What A Week !

AnnyeongHaseyo! yeah, I'm back yaw! LOL well. I can feel that I'm getting my report card soon and I can guess that mum will surely take away lappy from me. Urghh~ if she did that, I wonder how can I ever finish the story?! OMG I think I must find a suitable place to hide lappy :) yesh! i'll do that. hahaha. then, I can online at night time. weehoo~ I'm so clever! hahahaha :) And so, starting from wednesday kan, I found that I'm starting to like addmaths~ weeee! No Kidding. Seriously, I do find addmath interesting. hahaha :) before, it just to hard for me to concentrate in addmath classes. but now, i'm confidently stated that I'm gonna make my Addmath teacher proud :) Physics? well, still trying my best to. Hopefully, I will like it ASAP if not, I'm dead meat! Same goes to Chemistry, Biology and Sejarah. T^T I must put more effort on them too. Not forget EST, BI, BM and mathematics. Uh, talking about mathematic. this week kan, we learn about Matrices and guess what? I can solve everything! Kyahh! i'm so excited~ hahahaha :D well, the rest I don't know lah. hahaha :) but Kong Ek Cheng said, if I can solve this kind of question, then I should focus more on this lah. because the question is quite easy. I thanked her very much :) she always help me and give me tips on how to get good marks. just that I to stubborn to follow. ekekeke. You know me~ hahaha :D

Well,  this week is totally a very tough week for me. I got problems with schools, subjects, crush (LOL) and even personal problems. GAH! I don't know how to cope with them. I got tired and bored with schools because nothing new bah~ the food always the same, the same teacher everyday and the same people for the whole week. haish~ hahaha :) subjects? AHh~ this one make me even stressed! hard for me to understand what the teachers try to explain. especially Biology, Chemist and Physics. Whenever I entered these three classes, I feel like my brain is going to burst out like Hypertonic solution :D hahaha. Crush? well, to be honest, I can't get rid of my HyukMin Malaysia. hahaha :) well, if you still remember my previous post. I've stated this boy. Haish~ it feel like God is testing me. Whenever I said, I want to forget him kan, he and his friends will show up everywhere I go. and when I said, I like him. Tweew, even his shadow pun hard to see. hahaha :) haishh! I can't stop sighing! Personal problems.. Ahh, no need to tell lah. if you are my loyal readers, you know what i'm going through. I'm getting sick of his presence in this house. If killing is legal, i already spray Shieldtox inside his drink so that he will die like the mosquitoes. hahahha :D so bad, aiyerr~ but true la..  I wonder how I want to cope with all these problem hoh? any idea everyone? what? praying? Yea, I did that already. Crying? that one too. Laughing? the medicine huh? hmmm.. i laugh everyday at school. what else? sleeping? hahaha :) I sleep more than 20 hours a day. conclusion, I already did every single tips still I can't cope with it. GAHh!! I'm so stress right now. Thanks God, I got Blog to express my feeling. hahaha :) thank you Blogger creators! Love you~ hahaha :)

Hyuk Min is getting cuter from day to day :) but if compared to his old photo, I think I like his old photo more. hehehe :) I think Medium-length brown hair more suit him. EH NO.. Short Black hair is better. muahahaaha :) Yeah, hard to pick his best pictures because for me, all of them are the best of the best :) I'm so envious of YooBin :( hehehehe ... Well, same goes to HyukMin malaysia. hahaha :) I love when he smile, like bruno mars said in his song "WHEN YOU SMILE, THE WORLD STOP AND STARE FOR A WHILE," ngahahahaha :D yea, true. he lighted up my world and even sometimes, I can feel that my heart beat fast whenever I saw he smiling or laughing. Unfortunately the smile wasn't for me lah. hahaha haish! :( 나는 그에게별로 좋아하지 yepp :) reall feeling is reveal. ngahahahaha :D what else? Well, for this weekend, I want to finish every single essays, BM or BI, don't care.. as long as they are essays. hahaha :) I did say this last week but yea, as usual.. I failed. hahaha :) so, this week, for better or worst, by hook or by crook, I WILL FINISH THEM. fighting! fighting! hahahaha. Oh, tonight, I got tuition. hahaha :) yeah, study Addmath de. hehehe. Oh, yea.. I've told my tutor that I think we just need to focus on 5 subject that i fail. that is, OBVIOUSLY Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Addmath and Mathematics. Yeah, All science subjects. hahaha :) don't surprise lah. I know I don't deserve to be call as Science Student. ngahahahha :) Like I have other choice. ekeke :) anyway, I'll try my very best to try not to fail again on this coming exams which is n 3th of May. Ohhh... I'm so nervous right now. One more months left. Fighting! Fighting! hehehehe :) for the coming exam, I target 4A2B4C. hopefully I can get it. hehehe. If I get more, Oh! I'll be so speechless. hahahaha :D well, HOPEFULLY, AMEN. ehehehe :) ahh. whatelse? Oh yes, My Chemist teacher, Madam Hedrawati is coming back already. So, next week, after recess is Chemistry. Well, I think I better prepare myself well before enter her class or else, I'm gonna stand up for the whole 2 period. hahhaahaha :) then, after Chemist, We'll going to have Sesi Randau with our principal. What is Sesi Randau? ermm.. how to say.. ah, sesi randau is more like aaa...talk session with principal. hahaha :) i don't know how to explain. Mianhe~ T^T. Well, she just want to give us spirit lah that because we are the school hope. haahaha :) SPM is not play-play things hoh.. it will bring you to  the brightest path of life :) hehehehe :)Hopefully everything going well :)

So, that's all I want to share for now. I suddenly got the feeling of doing homeworks. hahaha :) wish me luck and hopefully I can find the best place to hide my lappy. ekekeke :) Aja! Aja! ahahaha :) so, Adieu for now.

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Fighting! Fighting!