POEMS : Broken Hearted

filling this day with emptiness
depression is deep inside this wonder heart
tears nonstop falling to the ground
like the raindrops dropping on my window

its seem like the rain won't stop
so do my tears that won't stop falling out
this feeling
it came back to me
feeling of broken heart
a feeling that no one could stand

sighing is the only things i could do
crying may not the solution of broken heart
and laughing may not the best medicine
but it make me feel much better

again i have to walk away
this is the only thing i could do
for i'm just a sidekick in this story
call me coward, doesn't matter
because i love him but he don't deserve me
so this is just the best
the best for him and her

i wish i could just close my eyes
and forget about everything i saw, listened and told.
forget the worst part and left only the best part of life
so that i won't feel so broken
if i just can do like that
next time,
i'll just close my eyes to heal my heart

My Thought About : Stars In My Heart.

Annyeong, Everyone :) today is Sunday and few minutes left and its gonna be Monday. Urgh~ i hate monday >.< but have no choice, i have to go through monday first if i want to have my Saturday :) hahaha :) ermm.. today nothing much happen. as usual, i'm having fun with my dearest sisters and of course not forget my little nemesis shawny. hehehe. yeapp, he have to go home lah. no choice de TT. oh ya, just in case you are wondering
 <---whose picture is that, that is Park Won Cheol. one of my favourite ulzzang de :) well, he's not that famous but he is quite cute though. like KangHyukMin but HyukMin more lah. ahahaha :) errm.. what else? homeworks? me? do my homeworks? haha, nope. i don't even touch them. ekeke :) i failed. 

lets just go to the main topic for this post :) well, last few days me and sis Jaba had thought about what to do in our sharing blog. so, she came out with this idea. she said, she want to write a story in that blog. well, i thought that idea is quite cool lah. and today we've been discussing about the characters and the storyline and also the title. well, the title is just for a while i think. ekeke :) and yeah, the title is Stars In My Heart :) well, i don't think i want to tell you the storyline first, let it just be a secret for the time being because i myself not really sure about the storyline. ekekeke :) but i really hope we can do our best and of course i'll do my best on it too :)

well, actually i don't have much things to say today because i really want to sleep right now. ekekek :) i'm just going to sleep after i finish prepare things for tomorrow lah. so, i guess this is good bye lah. ehehehe :) adieu and good night. sweet dream everyone :D

so, here is photo of Kang HyukMin and the other UlzzangShidae's season 4 participant :) 

 P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)