter*  hahahaha :DD we soo meant to be together! LOL XD (hopefully he never read my blog) hahahahaha :D if he does, i don't know how to face the world because of my shameless public admitation. LOL :DD oh well, like he will like me back~ and his dog name is... undefined. LOL XD. i don't know where to look for it. i'm not official nor unofficially related to this Hyuk Min guy. well, maybe after i couple with him later, i'll tell you guys. LOL :D like that will EVER happen. i was made by Him alone though~ hahahahah :D just kidding ^^. So Sorry MY LORD! eynnnn...what else? hmmm.. suffering tooth-ache? check. debating? check. HyukMin's dog? check. Ahh! tomorrow i'm going to sit for 4 paper that is Math I, history I, Biology and EST I. hopefully i can do my best in all 4 exams~ teehee :D and i hope after this i can concentrate and study my biology! uh-oh! i was suppose to study history! oh well, i only bring my biology book to my aunt house just now *my house is just next to her house* hahahaha :D lazy to walk bahh~ like parents always said, girl can't go out at night. hohohohohoh *lame excuses* by the way, i've think of making my own comic after this final exam but i guess its will be a very long time for me to finish it up as this is my first time on making comic. hahaha :D hopefully i don't lost hope in doing one! wish me luck! Hwaiting!~!!

so, i guess this is good bye as i really need to study my biology and remembering my debate script~ wish me luck for tomorrow! 
so here the picture of me and Hyuk Min~ teehee *obviously its photoshop* and also will be one of my favourite photo :DDDD

see you guys soon! bye-bye for now!!
ADIEU! everyone~~

P/S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :D

Shopping Or Eating? hahaha :D

Annyeong~ we meet again! today, i woke up at exactly 12 :00 pm. hahaha :D i have more than enough sleep. well, actually i slept at 2.00a.m so no wonder i woke up by noon. well, then i go shopping with my dearest sis jon and my lovely son, Shawny. we went to Merdeka Mall. Its a new mall and there got a lot of cute clothes store. Hwaa~ i was like in heaven! hahaha :D but i didn't buy anything at Merdeka Mall as i'm saving money to buy some Manga. hahahaha :D Manga is the most important! Shawny got his toy truck from department store at merdeka mall but he hasn't got time to play with it as his mum demanding my mum (shawn's grandma) to send Little Shawny home. Aigoo~ i really don't want Shawny to go home but still his mum need him right? what else i can do? hahahaha :D back to the topic. At merdeka mall, Sis Jon buy me Kokoberry. we both order Double Chocolate. ehehe :D thanks to her :D there we start our eating routine. hahaha :D then, the three of us went to Esplanade and again, sis Jon buy us a couple of sausage with fishballs, coconut juice, 'cucur pisang' and 'buntut ayam' hahahahaha :D then after we finish eating, we went to Boulevard Shopping Mall and there i bought 4 Manga books. hohohohohoh :D and before we went back home, sis Jon buy us Mcflurry Oreo and SiewMai and also popcorn and cotton candy for Shawny. In car i asked her " we went shopping or eating? " hahaha :D because we didn't even buy anything except for food, food and food. LOL XD this is my first time seeing her buying only food. hahahahaha :D whenever i recall this memory, i laugh because it just to funny. hehehehei. At home, my aunt and mum asked me to join them for dinner. and of course i said, i'm full. but then after i finish showering, i saw sis Jon eating her dinner, i was like " whoa sis! can i join? " hahahahaha :D i just about to say that actually but she invited me first then, we eat together. today is the day where i ate a lot. hahahahah :D gain weight but fun ^^

The second things i want to talk about is my boyfriend.( dreaming before sleep) His name is HyukMin. Cute ha? sorry, he's mine now! well, i've found him in some website. that time, i was surveying the net with my dearest Jaba while watching some Thai's horror movies. he caught my heart at that very moment. hahahaha :D he's an uljjang too! i found that he have the same interest as i am. we both loves arts, music and even our fashion sense also the same (we both love harajuku's style) hahahaha :D well, this is what people call as Fate. huahahahaha :D he lives in japan since he was young but i think he's back to Korea already as he's currently studying at Seoul National University and took a graphic arts major. I don't know much about him as i just met him. he's father was dead and he's really close to his mother. i think he really loves his mother. teehee! that's make him twice cuter. i wish i see him and know him better. but that is so not going to happen even i cried until blood comes out to replace my tears. hohohohooh :D aish! whenever i think about the things that i will never can get, i felt so dissapointed. yeah, who doesn't if their dreams can't come true. ehehehe :D what ever it take, i will find my way to go to Japan and Korea before i die! if mum allowed me, i want to find part-time job and saves money so that i could travelled with the money and she and dads doesn't need to spend their money for my dream journey. hohohoh :D then, if i can go, i would like to invite dear Jaba to come with me so that we could spent our journey together. huahahahahaha :DD

i guess that is all for now as i need to sleep because tomorrow i have exams.so, i'm off now. as usual, i put HyukMin photo to end my post ^^

hope to meet him in the future :D so long everyone ^^

P/S : Let your smile cover up your tears :D

Happy Month Of Halloween and Get To Know My Neko Prince, Ikuto :D

Annyeong~ Happy Fearful Halloween Month to those who are celebrating! Me? nope. i'm not celebrating it but i really wish i'm celebrating though because its seem fun to dress up being a ghost. ehehei *similar to cosplaying things* and if i had a chance to celebrate and wear costume, i would like to be  a vampire~ The Blood Sucker. Wasehh! truthfully, i've been admiring vampires since i'm still in primary school. well, thats because Sis Jaba influent me. she always told me stories about vampires and zombies. i really love her stories. ehehehe :D nowadays, she still telling me stories but not often as we both busy with school. hmmm.. really miss our old time. hahahahaha :D

 Last night, i've been watching an Anime entitled Shugo Chara which mean 'Guardian Characters'. well, this anime is kinda long as it has 126 episodes. I've been awake from last night until right now without sleep. I guess this anime bring my insomnia back. hahahaha :D well, i didn't watch all the 126 episode. i skips a lot. i only watch episode that shows my favourite character, Ikuto! Ikuto! i'm in love with him!! hahahahaha *crazy* Ikuto is not the main character but through my observation based on the comment that i've read, he is the most popular characters. hahahahaha :D actually, he's the evil characters *not so evil as his mind was control by the evil boss* and he also have a crush on the heroin and i think the heroin also feel the same towards him. Just that she confuse as the main character, which she admired the most has confess his love towards her.  But if i'm the heroin, i would absolutely pick Ikuto without a second thought! ahahahahaha :D besides, Ikuto always there when the heroin is in danger. Haiya! the ending is kinda boring a bit as Ikuto did not manage to get the heroin. but still, i feel so relief because Ikuto still single. Huahahahahahahha *gone mad* if you see his face, i'm sure, you'll be seduce by his hot, cool and good looking face. ehehehe :D so, here some photo of him so that you can see and believe what i've said. teehee XDD

HAWT!!!!!! Kyahhhh!!! ahahahahaha :D i'm soooooooo crazy right now. hahahaha :D call me crazy but HEY, He's HAWT! i can't resist it! LOL :DD

He is my first Neko Prince. ehehehe :D so far, i don't have interest in any Neko-like Anime boys no matter how cute they are. and Ikuto is my first! congratulation Ikuto baby! hahahaha :D how adorable.. too bad he just a character. but even if he's real, he won't have a little glance on a person like me. hehehei.. oh well, i'm just admiring him not more than that. Hikaru?? Well, he's still my number ONE! hahahaha :D

i guess this all for now as i'm lacking of ideas. don't know what else to write. and truthfully my main reason to write this post is to tell about Ikuto~ ahahahaha :D

so, as usual. i'll end my post with photos. enjoy :D

Over-rated Sexiness of my Eeteuk! hahahaha :D he's body.. WHOA! no words can described. hahahaha :D
 So, annyeong and hope to see you guys soon :D ADIEU!

P/S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears.

Korean Drama Number One Fans! (^V^)

Annyeong! sorry for not updating for 2 days. not that i forget but i'm just feeling a little lazy to write out. hahahaha :D last 2 days, i feel so boring and lonely. well, you see.. my sis Ina had married already and then sis Jon went back to Kuching with her Hubby. then, sis Phoebe went back to Bintulu with her mum. so, i was left alone here in miri T^T. But i'm grateful to have Shawny by my side. hehehe :D and last night, sis Jaba and Pnut come over and we spent the whole day together but after they leave, i'm alone again. Ah~ as you can see, i'm more into KeyKibum right now. huahahaha :D i saw his cuteness. LOL  :D but still, in Shinee, Taeminie is my Number One. they born to be cute and have all the popularity. they born to be entertainment and they have that talent. i wonder who will marry them? who ever that person are, she is the luckiest human being in the world. hahaha :D i wish its going to be me but its just a stupid wish where its will never comes true. tomorrow i have exams. i'm going to sits for Addmath 1 and physics 2 paper. wish i can do my best in both paper tomorrow. and today what i am really need to do and to finish after i'm done with blogging is do my Physics peka and study. 

this few days, i've been wasting my study time with this korean drama called Full House. honestly, its been few years i've been wanted to watch this drama. hahahaha :D but thanks to Maaduu.com for providing the full episode of Full House. Gomawo! hahaha :D the genre of this drama is Romantic Comedy. very funny and some of its scene are so sad. ehehe :D yeah, i haven't finish watching it. maybe after exams or maybe next weekends. ehehehe :D i'm very hoping that exams is going to ends soon so that i able to watch this drama till the ends of the episode. i can't stop wondering what happen later. hahahhaha :D

ahahahha :D this one is the most famous drama in history. LOL :D Just Kidding. yeah, everyone said this drama is awesome. when 8TV show this drama before, i miss it so once again i thanks to Maaduu.com for sharing the full episode of Boys Over Flower. hahahaa :D i haven't watch this drama yet. maybe because i want to watch it together with sis Jaba. yeah, when we promise, we have to keep it, right? hahahahah :D just be patient and will trying my best to not fall for its seduction. LOL :D 

Ahh~ last for today, i just wanna talk about Seunghyun Oppa a.k.a LeeU. really-really miss to see his cute and adorable face. i just saw new photo of him from his facebook lately and he seem no different at all. only that his hair is shorter than before. hahaha :D really miss him. LOL :D but his new hairstyle is more suit him i think. he look double adorable after getting that hairstyle. teehee :D i keep wondering, when can i meet him? when can i talk to him? same goes to the others. when can i personally meet them? haiya! well, i just can kept wondering when? where? how? what? why? because they never want to meeting someone who is nobody like me.. but if i'm the daughter of the richest man in the earth, i may have a chance to meet them all. LOL :D but thats not going to happen. hahaha :D whateverla.. i'm grateful to have such a nice family which is full of joy and love. just that, having a couple of problems. but HEY! no one have perfect life! hahaha :D

So, thats all for now and so, i let the photo of Victoria for F(X) to ends my post for now. enjoy :D

she's cute right? she's look like korean but she soo not korean. she's chinese. LOL :D ahh, lucky her. she's my new idol after my twins, Minzy. hahahaha :D 

P/S : let your smile cover up your tears.

Love Sincerely,

Another Special Day That I Really Should Tells About :D

Annyeong! today is another exam day. i have sit for English Paper today and i think it wasn't so bad. i guess i can get good marks for English. But i'm still not really sure about that because my essays seem to be a little out of topics. ahahaha ;D well, at least i've tried my very best, right? hmmm... today, Prudence come to school and i was like overly talkative today. ehehe :D but still feeling a little bit lonely back then as Valerie didn't come to school today. i wonder why. i wish my phone have credits so that i can message her and ask her why she didn't come and sit for exam today? i just worry about her grades that all because, you see.. between four of us, i'm the eldest so i feel that i have responsibility towards them. Honestly, i pretend to be childish and act like i was the youngest in front of them but still, i'm trying to be a very good sister to them ^^. And for real, i only can act and being myself in front of them. maybe thats what people call as BESTFRIEND. well, i can talk about almost everything with them and they seems to be very understanding me well. i really hope we can be bestfriends and sisters forever!

        Talking about sister. HWA! i can believe it! my dearest sister Ina will get marriage tomorrow morning!! kyahhh~ i'm so happy for her and hopefully tomorrow, nothing bad happen~ ehehehe XD well, i can't attend the special ceremony as i need to go to school and sit for my Moral exams ( i wish tomorrow isn't exam ) well, i wish her every happiness and joy. hopefully she can get the life she have been dreaming of with her love one and i also wish that she can stay healthy and become healthier from day to day. i also hope that we won't and never will lost contact with each other. even when we are apart, hopefully we can be together and closed to each other like before, now and then. far to see but always there in the heart. I just can't believe it, finally another family members of mine got married. i'm so happy for them. and after this, i wonder, who will be the next to get marriage. ( maybe me. LOL :D )
          Feel like i'm in dreamland when i heard that she getting married. hahahaha :D right now, my feeling are mixed. happy, nervous, want to cry also got and more la.. i don't know what i'm suppose to feel right now. hahahaha :D but for sure, i'm feeling sooooo excited for her and her spouse to be. hahahaha :D today may be the last day we spent our single-mingle night together. ( bachelor night ) hahahaha :D. gonna miss this very moment a lot. 

Yezza! long time didn't post Minzy's photo. hahaha :D i found that my hair has the same length as hers. ehehe :D we totally twins sister. Wohoo ( just that i'm older 9 days ) Well, they have debut their very first album which they call as To Anyone. Like their mini album, all their song are incredibly good to hear and in this album minji was dress by their dresser to look more mature than her actual age. she seems to look like older than me. hmm.. i guess because of the heavy make up. ahh~ why don't they make minzy look cuter? that personality suit her best. Sexy? not really appropriate for her age because she's too young to be sexy. hahahaha :D well, thats their manager who decide how they should be styled. that just my opinion la bah. next year, we both are going to be 17 and i'm going to sit for SPM next year. i wonder if Minzy ever go to school after she debuted with 2Ne1 because she seems really busy with her career. well, i guess she is a type of person who cares more about career than study. hahahaha :D me? i don't care about both. LOL XD all i care about is myself, family and friends. future? i don't guarentee i will have a good future ahead but for sure, i'm going to make my future as bright as the stars. ermm..what else? ah ya! later morning is the deadline for my moral assignment and i haven't done a single things. T^T. but for sure, today is the day i'm going to finish it up by hook or by crook, i will! even that mean i no need to sleep for the whole morning. never mind! i'm used to it. besides, its friday! i'm going home early bah today. i can sleep after school. hehehehe :D. Moral exam~ hopefully i can memorize every single Nilai Murni and manage to answer all the question. hope to get good marks for moral also!

i guess, thats all for now as the time is ticking. i'm really short of time as i NEED to finish my assignment. seriously, i really do need to finish it now! 

so, for this post, i let my own photo end it. hehehe XD its one of my favourite photo. so enjoy and ADIEU! :D

non-edited photo :D 

Annyeong and have a blast morning everyone :D 
wish me luck!

P/S : let your smile cover up your tears.


Exam Weeks is Here! WooHoo!!!

Annyeong, everyone~ its been a while i didn't write. i'm kinda busy with something.. hahahahaha XD just kidding. actually i'm just facing some addicted problems. i mean, i'm addicted to Chobits and GhostHunt (if you ever heard about it) well, both of them are anime. i've found through Youtube. so, i just want to finish watching them both. that is why i don't write my blog. ehehe :D betweeb those two, i prefer Chobits as the characters just to cute! well, the story is about a student named Hideki who luckily found a treasure robot which they call as persocom (i don't know the actual spelling) and he call the robot as Chi as it only can say the word 'chi'. well, the story is kinda very interesting because you can find many funny scene in it. ehehe :D but some of the scene are not really suitable for 18 and above (uh-oh! thats me!) you know what i mean~ if you don't know, then you better watch it yourself. hahaha XD.. and.. GhostHunt? its about an agency that hunting for ghost. the main character is just sooo damn hot. LOL. his name is Shibuya Kazuya. he is just 18 years old but already have his own business. then, he met with this highschool girl name Mai. she's cute and she have special feeling towards him (eventhough he never treat her well) ahaha :D the story iss very interesting and there also some scene that really creeps me out. especially the one which about a doll. hahaha :D make me more antis to doll. ekekeke :D. ahh~ if i'm not going to sit for this final exam, i would have watching another anime right now =.='

  And tomorrow, i'm going to have English Paper. hopefully i get the best mark. ehehe :D honestly, i suppose to study right now but i don't feel like it so, i guess i'm going to study for it tomorrow morning. i should have enough time for that tomorrow. ehehe :DD. ermmm.. today i have Malay Language paper. and its not very hard to do and not very easy la. i did my very best today and hopefully can get good marks for it so that i can get PSP from my parent. Wuhuu~ but according to my condition right now (hahaha :D my lazy condition) i can't guarentee that i can get good marks for it. but at least i'm not going to  fail any of my subject and i think and i'm pretty sure that i'm going to fail addmath again T^T. ahh~ today prudence didn't come to school and i feel so lonely. she have to follow her mum to KL as her mum has something to do there. and she will be back tomorrow. can't wait to see her! Fiona seem to act very different lately. i don't know what's gotten into her but obviously she is not Fiona that i know for 8 years. she's different. really-really different. well, maybe because she have new girlfriends and she feel more happier with her new girlfriends. well, i let her do what she wants. she have her rights to choose her own friends right? so, why should i care? teehee~ (actually i do care. a little...)

ahahaha :D she really does look like Chi just that Original Chi is double cuter. huahahaha :D well, i adore all the cosplayer around the world. (especially those who really resembles anime) and i'm feeling very envious with them because here, in malaysia. no cosplay or stuff like that were being organize. no fun T^T. ehehehe XD oh well, i guess its time for me to say good bye then. ehehei :D wish me all the best. hopefully i can answer all the question tomorrow. my Stupid brother want to borrow my lappy. i hate him. never ever forgive and forget of what he done. NEVER.

so, i guess this is goodbye. ehehehe

i let Cosplay of Chibi naruto ends my post for now. enjoy and ADIEU! :D

P/S : just let your smile cover your tears. don't let other see what your feeling really are.

Annyeong! Goodbye! Adieu! Sayonara! Selamat Tinggal! Zai Jian!

wish me luck! Hwaiting! hwaiting!

The Day I Do Nothing But Sleeping :D

Annyeong~ ahaha XD today i'm going to start my post with my hunnie, TaeJun ^^. the photo, look familiar eh? ahahaha XD yepp :D i have the same photo like him which i also use headphone like he does. hahahaha. that would make us a cute couple. LOL XD.  he's cute, pretty, good looking or should i say, he's perfect in every way. Words can never describes how good he is. hmmm.. 
         i did went to school today and school was sooo silence back then. everyone busy with their PMR holidays. i really wish i can skip today classes you know but what can i do, my dad is here and you know, DAD~ they are strict but honestly, i think my mum is way more strict than my dad. hahahahaha.... ahh yeah..when i arrived home, after i finish my lunch, i was thought of going to have a little nap. i asked my cousin phoebe to wake me up at 1430. she did wakes me up but i just ignored her. LOL XDD then, i woke up at 1755 if i'm mistaken ^^ I was so shocked because actually today i decided to finish up my moral assignment and send it tomorrow but now, maybe i'll send it the day after tomorrow. HOPEFULLY i can. ahahaha. i'm afraid that my pregnant moral teacher is going go gives me another 5 dimerits. GAH! going to be expell if i keep collecting dimerits. T^T.

   Last night, before going to bed, i've been searching cosplay photo for Ouran High School Host Club and i found the cosplayed was soo AWESOME! you can see them look just like the anime version. except that most of the cosplayer are girls and i bet most Otaku's are girls. hahahaha XD.. so, you can see the best Ouran HS host club cosplay below :D enjoy~ 

from left : Kaoru, Hikaru, Tamaki, Haruhi, Renge, Honey(this one is my favourite. very kawaii!!), Mori and Kyouya
Haruhi Fujioka and Kyouya Ootori ^^ this photo does surely resembles the Anime ^^

Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiinn~ my most favourite character in the anime! wohhooo~~~

very resembles Kyouya Senpai ne? ehehehe XDD

Tamaki and Kyouya! too bad i can't find any of Tamaki's cosplayer. ehehe XD i found some but not good enough. ehehe (sorry!)

so i guess, thats all for today ^^. just want to show you guys my new favourite anime. teehee <3 
i'll ends my post with another photo of my dearest Hitachiin twins :D

be seeing you guys soon ^^
P/s : let your smile cover up your tears! peace YAw!

Loving Today Yaw! >__0 but Having A Little Fight With Dearest Phoebe

Annyeong~ today is not very best day but still i like it. ehehe :D the best things that happen today is when i'm going shopping with my couzy and my one and only cutie pie, Shawny ^^. we went to BMM today and i bought few phone strips and hairbands. actually i should buy clips but i totally forget about it. huahahaha XD amnesia. LOL XD yeah, i also going to Popular bookstore and bought some books. then, my cousy, Juliet went to see her friend and we hang out at Coffee beans. honestly, that was my first time being in the coffee beans. LOL XD pity me! hahaha XD but i'm grateful because finally i have chance to go inside the well known coffee beans. my cousy Juliet promise, next time she will bring me and cousin Phoebe to starbuck. hahaha XD. i think i'm the only person who JUST enter the coffee beans and never been to Starbucks~ ahahahahaha XDD doesn't matter lorh because i believe i'll go to both places when the time is right. hahahah XD (maybe after i've work)

Ah Ya! yesterday i went for a trip to Bintulu together with my parent and my Shawny. Very tiring ang VERY BORING because i don't have anything to do. Shopping? neah~ we don't go shopping because my dad was in hurry to go back to Miri T^T. me and my Shawny asleep all the way from Kidurong until Home. ahahaha XDD new record ^^.. on our way back to miri, my brother make a few calls to my mum. Yeah~ asking for money la bah.. he know nothing except for money, money, and money. Urgh!he just can't wait until us to arrived at miri you know. my mum had to asked from my aunt next door. i don't know what is in my Stupid brother's mind. he never stop hurting my parent. And, me, mum and my aunt and cousins believe that he take drugs. but we just predict la. for sure, he had the drugs-addict symptoms like shivering, red eyes and when he speak, we can barely listen. its seem like he was dead but still walking *ZOMBIES* haha XD but i think zombies is much better than drugs addict. hahaha XD

Urmm.. yeah tomorrow is school day and i haven't done any of my homework. Ahh! i wish i don't join my parent to Bintulu yesterday, maybe i have done half of my homework T^T. regretting now don't have point anymore.. to late already. ahahaha XDD tomorrow, just facing my teachers like nothing happen. huahahaha XDD i'm a good pretenders.. no worries. LOL XDD This Tuesday, Phoebe will sit for PMR and i hope she can do her best! ehehe.. hopefully she can get flying colours like mine ^^. teehee <3 i really wish the best for her. truly, i just having a sisters fight with her. its my fault actually but i'm just too egoist. ahahaha XD now, she's sleeping next door and i'm sleeping in my own room. feeling a bit lonely but i have no choice. *i have a choice actually* hahahhahaha XD oh well, what past, let it be lorh.. tomorrow i will treat her well.. teehee <3.  Day after tomorrow, i'll be busy in the morning as i have extra class for addmath but after that, i'm freeeeee~~~~ not really free lorh because i need to study T^T. i must aim for the best for this final exam! HWAITING! JIAYO! GAMBATTEH! ahahahaXDD.. so, thats all for now... i'm running out of ideas.

so, i let Cosplay of Honey-chan to end this post ^^ bye-bye XD

Similar heh? hahaha XD i know! BOTH CUTE but hikaru more~~ LOL

so, remember -Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears.-