Short Update :D

Greetings :)
Well, I'm actually ongoing to do my homework right now but I have the urge to write my blog. But right now, I'm might write it briefly though since I really need to get my homework done. hehehei :D Anyway, I've been feeling okay lately though but not completely but you know, I'm trying to feel better. I hate this kind of self-hate feeling that keep growing you know and the feeling that everyone is just pretending that they care and there are group of people who just hate you secretly by the way they eyeing you. it just, I don't know. Maybe I'm being paranoid and stuff but mostly what make me so angry and sad and every other negative feeling that existed is when people are being nosy about other people stuff, like why bother telling me? do I look like I care? then, after telling me and expect me not telling anyone else? What the fuck is wrong with this people? they don't even can keep the secret for themselves and expect me to do it? come on, now~ (=.=') but this kind of conversation really bringing me back what trigger me for the first time. you know, stuff... Well, speaking of which. I've decided to maybe sharing what have been trigger me to self-harm lately. Well, um.... maybe. I'm not sure yet but maybe. But then, I guess I'll just keep it to myself though and just tell anyone briefly about it.

And oh, sis Jaba noticed my scars though and I'm like "Shit. shit. shit. shit. shit." hahahaha I mean, she's the last person that I wish to know about it. Well, honestly. I want everyone to be the last to know. I don't want anyone to know about it and asking questions that I don't know if they really mean it or they just being nosy to know. Well, I know some people do, if they ever saw it. Well, she did ask me what's trigger me and well, I told her the reason but not everything. I'm sure she's gonna fled if I told her the whole thing. I just want to play safe you know. But if I told her about the rest, I guess the distance that we already have now will be more further. I know her very well to predict this kind of thing though. I mean, seriously. So, I'm considering to wear longer sleeves clothing from now. hahaha :D

So, I guess I'll be back later and tell what had happen to me lately. Well, the good stuff of course. If i can remember some of those. kekeke :3 so yeah, see you later :)

I'm A Complete Mess.

Hey, there :)
I'm back again. ehehehehe I was actually decided to do my homework but then again, my head is in mess right now and well, maybe I'll force myself doing it sometimes later since tomorrow I'm gonna go..... SHOPPING~ kekeke well, not really me actually, I'm just tagging along with sis Jonny and Lalan kekeke :3 Um... Maybe I'll go to Starbuck tomorrow. I've been craving for Cappucino with Vanilla since forever, due to my unwell situation kekeke I really need that drink and I hope it's gonna heal my sickness as well though. I'm tired of coughing and sneezing, gah! so frustrating. Now my body temperature is like up and down like a roller coaster and i'm having toothache. wuwuwuwu i'm so fucked up hahahaha but well, it's not that hurt though. I'm just having the feeling of nagging, that's all :)  and.... well, tomorrow is 20th of May which is my precious baby princess's first birthday~ yeahh, baby :) it's gonna be Rania's first birthday party and as a proud aunt, I'm gonna party hard for my princess. kekeke XD

I'm gonna find her new Minnie Mouse doll tomorrow kekeke :D and speaking of Rania, I'm glad that she come to my life. I mean, every time I feel down and feel like I have no more reason to keep going in life, her cute face always come to my mind with her pair of brownish innocent eyes looking at me, her cute laughter rang in my ears, full or innocence, pureness, happiness.... it just pure, enlightened me. She really saved me from my misery. Every time I looked at her smiling picture, or pouting, I would automatically drawn a smile on my face too and I feel so free and it just happiness that I felt inside me. No worries, no stress, no guilt, no sadness, just pure happiness and love. I guess, it's true that people said that babies are like angels that come to our life and enlightened us with happiness.Well, at least it's true for me though. hehehe :) So, honestly said. I love Rania more than I love myself. I thanked her mom for giving birth to this precious baby angel. Thank you for bringing her to be part of the family. I don't know if I can hold on if it not wasn't for her :)

And well... umm.... how to say this... Um.... well, I uh... wanted to say sorry that I lied about stopping self-harming the other day. Well, I've been starting to do it again. I did stop but its just temporarily. I thought I wouldn't started again but then, when I do this, I feel better for couple of days you know. I've doing it last 3 days ago when my brain going crazy, reminiscing back all the best memories that kills me. Yes, it's my favorite memories that trigger me. I'm just... I don't know... I don't know how to cope with the fucked up feelings it just too freaking hurtful. So... umm.. I did it again and well, I'm feeling better quite better now. Well, right now I'm having a feeling of the hurtful memories flowing back inside me again and I don't know if I can cope with this later. I hope I won't choose to scratch eh. hehehe :) Just hopefully. I mean, I wish I can stop myself from doing this. Not on my precious Nia's birthday. I mean, there will be numbers of people who came to the party later on and I don't want anyone to see fresh scratches on my skin. I can't, it would bring questions and I don't want to be questions about it. Seriously.

And this time, I didn't mention it to Lalan. I still pretending that I'm stopping already. Well, not sure if she suspecting anything though but I hope not. Just let her think that I'm stopping. I'm through telling her, I  mean, she has her own problems though. I don't want to burden anyone anymore and as for sis Jon... I think she's suspecting something that she seems to be much more caring lately. I mean, last time she was checking my phone and looking at my pictures and I forgot to delete one of the picture of my scars and I guess she must had seen it but well, I hope she'll think that just some pranks. hahaha since yeah, I always pranks her with something like that like last time, I remembered I poured my blood coloured nail paint on my whole hands and send it to her and she's like "Oh god, What happen to you?!" hahahahaha XD it's the best prank I've done so far. kekeke XD
And Umm... I'm thinking or changing my blog URL again since I feel like everything I wrote here is getting more personal. I'll change it one day but not today lah, since my head is pretty messed up right now hahahaha *cough* I'm not really laughing though. hahahaha XD And back to this again...

today I feel so tired like so freaking tired to move my body and my head. I end up sleeping like a rhino and wake up when Lalan and Shawn burst into my room and wake me up for dinner. but still, until now I feel really really tired. Maybe I'm tired because today I got class in the morning or I'm just tired because I'm a mess. I a Mess. Yes, that's definitely what define me right now. I'm a complete mess. I can't find some good reason to smile or laughing out loud like I used too. It just too rare now and I kinda miss it sometimes. I miss all the good times I used to have and when people said I laughed like a banshee. hehehe:) but then, I have not laughing like that since. Um... I don't know... I don't remember kekeke :3
My.... I feel like I'm no longer the me who used to look damn happy like before. But then, I'm glad that I'm such a good liar, everyone seems to buying it even my mom. I mean, they didn't even give a shit about me. Mom only cares about my brother, scare that he's gonna involve with shit stuff again, getting along with bad peeps like he used too, afraid that he's gonna turn bad again. I guess she's too busy worrying about him and has no time to worry about me. All she care about is the money I've spent before like blaming me for wasting money for unnecessary stuff like comics, figurine and stuff... like what? I mean, at least I didn't buy drugs with it. I'm spending the money to buy stuff that make me happy, what. It may look trashy for her but it's important to me. Does she ever care? Neah, she care for only my bro. But then again, it's make sense that she cared more about him though since you know, he always get in trouble for choosing the wrong path in life. I hope for the best for him though :)
But I'm glad that she's giving me less attention though hehehe :) at least I have my alone time more without anyone sticking their nose into my business. I kinda find that annoying lately. I just want to be alone but at the same time I need someone to be with me. That's when I feel damn grateful to have Lalan here with me. We don't talk, we do our own stuff, minding own business... and yep, I'm glad for her to be here though. If she wasn't here, I won't be afraid to pick up the razor and scratch le skin in the room as well, other than the toilet. hahahaha welp, I guess my skin gonna get ugly faster than it is now. I'm just glad. I guess, the Lord is giving me chance to recover that he provides me with someone like Lalan, precious person like Rania, big sister like sis Jon. I don't know how I'll end up if not because of this people. But if one day, they all leaving me behind, I think the best choice I had is ending this life. I mean, no one will care about me anymore if they leave. I have no one else other than them. Mom? she's there but I never feel like she's really there. I feel distance. But that's just one of the reason I'm doing this though. kekeke but of course, I won't ending my life, it just some crappy talks okay? I'm still have the heart of taking a great care about those I'm gonna hurt if I'm gone, even if they don't actually care about me. hehehei... I'm too selfless I guess. huehuehue XD

But then again, it's not something to be worry about though since I'm only scratching not cutting until bleeding to death. Nope. I'm fine. I tell you. hahahaha that's completely fine. So yeah :DD relax~~

Well, I guess I better go now and start to get done with my homework. kekeke if I want to do it. I guess I just want to lie down right now and pretend to be asleep. I can't sleep since I just have a cup of coffee just now. kekeke XD maybe I'm gonna sleep as well since my eyelids is freaking heavy right now and my back is aching. I seriously need to lie down :) So, yeah.... Just a friendly reminder that, don't worry about me though. I'm seriously fine. Like seriously. Nothing to worry about since it is none of your concern. It just my head messing up with me. so yeah :)

Screaming for help
But no one seems to care
I cried every night in my sleeps
Praying for someone to notice
How fucked up I have been

I'm a mess
I'm a mess
But no one seems to care

I try to reach for help
But everybody is running away
I give them clues
But they don't bothered to do anything

I'm a mess
I'm a mess
But no one seems to care

I'm all alone now
I have no one else
But this razor in my hand

They say they care
But I never feel it
They say they love me
But never show it to me
They say they never gonna leave me
But at last, they would leave
Why bother telling lies?
When I'm already in a mess?

I'm a mess,
I'm a mess
But no one seems to care

I don't need lies
I don't need empty promises
to make me feel better

I'm so fucked up already
All I need is a hug
A sincere hug

Can anyone hear me?

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)


CHAPTER ONE: Sunday Morning
            It was the first Sunday morning of Summer Break. Elie was still watching Durarara with her sister, Rhea. They haven’t slept since yesterday afternoon. It was their second anime for the day. The clock strike 7.47 a.m and the anime reached the finale. “Finally,” Rhea stated while stretching out her aching body due to the sleepless night. She curled herself onto a ball, hugging her favourite teddy bear with her eyes shut neatly. The TV screen now shows the main menu of the anime but none of the girls were bothered to push the stop button. Elie yawned until a tear rolled on her cheek, she’s feeling very tired but her eyes won’t let her sleep, so she just settled down next to her sister who happen to already leaving to dreamland by then. Staring at the ceiling with an empty mind, she just stayed like that for a moment until she heard someone calling for them behind the wooden door,
“Rhea, Elie…. You guys still alive?” asked the voice. It was Neil, the second and only son of Michalis Marquees, their dad. Neil pounded his fist against the door for a few times. Elie tried to ignore him and covered her ear with her pillow. She glanced at Rhea, checking whether she has woken up yet but there isn’t a single sign telling that her sleep disturbed. In silence, Elie thankful because if Rhea’s sleep was disturbed, she’ll be grumpy all day long and grumpy Rhea, isn’t the Rhea she wish to deal with, especially under the sleepless night like this. “Guys, come on!” Neil called again, “Mom will kill me if you guys don’t answer me right now,” he said, sounded more like begging. Elie sighed exasperatedly as she forced herself onto her feet and shuffled lazily towards the door. She turned the brass knob and glared at her brother, “What?” she growled.
“Breakfast,” he grins. Elie rolled her eyes in irritation, “Seriously, you’re making noises that can wake up the whole town just to call us for breakfast?” she said incredulously
“Well yeah…. I don’t want to be breakfast,” he shrugged,
“I can’t believe you,” Elie groan, running her fingers through her messy braided hair. “I’ll be there in a sec, “But I will not wake that lioness up,” she pointed her thumbs toward the sleeping beauty. Neil took a short glanced inside the room, “Me either,” he shook his head with a serious tone coming out as he spit the word as if it was the last thing he wanted to do in life. Elie took a deep breaths and went back inside the room to start arranging all the scattering anime DVD on the floor, near where the lioness sleeping. Slowly she paced across the room just to ensure that she won’t wake Rhea’s up. After finish arranging, she went straight to the bathroom and stood in front of the bathroom mirror. She noticed that her face look paled and tired that again she yawned and turned the tap on. Splashing the cold water to her face few times before reached for her toothbrush and lazily started to brush her teeth,
“Breakfast yet?” she heard Rhea’s voice from the bathroom door that she just glanced at her through the reflection on the mirror. She was startled by her sister voice but she managed to put her facial calm, that she nodded as an answers. Rhea then retreated back to the previous room, walking lazily, resembling a zombie that she let herself fall onto the queen-sized bed and drifted into slumbers, again.
Elie just rolled her eyes and quickly brushed her teeth. Walking back towards the room while trying her hairs into ponytail, she pushed Rhea half-sleeping body with her feet, “Rhea, you’ll be breakfast if you don’t wake up now,” she said tonelessly. She wasn’t really that worried to wake the lioness up since she’s already wake up on her own by now. Rhea just replied with a growled and slowly the raven girl pushed herself up and walked in zombie like towards the bathroom with her eyes completely closed.
            Few minutes later, the two girls appeared at the kitchen with a frowned at each of their faces. Their skin were drained in colours and they look very tired, making their mom formed a thin line over her lips, “Let me guess,” Michalis said, “A zombie-wannabe?” he teased, a small teasing smirk playing over his lips. Rhea just narrowed her eyes boringly at their dad and rolled her pair of brownish eyes. Without any comeback, she went sat on her usual placed, next to their youngest sister, Leah who was busy plastering the butter on the bread. She put the bread on Rhea’s plate and started to do another with strawberry jams. Rhea just stared at the bread and the hot tea in front of her, her mind was still not functioning quite well that morning after that all-night-anime-marathon. She’s pretty much regretting it for accepting the none-sleeping-challenge from Elie. She felt a bit cheated by Elie since she’s an insomniac. Rhea sighed and shook her head, pushing away all the sleepy feeling away from her head and started to take a bite of her bread. “I was getting an email from Madam Rose this morning,” Leah spoke
“Oh, what she said, dear?” their mom asked and took a sip of her tea,
“My project made to the finale,” Leah grins widely and their mom gasped in shock, “I knew you can make it,” she said happily. Leah just smiled and took a bite of her bread. “What about you three? Any achievement?” their dad asked, eyeing over the three teenagers who automatically exchanged look as the questions were asked.
“Well, if make it to level 56 in Crimson Red is counted, then… that’s a yes for me,” Neil lifted his broad shoulder, unsure if he provided the acceptable answer which receives a smacked from each side at the back of his head, he just grins as he glanced at the two walking dead girl who sat at each side of him. Michalis laughed at the trio, knowingly about their answers, “Typical,” Michalis chuckles. Rhea took a deep breath and put her half-eaten bread down, “Then why bother asking us?” she glared, crossing her arms over her chest. Their dad just open and close his mouth doesn’t know what to tell her.
“Why don’t you just ask your golden girl?” Rhea snorted almost in whispered as she took a sip of her tea. She’s tired of his dad’s attitude. He always giving this look of underestimating her and the other two as if they are incapable doing anything. Does he ever care about all the competition they ever won? Like Neil who always won every basketball match and is the best player of their school. Is he ever takes note of that? No. All he cares is about his new women and his golden girl. Rhea rolled her eyes. Michalis noticed that his eldest daughter is fuming in anger that he dragged his sight back on the newspaper,
“Anyway, uncle Sam is coming today,” he said, clearing his throat. He knew that the Uncle Sam, his best friend in the world, is his children’s most favourite uncle. But they are occasionally met since Samuel lives in Italy which is thousand miles away from their home. Rhea choked on her tea as she heard the news, “Seriously?” Elie lips parted as she blinked her eyes few times in disbelief. Michalis nodded his head with the smile wider curving on his lips.
“Is Sammy coming too?” Neil asked.
“Well, maybe…” he replied shortly without even bothered to look at his kids as he glued his eyes on the newspaper. He then heard his kids start to talk enthusiastically with each other until his eyes set on a small partial of news on the very page he was reading. The news was about a group of teenagers founded dead in their car near the Red Valley and they all were dried, bloodless. His eyes widened in fear as he read the rest of the story. Maybe that’s what brings Samuel here…
“Dad…?” Leah called him, making him startled a bit that he quickly folded the newspaper and put it away from his sight, “Yeah?” his voice sounded uneven,
“You’re okay?” Neil squint his small eyes at their dad as he noticed the nervous facial their dad having upon his handsome face. “Of course, why are you asking such a silly question?” he grins nervously. He tries to calm himself down as he doesn’t want to make it obvious that he was definitely not okay. He glanced at his wife, who threw him some concerned look, as if quietly asking him what’s wrong but he just smiled at her.
“Seriously, dad,” Neil demanded, Rhea as well didn’t bothered to move her gazed from their dad, waiting for their dad’s to answer them. As Michalis was about to say something, Elie intervened, “You guys know about the new Chill and Kill shops that just open downtown?” she asked all the sudden, making the two curious teen moved their attention to her, “The new ice-cream shop?” Rhea arched her brows,
Elie nodded, “We should bring Sammy there if he happens to come with Uncle Sam,” she suggested,
“Brilliant!” Neil thumbs up, “I love ice-cream there,”
“Since when do you like ice-cream?” Rhea raised her left brows, questionably at her brother.
“Since there were bunch of hotties working as the waitress,” Leah joins in, saying in the matter-of-factly tone. Neil then receives a glanced from both Rhea and Elie, a judging-you-so-hard glances. They keep on talking about the new ice-cream shop that Michalis dare not to join in since he doesn’t want them to remember back their previous topic. He thanked Elie for brought up the ice-cream topic at the right timing and he also very thankful with the short attention-span that Rhea and Neil have. He doesn’t know why Elie do that but he knows that she’s brought up the topic on purpose. But he knew that everything come with a price. Maybe he should just be ready for interrogation.
TWO: Surprise
            “Shoot the head, damn it!” Rhea spat, tapping over the console as hard as she could as the zombies were adding up before her. “Damn it, I’m trying!” Neil replied her and tapping as furious as she does. They were playing Kill or Be Killed, a new release zombie games that Neil bought last Friday. While the two busy exchanging insults at each other, Elie just sit there in the middle while reading some Gothic-like book. “Why are you so cold today?” Neil suddenly spoke which receive a short glance from his sister. Rhea shrugs, “I guess I’m just tired of his bullshit,”
Neil chuckles, “Yeah, he only cares about Leah,” he said with a weak smile but his eyes still glued on the screen. “Because she is Carol’s daughter,” Rhea stated, “And us, we’re mom’s.”
“What is that suppose to mean?” Elie butts in. Rhea just shook her head, “Nothing, I’m just saying that new stuff always receives more love,
Neil and Elie exchanged look. Elie lie on her chest, “I wonder how mom’s looks like outside the picture,” she said while flipping the pages absentmindedly. She never had the chance to meet their real mom since she dies after a week giving birth to her. Rhea sighed, suddenly feeling heavy in her chest as she pause the game, “Well…” she said, turning herself to face Elie and Elie looked up at her, “You have her eyes,” she smiled, “Rhea have her lips,” Neil said, also looking at Elie with a loving smile. Elie smiles at both of them. “… And I have her charm and beauty,” Neil said jokingly, receiving a pushed on his forehead from Rhea, “Go to hell, Neil,” she said with a chuckles. “Nah, Earth needs someone handsome like me,” he put on his smug face, brushing off the invisible dirt over his shoulder. Elie just laughed at them.
“You know what?” Rhea said, shuffled herself back facing the screen again, “I’m going to continue killing this motherfucker, now.”
“I’m with ya, bro,” Neil said, mimicking his sister movement. They exchanged smile and Rhea un-paused the game and the shooting started again. Elie just smile at them, glad to have these two cursing-gods as her siblings. They may appear like the bad children but actually they have a very good heart. Even if they said they dislike Leah, Elie knows the two bastards actually care about Leah, just like they care about her. She took a deep glad breath before setting her eyes back on the book. She titled her head as her eyes caught some interesting facts,
 “Vampires could not be killed by just stabbing them on the heart,” she read out loud,
“That’s bullshit,” Rhea replied her, “Fuck! Neil behind you!” she instructs and Neil quickly turned his character and kill the two zombies that was trying to attack him from the back, “That’s was close,” he breathed. Elie turns to another few pages and waits for them both to cool down a bit before she started to read out again, “It’s said here that the shape-shifter can’t shifted to be those who have impure elements attached to any parts of their body,”
“So, those who were having plastic surgery won’t be able to be copied?” Neil asked, “Rhea, I think you should check on the maps,” he said, and Rhea tapped on the select button and the menu screen appeared on the screen,
“Well, I guess so,” Elie answered him, shrugging.
“That’s mean, there is no way in hell Korean will be shape-shifted,” Rhea snorted and receives a chuckle from Elie who turned to the next page, “Then you don’t have to worry about marrying the real Rain,” she joked,
“Hey, my Rain didn’t do any surgery okay?” Rhea frowned, “We never know,” Neil teased and giving high five to Elie who grins. Rhea just pouts, pretended to be sulking at them both which they could care less about it. The three of them keep on doing the same thing; Elie would read them both some doubtful facts and they would answers her or even questions back at her while playing the games.
Leah sitting down at the living room by herself, switching one channel to another since hours ago and still she can’t find any good movies to watch. She finally decided to turn off the TV and walked towards the kitchen and makes herself some ice lemonade. The weather is quite hot that day, its summer for god’s sake. Their parent went out for some groceries a moment ago just to get all the ingredients for later night barbeque party. She looked up that the time on the kitchen wall as she stirred her drink and it was just 3.24 p.m; she sighed and suddenly remembered the last confessions she get from one of the skater boy at school,
“I’ve been set my eyes on you since the first I lay my eyes on you,” said Michael, one of the infamous skater kid of the school. His bangs were flipped to the side, revealing his sweet smiley eyes as he grins nervously as he confessed. Leah just stood there, blinking rapidly as she tried to collect every word he said into her mind. The confession is kind of sudden that she wasn’t ready for anything about it yet.
“I…. uh….”
“No, you don’t have to answer me now,” said he, letting out a small nervous chuckles, “I just want you to know about my feelings about you, Leah,” he smiled as he slowly stuff his hands into his jeans pocket, biting his pierced lips, “It’s all just too sudden, you see…” Leah crooked her head a bit, throwing him a guilty look,
“I know-”
“Mike, you’re cute, talented, famous, awesome,” she chuckles; Michael joins her with a glints of hope in his hazel eyes. “So, you’re-“
“Even so, I can’t accept your confession,” Leah cuts his words off before he managed to say something more, “… and I am so sorry,” she placed her palm over his shoulder, with a sincere apologetic look drawn all over her porcelain face. Michael frowned but he nodded his head anyway, “Does…. It because you have someone else in mind?” he asked casually, with a puppy eyes he looked up at her. Leah swallowed as she slowly retreats her palm from his shoulder.
She sighed at the short flashback she just having. “Do I?” she muttered, repeating the unanswered questions that Michael asked her. Then she remembered her boyfriend, Ryan that she snorted a laugh, “Of course I do,” she added. She couldn’t believe that she already forgotten about her own boyfriend. Speaking of her boyfriend, she remembered the time when she saw Neil throw a punch at Ryan with Rhea stumbled flat on the ground with bleeding lips. That happens after a week the rumours about them dating were spread. Leah closed her eyes, shoving away the thought, the questions that running in her minds. She wonders what had happen. Since that day, she knew the facts that her other siblings hate her boyfriend. Maybe that’s why I forgotten about him, she thought.
“Hey,” said some familiar voice coming from the kitchen entrance. Leah eyes shot up and she swirled around to look at the person, “SAMMY!” she exclaimed and left her drinks on the counter as she lunge herself to the boy about the same age as her for a hug. Sam just chuckles at her sudden hugs. “Hugging only Sammy?” asked the older man that just appear from the boy side, with a fake pouts on his lips. Leah smacked his shoulder playfully and hugged the older man, which is believed to be Uncle Sam. “When you guys arrive? Oh my god, I’m so sorry I didn’t hear you guys coming in,” Leah said, breaking their hugs, “How did you guys manage to enter, anyway?”
“A moment ago… Well, we’ve met with your parent on the way here and we’ve got the key,” Uncle Sam winked as he brought the house key to Leah’s eye level, “Anyway, where’s my precious the wonder trio?” he asked, putting the house key on the dinner table. “Upstairs, doing their usual stuff,” Leah shrugs, forming a thin line over her small lips.
“I see…” Uncle Sam nodded, “Let’s go Sammy, let’s see their priceless face,” he winked at his son and went upstairs without waiting for his son to respond. Sam just chuckles, “Shall we?” he asked Leah who just warmly smile at him and nodded.
 “You fucking killed me,” Rhea scowled as she tossed the controller away from her and lay down on the carpeted floor. “You’re the one who threw yourself into dead pit,” Neil rolled his eyes in annoyance, putting down the controller neatly as he crawled towards the PS3 console, “Feel like going on a war, yet?” he asked, looking back at his sister, wiggling his eyebrows as he reached for the Call of Duty 3. Rhea pushed herself back onto sitting position with her left brows raised and they both exchanged  smirks, “Let’s get that shit done,” she replied and took Neil’s controller as it was the nearest to her. Neil rolled his eyes at her action and took the controller she once threw.
“Guys, have you ever heard about the facts that witch can’t be terminated by fire,” Elie asked, with her eyes glued on the page, scanning all the words written in Latin. “That’s true,” replied a very familiar voice, Uncle Sam.
The trio turned their head towards the door so fast that they could snaps their neck with the expected priceless face, “Uncle Sam!” they exclaimed and racing towards the man of 40’s. Samuel just laughed at them, “Sammy, my love…” Neil exclaimed as he saw Samson appeared with Leah by his side. “Hey,” he greets him and they’re bro-fist and hugs, followed by Rhea and Elie. “Wow, I feel like ages that I didn’t meet you guys,” Sam grins, “Literally ages, for god’s sake,” Elie stated at the matter-of-factly since the last time they meet were on Christmas 4 years ago.
“Ne, Uncle Sam…. Met any sexy hot Italian chick?” Neil wiggle his brows with a playful smirks plastered over his face. Samuel put on the same smirk on his face but then turned to laughter as Neil gotten smacked from Rhea. “This is one reason why I miss you guys so much,” he uttered and continued on laughing.
Flipping from page to another, Sam scrunched his nose at the old looking gothic book, “Where did you find this book?” he asked, briefly glancing up at Elie who drank her ice lemonade in one gulped. “Library…” she replied with some questioning tones trailed behind the words, as she stuffed the lemons into her mouth.
“That book is very rare, I’m quite surprise you found it,” Samuel intervened, pointing at the book with his eyes. “Actually Rhea is the one who found it, I’m just help her with the reading,” Elie facial shrugs.
“It was actually located at the forbidden section,” Neil spokes, leaning himself over the wooden dinner chair. “I was just curious, alright?” Rhea said, defending herself.
“Curiosity kills a cat,” Elie muttered,
“Shut it, bookworm,” Rhea gritted. “Whatever, lousy gamer,” Elie shot back, making Rhea scowled. Samuel just shook his head while letting out a soft chuckle.
“And I’m quite surprise though that you actually can read Latin,” Sam arched his brows at Elie who was trying to fish Leah’s lemon’s out from her glass. “No language is impossible for a bookworm,” sneered Rhea, leaning herself back on the chair, smirking victoriously at Elie who threw her some incredulous glanced at her, “Elie does help me a lot with translating old English though,” Leah said after a moment of silent. “Impressive,” Samuel said, placing his chin over his knuckles, “So it’s like Rhea do the job, Elie strategies and Neil guard,” he concluded.
“Sounds like perfect team for me,” Sam smiled, showing his white teeth at the four siblings, “So, what you always do then,” Samuel turned to Leah. “Me?” Leah asked back, “Um… Well, most of time I-“
“She’s cleaning off the situation,” Neil cuts in,
“Like covers everything up for you guys?” Samuel questions again. The trio nodded, “It must be tough,” Sam throw Leah some apologetic smile. He knew that the trio always getting involves with lots of trouble. He doesn’t have to ask, by just looking at their faces, he already knows.

“I’m inviting Ryan to come over. Will that be okay, mom?” Leah bit her bottom lips, waiting for approval from her mom’s lips. Mrs. Michalis half-turned her body to face Leah, “Sure, honey. The more, the merrier,” she said, brushing her thumbs over Leah’s rosy cheek. Leah grins, “Thanks mom,” she said and hugs her lovingly. “But, will it be okay?” she asked again, with concerned filling her eyes. She knew that none of the trio likes Ryan. She knows that her boyfriend has a very unpleasant history with the trio.
Neil who unintentionally heard the small talk, pursed his lips up, “Rhea will hear about this,” he mumbled and running up the stairs towards their gaming room, where Rhea and the rest already waiting. As he arrives at the gaming room, he turned the brass knob and, “You won’t believe what I’ve just heard just now,” he said, closing the door behind him neatly and settled down next to Sam who is playing Metal Slug with Rhea. “What?” Rhea enquired.
“Leah is inviting her boyfriend over for BBQ,” he told them,
“WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?” Rhea gasped in exasperatedly, dropping her console down, looking quite angry at her brother. She looks as if can reap anything that walking in front of her. “Why in the world would she do that?” Elie turned to ask,
Neil shrugged, “I don’t know, I didn’t stay for that long to listen for the rest of their talks,”
“What did Carol’s said?” Rhea asked behind her gritted teeth.
“She’s said okay,” Neil formed a thin line over his lips.
“Of course,” Rhea and Elie said in unison, throwing their hands in the air with their shoulder slumps in defeats. “Fuck all this,” Rhea shoved her controller; suddenly have no feeling of playing games anymore. Her anger is all over her now.
“Um… if I may ask, who the hell is this Ryan guy?” Sam intervened, and the trio turned to him simultaneously. “I thought I’ve mentioned it out loud,” Neil blinked, scrunching his nose. Sam just grins, “I guess I missed that part,”
“FYI, Sammy…. He’s the most fucking sicko bastard that I ever meet in my whole 17 years of living. He’s the most insolent perverted who cares about nothing else but the number of fuck he have in a day-“
“Rhea, calm your shit down,” Neil cuts her words before she’s losing her temper completely making the girl groaned and stood up, “I need bath, a fucking long bath,” she grunted and stomped her feet on her way back to her room next door. The wall shake as Rhea slammed her room door as hard as she could.
“Dude, you’re making a mistake by telling her that news,” Elie said, forming a thin line over her lips. “I thought it would be the best she knew about it first,” Neil pouts as he leaned himself on the bed leg.
“Is he really that bad? I mean, if he does, why Leah even dated him?” Sam asked. Elie scratched her forehead, “Well, honestly… I have no ideas about that too. I mean, I’m sure Leah knew that Rhea hate that guy more than anything else-“
“Why?” Sam cuts her,
“Well… Err…“ Elie paused, moving her sight towards her brother, “There’s a rumour saying that Ryan kid were only dating Leah because of a bet,”
“A bet…” Sam stated, enquiring them to tell him more,
“Well, like…who can fuck Leah, he’ll win the bet,” Neil explained briefly. “That’s harsh,” Elie scowled but her brother just shrugged it off. “So, he’s just dating Leah for… um….” Sam licked his chapped lips, trying to find a decent word for ‘fuck’, “Sex?” he finally said.
Elie and Neil nodded. “That’s crazy,” he uttered lowly. “I know right? And Leah seems to… you know… all over him,” Neil sighed, running his fingers through his brownish hair. Sam threw him an apologetic smile and patted his thigh, “Love is blind, Neil,” said he. He knew that the trio cares about Leah as much as they care for each other, even though they didn’t shows it directly.
The party has begun and still there are no sign of Rhea to join them. Elie, Neil and Sam sat around the Barbeque grill where Uncle Sam busy flipping the meat upside down. Once in a while he glanced on the three teenagers who were sharing stories about their schools and some random stuff. Then he realized that one of them was gone, “Where’s Rhea?” he asked, sprinkling the oil over the almost cooked meat. The trio abruptly stopped talking, “She’s um....” Neil tried to look for some good reason covering for his pissed sister.
“She’s doing her homework…” Elie said, more like questioning actually, “Rhea is doing her summer homework?” Michalis intervened. Elie nodded unsurely, making their dad snorted in disbelief,
“Honestly dad, we always finish our homework too, you know,” Neil frowned as he felt like their dad is underestimating them. As their dad about to say more, suddenly their mom stood from her seat and said, “Hi, there…”
Sam and the other two turned their sight towards the direction Carol is facing and there he saw Leah with a cute looking guy walking towards their direction. “Good evening, Mrs. Michalis,” he greeted and gave her a friendly hug. Carol seems to accept the young man very well that she return the hug. Sam noticed that Neil looked away and Elie rolled her eyes in annoyance,
“Hey, young man,” Michalis greets and shook hands with Ryan. “Sir, you’re looking fine today,” he complimented. “Am I not looking fine always?” Michalis teased, making Ryan and Leah laughed. He received a short glared from his wife.
“I’m sorry for the trouble though,” he grins abashedly,
“Not at all, honey. The more the merrier,” Carol said with a chuckle.
“Hello, there young man,” Samuel joins the introduction and Ryan looked a little surprised at him. “Oh, this is my Uncle Sam, from Italy,” Leah introduced him to the older guy who gave him a friendly smirk. “Hi, I’m Ryan,” he jerked his hands for handshake. Uncle Sam shook his hands smugly. Then, Leah brought him towards the table and seats, “Please make yourself comfortable, honey,” Carol said as she put down the plates on the table.
Please make yourself comfortable honey,” Neil mimicked his mom with a funny face, making Sam and Elie chuckles. “Guys, why don’t you seat there and talk to Ryan?” Carol asked the trio. Elie rolled her eyes, “Over my dead body,” she muttered and gets up on her feet, shuffling back towards the house,
“Where do you think you’re going?” Michalis asked her, “Didn’t you hear your mom?” he added. Elie controlled the urge to roll her eyes, “I’m going to pee, dad. I’ll be serving the royal later,” she said, smiling sarcastically. “Language, Elie,” her dad warned. Elie just shrugged it off and continued on her way into the house. Michalis just shook his head, “Teenagers,” Samuel pats his shoulder.
The meats were already cooked and they were already sat around the table, eating the perfectly grilled meat. “This look delicious,” Ryan said, grinning. Samuel snorted a laughed, “The best griller in the world,” Michalis exclaimed, patting his best friend’s shoulder proudly, making the rest laughed except for Neil. He wished that he had joins Elie back to the house before, this current situation making him feel like puking. Ryan has managed to buy their parents heart with his lovely words and pretentious manners. How he showed himself in front of the elder, making Neil doubting Rhea’s impression on the guy. What if the rumours aren’t true and he’s actually a nice guy for Leah? He asked himself.
Sam noticed that Neil was lost in his trance as he was playing with his food since then. Sam wanted to ask him what’s wrong but that would make him seems to be oblivious since he is already know what’s wrong. So, he decided to let him be. “I heard you’re in the same basketball team with Neil,” Samuel stated, forking the meat. “Well yes, sir. I did…”
“You did?” Samuel emphasized on the word did.
“Well, after the tryouts… I find that the team have low possibility to win and the leader can’t be trusted,” he chuckles. Sam knows that Neil was the basketball team leader and he could feel that his friend is raging with anger beside him,
“At least we won 15 times, 2 years in a row,” Neil rudely interrupted, “We don’t need smug face like you in a team anyway,” he smirks. Neil noticed that his mom is glaring at him but he pretend that he didn’t noticed it since it worth it. Basketball is his pride, how dare the smug face insulting his team. “Really…” Ryan arched his brows pretend to be oblivious about the facts, “I didn’t really cope with the sports news, though,” he added, “Good for the team then,” he smiled, “At least it’s not lame like the Kendo Club who earn nothing but defeats,” he shrugged.
“Kendo club is losing again?” Michalis jaws dropped.
“That’s because their trainer dropout from the club, damn it,” Neil spats.
“Neil,” Carol scowled at him but he ignored.
“He’s dropping out because he couldn’t stand the lameness of the club,” Ryan smirked.
“Kendo Club was never lame,” Neil gritted, “It’s much better than your fucking douche rugby team, anyway,” he spat, glaring dagger at Ryan who is trying hard not to smirk victoriously at him.
“Whoa, Neil…. Hold your horses,” Michalis interrupted, “Why are you defending Kendo Club so badly, anyway?” he chuckles, unsurely. “Sure is rugby team is much brighter than Kendo Club, right? Unless we’re in Japan, of course,” he continued with the same unsure expressions. He then nudged by Samuel, who telling him to stop. Neil just glared at their dads and let out a deep sighed. He couldn’t believe that their dad forgot that Rhea and Elie were in the club. All they could remember is about Leah, the golden child of Marquees’ family; he snorted at that, “I’m done here,” said he and left the table. Michalis exchanged look with his wife and then glanced at his friend who just smiled weakly at him,
“I…uh…” Sam cleared his throat as he wiped off his lips with the napkins, “I’m going back inside as well,” he said and awkwardly leave the table.
“You see… here’s stated that there were a group of underground agents that works for the Vatican,” Elie explained, “Underground agents?” Rhea pursed her lips, looking down at the sentences her sister pointing at. Elie nodded, “They were called SEAMUS…”
“Stand for?” Rhea enquired. Elie shook her head, “Just SEAMUS… and they were spreading all over the world,” she added. Rhea nodded, “So, why are you telling me this?”
“I’m just wanted to share you my curiosity about the secret Vatican society,” she shrugs, “I thought you would like it though,”
“Well, now you got my attention, baby,” Rhea winked playfully at her sister which resulted her to get a smack on her forehead. She just laughed, “Well, tell me more about this guys,” she demands for some more information, hugging her brown teddy bear closer to her chest.
“Well, ummm…. The books says that they are like hunters,”
“Hunters like hunting animal or the other beings like supernatural?”
“Hunting other things….” Elie replied shortly and crossed her legs with each other with the book placed on her laps as she continued, “They are basically Brothers and Sisters from churches all over the place. In time of training or mission, they went to some other place which is not on earth,”
“Whoa, so you said that there’s another world? Like E.T world?”
“I believe E.T lives on a planet, darling,” Elie narrowed her eyes and Rhea just shrugs, “More?”
“Um…” Elie cleared her throat, “Mainly, SEAMUS hunts for Vampires,”
Elie nodded, “And they uh….consuming some potions that could turn them into vampires for few hours or if the potions is strong, they would lasts for few days or even weeks.”
“That’s wicked,” Rhea snorted with amusement, “They got the picture of the potion?” she asked, leaning closer to her sister to have a better look at the book. Elie showed her the very page which shows a picture of 2 small potion bottles; one blue and the other one red. “Blue last for few hours, and the red one lasted for days,” Elie translated the short descriptions under both potion pictures. Rhea nodded. “Well, I guess that’s it for SEAMUS,” Elie announced as she flipped to few more pages that is now about the structure of Vatican City, the history and some other unimportant (for them) secret units under the Vatican.
Rhea snorted, “Well, at least now I know that the Vatican is real,”
“I know right? I mean, I never thought that they can be real though.”
“Seriously, me too,” Rhea said and they shared smiled before fell into comfortable silence. “Why is dad has this book kept in his library anyway?” Elie break their silence again, brushing her fingertips on the name written on the first page of the book. It was their family name, Marquees. “And of all people, why Leah is chosen to read this awesome book,” she added. Rhea shrugged, “Like hell I know…”
“Just curious though,” Elie smiled briefly and scanned the very page with her brownish eyes. “Maybe dad cares more about her…” Rhea muttered lowly, enough for Elie to hear it, “No offence, though,” she shrugs. Elie shook her head and continue scanning the page. As she brought her eyes to the most corner of the page, she crooked her head, “Levedad,” she muttered.
“Soledad?” Rhea shot her head up, with her forehead wrinkles,
Elie rolled her eyes, “I said Levedad, idiot,”
Rhea face-shrugged, “What’s a Levedad?”
“It sounds like a name to me,” she scowled.
“Another secret society, I guess?”
“Maybe,” Elie shook her head and flipped to random pages, seeking for information about the Levedad but as she failed doing so, she put the book aside and sighed, “I wonder what happens down there,”
“I’m sure they have forgotten about our existence by now,” Rhea snorted in annoyance. “Especially mom,” Elie stated and they both snorted. “Hell, I feel like rip the guts out of his throat,” said Rhea and fell on her back over the comfy soft bed. Then they heard a click sound from the door as it flung opened, revealing the familiar Mohawk haired boy who looked pissed.
“What happen?” Rhea asked, bounced on the bed onto sit position with a teasing smirk curved on her lips. “Fucking bastard,” Neil gritted and slumped himself on the bed, horizontally with his eyes shut. “Easy now,” Elie smiled, patting his forehead.
“I’ve told you, he’s a fuck-head douche,” Rhea smugly said,
“I hate that guy so fucking lots,” Neil said, sighing out loud as if releasing his anger through the air he’s breathed out. A moment later, the door flung opened again and Sam walked in with a smile. “Bros before hoes, eh?” Rhea grins proudly at Sam.
Sam just grins and he settled himself next to Neil, patting his thigh, cooling his anger down. The four of them stayed in tense atmosphere for some time. “Leah isn’t a hoe,” Neil gritted, “I didn’t mean it for Leah,” Rhea rolled her eyes. Sam just smiled weakly as he knows who they are referring too.

“I’m very sorry about the rudeness of my children today,” Michalis apologized as he settled down on his chair while pouring some whiskey into the glasses on the table. Samuel just smiled and sat on the chair provided, facing his friend who looks disappointed by the small gathering party this earlier evening. “The party… it was supposed to be lively and… and memorable, you know,” he stated while holding his whiskey, followed by a sigh,
Samuel just stared at his whiskey as he said, “I find that Leah’s boyfriend is kind of rude too,”
“What?” Michalis asked almost shrieked, “What do you mean he’s rude?”
Samuel shrugs, “I’m sure he knew about Neil being the basketball team leader,”
Michalis eyes dilated that he slowly put his whiskey on the table, “Neil is the leader?” he asked in surprised. “H-how come did I never know about it?” he asked, frowning. Samuel stared a moment at him with pitiful face and sighed, “I guess you’re too busy with Leah, Mike,”
Michalis snorted and gulped down the whiskey down his throat as he leaned back on the chair, “Are you saying that I’m being unfair to my kids?”
“Sort of,” Samuel replied emotionlessly. Michalis ran his fingers through his grey hairs and as he was about to say something, Samuel cuts him, “Do you know which clubs Rhea and Elie is in?”
“Club that Rhea’s joining in,” Samuel repeated.
“She’s joining the chess club. Why?” Michalis wrinkled his forehead. “Other than that…?” Samuel asked again. “What do you mean other than that…?”  Michalis asked, a little angered sounded in his voice. He was exasperated by his friend for accusing him being oblivious with the trio. Samuel shook his head and snorted a laughed, “Then, I assumed that you don’t know,”
Michalis glared at his friend, “What are you trying to say, Sammy?” he gritted. Samuel smirks, “Have you ever known that Rhea and Elie joins Kendo Club, the lame club,”
Hearing those from his friend make Michalis jaws dropped and his chest suddenly felt heavy with guilt. “What?” he asked faintly. “Yes, Mike. They’re one of the Kendo club members,”
“B-but they never told me…”
“Have you ever bothered to ask, hm?”
“I-I…” Michalis losing his words, he never thought of asking them about anything because the trio never shows any interest on clubs activities. Well, he does ever wonder why they always come home late in particular days but he thought they might line up at the game store downtown for the new release games. Samuel just watched his friend who lost in his mind, maybe feeling guilt. He always knew the facts that his friend never take the trio seriously since after he marry Carol 3 years ago. He surely is too focused on his new wife and Leah. “Maybe I’m too focus in making Carol and Leah feel accepted to the family and feel comfortable in this pass years that I unconsciously had neglected those who is precious to me,” he muttered, still in his trance. Samuel just glanced at him with pitiful looks, “You know, Mike…” Samuel said, “It’s not too late to change,”
Michalis poured another round of whiskey into his glass, “I know… But will they ever forgive me, Sam?”
“I’m sure they will. You just need to try,” Samuel smiled. They fell into deep silence, both lost in their own thought with only the half-full bottle of whiskey accompanying them. “What brings you here actually?” Michalis suddenly asked, breaking the silence atmosphere around them. Samuel took a sip of his whiskey before he replied, “Have you heard about the mysterious murder in Red Valley?”
I knew it, Michalis thought. “Yes, I’ve heard. Is it them?” he frowned, concerned filing his chest. Samuel took a deep breath as he shook his head, “We’re not sure about it but there are possibilities,” he said in serious tone, “But don’t worry, the boys will get it done in no time,” he smiled.
“The boys?” Michalis arched his brows, “You’re saying that we’re having new members?”
Samuel nodded, “My Sammy is one of them too,” he grins proudly,
“Really?” Michalis asked with excitement on his face, “Wow… I mean… Wow…” he said, obviously speechless. “I mean, it’s take every bit of your intelligent and energy to pass the exams… Man, your boy is really something,” he added. Samuel grins shyly, “Well, thank you…”
“So, they’re like having mission here?” Michalis asked, now more enthusiastic. Samuel nodded, “Around the corner, I bet… So, I decided to join him over,”
“I see…” Michalis nodded, “And… they’re organizing a summer camp too,” Samuel said, making Michalis glanced up at him, “summer camp?”
“Yep… It’s designed to those who love supernatural beings and to take new members,” Samuel explained, “And I’ve been told to tell you that you should send one of your kids to join in too,” he added.
Michalis froze a moment, “Hell no, Sam. Hell no…” he shook his head violently, “I won’t endangered my kids,”
“The camp is fully protected, Mike,”
“No… I’m not going to send my kids there,”
“It’s the authority’s order, Mike,”
“Fuck the authority… No is No…” Michalis spat, “I won’t let my kids in danger, Sam.”
“They won’t. It just a camp,” Samuel said. “And your kids, they can take care of themselves. Just that you don’t know that they can,” he continued. Michalis went silent for a moment, thinking what his friend just told him. “Why my kids?”
“Because you’re the best agent of all and your kids have potential,”
“Potential,” Michalis snorted,
“Just send one of them. They don’t ask for all of them to go,” Samuel again tries to convince him. Michalis just shook his head as he put down his whiskey, “My answer is still no, Sammy. Case closed.” He said and walked out from his office. Samuel just watched him disappeared as the door closed and he sighed.
The four teenagers just having a blast night together since Sam was given permission to stay for the night, spend time with the trio. They were having a very good time, like reminiscing all the great memories they were having when they were still child, their school life stories, and who were their crushes is. It was Sam’s turn.  
“What?” Rhea asked in disbelief, and let out a snort after Sam told them about him confessing his love to a girl and the girl when all bitchy-high-pride about herself, and telling Sam that she’s too cool and famous for him. Neil just laughed, “The fuck is wrong with that girl, man?”
Sam just chuckles, as he watched Elie polishing his nails with black colour after she shows him her infamous puppy eyes, “You tell me,”
“She’s seriously has a problem with herself,” Elie commented. Rhea points her finger at her sister, “I’m fucking agree with you there,” and Elie just chuckles at her sister, “If I was the girl, I would never ever bitching about how un-cool you are, Sam… I mean, come on… you’re…you hell got a package, man,” she added.
“Thank you,” Sam chuckles again, “But I guess I don’t have the whole package there,”
“You do,” Elie briefly glanced up at him before continued with sticking some flowery nail stickers on his nail. Sam just smiled, “Hell, that bitch deserves some place in hell,” Rhea scoffs.
“Well, it’s her loss then, babe,” Neil said, grinning. Sam just shook his head as he laughed.
“I guess you meant to marry Leah,” Elie suggested, a teasing smirks plays on her lips, making the boy blushed a bit, “What? Why in the world I-“
“Oh, Elie… I like that,” Neil cuts him,
“Seriously guys, why would I marrying Leah anyway?” Sam repeated.
“2 reasons; One, because we three…“ Rhea points to herself and her two siblings, “shipped you and Leah damn hard, and two, you’re hundred thousand times better than that motherfucker,” she added.
“But she doesn’t like me,” Sam chuckles
Elie shot her head up, “So you like her, then?” as her eyes widened, she exchanged looks with Neil and Rhea. “W-what?” Sam stuttered, “No… I mean, she has Ryan and its obvious she won’t like me back, because she likes Ryan…” he rambled. The other three doesn’t even listen to what he said; they’re just like giving him the looks which making the boy blushed, “Come on guys… you can’t be serious,” Sam chuckles nervously.
“You just admitted that you like her, dude,” Elie winked.
“How in the world does ‘she doesn’t like me’ making me admitting my love to Leah?” Sam wrinkled his forehead, doesn’t quite understand their points.
“In some ways, it does” Neil said, still with the smirks plays neatly on his lips. “That’s what I would call as love denial,” Rhea butts in and they laughed. Sam just chuckles, and went on scratched his head, forgetting the polished he had on his nails, which making Elie cried dramatically, “Noooo!” She spend like 40 minutes to make his nails pretty and he just ruins it. She was freaking devastated which making Rhea and Neil laughed at her. “I am so sorry,” Sam bit his lips, looking at the hopeless looking girl who still in shocked states, “It was the best nail art I ever done in my life,” she muttered. Sam just gave her an apologetic looks with the laughter still rang around the gaming room.
CHAPTER FIVE: Questions.
The clock strike 3.02 A.M and they were already sleeping soundly until Sam’s phone vibrates. The boy growled sleepily and slowly took his phone which rested over his head and slides his thumbs on the screen, answering the call. “Sam?  Where the hell are you?” His eyes shot opened as he heard the voice, “Hendrik,” he said, “I-I’m uh… at my friends house, why?” he asked, he is now fully awaked. He slowly shuffled towards the room balcony, sliding the door shut slowly so he won’t wake the trio up. “We need backup
“What? What happen? Where are you?” Sam asked with concerns, running his fingers through his ravens. The line wasn’t that clear, making Hendrik’s voice sounded unclear, “If you’re at Red Rock…. To Rendell’s dockyard….Milo and Qui….Vampires attacks…”
“What? Hendrik… I can’t really catch up,” Sam cried but the call was off. Sam silently cursed and shoves his phone into his pocket. He licked his chapped lips, trying to recall back the short information he’s getting from Hendrik. “Rendell dockyard,” he snapped and automatically turned himself to the east side of the balcony. He realized that Rendell dockyard is only couple of blocks away from the Michalis. He briefly smirks and quickly searched all over his pocket, looking for something.
 He took out a small potion bottle, with a bluish liquid stuff in it and finished the whole bottle in one gulped. Sam closed his eyes as if feeling the liquid went down his throat; he flinch a bit and gripping tight his hands over the balcony fence as the pain biting from the inside of his flesh. He felt like burned alive but he has no other choice. After a moment of fighting the pain, he opened his eyes again and now his eyes were crimson red. He squints his eyes at the bright moonlight before went jumped from the second floor balcony without even thinking twice. He thought that no one was watching and he was wrong in that part.
Rhea can’t believe what she just saw that she just blinked hard few times, recalling the moment where Sam took a familiar bluish potion and his eyes turn red and then just jumped of their balcony as if he was jumping over the 20 cm fence.
“What the actual fuck?” she breathed out, still with her lips parted, she ran towards the balcony and saw that Sam was now jumping over the 3 feet tall cement fence, making her jaws dropped to the floor. Without even waiting for another second, Rhea fled back to the room and grabbed the random jacket she saw before making a run following Sam. Her curiosity is all over her head now; she just has so many things to ask the boy especially on where in the world Sam get the bluish liquid from. Is there something Samson didn’t tell them? Is he one of the secret groups called SEAMUS under Vatican that Elie told her before? Who the hell is this Hendrik guy? Sound Spanish to her. But of course, she won’t know until she went along and figure it out herself. That’s what she thought.
She passed through the kitchen door and saw Elie was standing near the counter, briefly she thought of alarming the girl and told her to come with her but then again, if the information in the book about the potion is true, then she has to be hurry if she wanted to catch up with the boy. So she decided to go by herself.
Elie startled from her sleep as she heard the vibrate sounds from Sam phone. She growled lowly as she was just having a good night sleep after few days of sleepless night. It was actually her first good sleep for the week but its ruins by the loud vibrations. She saw Sam shot up and walked slowly towards the balcony, talking to someone name Hendrik, on the phone. She just sighed, who the hell would call in the middle of the night like this? She thought and stood up from her place, “Where you going?” she heard Rhea who is half-awake, looking up at her. Elie yawned, “Kitchen for breakfast. I don’t think I can go back to sleep again,” she growled in whispered. Rhea just snorted knowingly her problems and turned herself to face Neil’s back. Elie rolled her eyes before went out from the room and straight to their kitchen, getting herself some fresh milk from the fridge. She put down her glass near the sink, facing the backyard and started to pour the milk onto it but as she was pouring it, her eyes fixed with some familiar figures pumping on his feet like a hungry cheetah and jumped over the concrete wall like it was nothing. She was so caught up with the unbelievable scene that she over-poured the milk. She cursed silently as the milk got onto her pyjamas but she shoved the thought of getting dirty by the milk and quickly went to the back door and she stopped a moment to seek for something as a weapon; she saw the unwashed butter knife lays on the sink and took it before quickly went to the backyard with her bunny slippers as she went running after Samson. 
It was pretty hard for her to catch up with the boy since he ran as fast as the wind. Plus, she doesn’t have any clue where he’s going but thank God, the route that he’s taking is going to one place only- the Rendell Dockyard. Rendell’s Dockyard is only a one-way route, so it is pretty easy for Elie to follow his pace. After a while of running and hiding, Elie stopped her paced 20 feet away from Samson who is now walked in casual pace. There she noticed that he was greeted by a good-looking Mexican-like guy who is about the same age as him, maybe a bit older; he was wearing a dark green trench-coat with a gun in his hands, “Sammy,” he called with cheery voice, “You made it,” he smiled and cocked the handgun, as if readying it for something big. Elie blinks few times, she wonders who in the world is the guy is? And what is his connection with Sammy?
“Quinn,” Sam greeted back.
“Nice nails you got there,” Quinn teased as he saw Sam’s nails. Sam quickly shoves his hands inside his pocket, “My friend did that,” he said abashedly.
“Mmhmm… Friend…” Quinn smirked playfully. Sam wrinkles his forehead at the guy who is acting weird, “What?” he asked.
“I didn’t say anything,” Quinn trying to hold his laugh
“Quinn… Do you have-“Another guy appeared with a pack of salt on his hands. He looks cute and quite good-looking too and he’s wearing the same designed trench-coat with the Mexican-looking guy but his was in midnight blue. “Sam, you made it,” he continued as he saw Samson. Sam just nodded at him, “What happen here actually?” Sam asked, approaching the newly arrived guy,
“Um… well…”
They wanted to claim this place as theirs,” Quinn cuts in, handing Sam the handgun. Elie wrinkled her forehead, who are they referring to?  She asked herself. She wanted to hear more that she took another steps forward. She didn’t notice the rusted pipe near there and when she stepped on it, she slipped with her face kissed the ground. The pipe clangs as it flew backward which make the trio turned to her. She looked up and finds that her eyes met with the shocked trio. “Hey!” Quinn shouted and Elie quickly jumped on her feet and briefly exchanged look with Samson who is completely froze on his feet before she took a step and ran.
Rhea slammed the main door and ran towards the road. Fortunately their front yards weren’t surrounded by 3 feet tall concrete walls and only the nicely painted short picket fence. She jumped over the fence and stumbled a bit as her jacket got caught over the picket. She pulled her jacket carefully and looked around before went to take the short cut routes towards Rendell’s Dockyard. She’s glad that she has explored every inched of the neighbourhood with Neil before. That’s quite a blessing for the time like this. She put a brief smirks on her paled face before continue on her run. After a while of running, she finally arrived at Rendell’s Dockyard. She looked to her left and right, to make sure that there is no would notice her presence there before she shuffled quietly towards the piling huge metal container ahead of her.
Rhea flung towards the nearest metal container as she heard the shouting with her heart almost jumping out of her chest. She peek from the metal container and noticed that the shouting wasn’t for her. She breathed out with gladness. Then as she looked again, she saw Samson stood next to a gorgeous Mexican-like guy in dark-green trench-coat. She noticed that Sam looked shock and froze on his feet. Wonder what he’s been seeing, Rhea move towards the other ends of the metal container to have a clearer look and to listen better,
“Milo, go find the girl and bring her here,” said the guy to the cute looking guy who is wearing a different colour trench-coat. “Quinn, let me do it,” Sam demanded.
“Why? You’d know her?” Quinn asked. As Sam about to ask, suddenly the surrounding seems to feel a little bit cold than the usual, the cricket sounds fell into silence. Everything went quiet, except for the sounds of waves crashing on the dock. Rhea swallowed her saliva hard; her heart beat fast, she felt something isn’t right is going on here. She looked again at the two boys and now she noticed the handgun in each of their hands, “What the fuck?” she muttered lowly as she saw Sam, her childhood friend, the one she knew since forever is holding a handgun. Samson looked cautious with his surrounding that he pointed his gun towards the direction Quinn has been shouting at. Rhea squint her eyes to clear her vision and she noticed that both Sam and Quinn eyes were crimson red and their skin were as pale as the snow. She wonders if the blue potion that Sam took had them turn them into a vampire.
“Well… well… well….” Unfamiliar voice suddenly echoed around the place which now covered in cold white fog before Rhea could hear group of footsteps, “Isn’t this our favourite people?” said the same voice again. Slowly the fog disappear and reveal a dozens of men and women looking all paled and had a crimson red eyes just like Sam and Quinn does but theirs full of hungers and hatred. Rhea gasped; she couldn’t believe what she’s seeing before her eyes, real vampires.
“We won’t let you have this place, Darren,” Quinn gritted.
The leader, Darren, just smirked maliciously, “Why don’t you choose the easy way, boy?” he asked, “You give us the place, you live,” he added. “Over my dead body,” said Quinn, glaring at the vampire leader as he pointed his handgun at the guy.
Darren laughed, together with his minions, “Fine,” he spat and suddenly disappeared, his minions too. Quinn and Sam were not seen in the place too. They seem to be disappeared into thin air. But what excites Rhea more about the situation is that she could hear the metal clank and the blood drops onto the grounds; one by one, the minions fell to the ground and burnt. Once in a while, they would show up, with bloody face.
“Argh,” Sam grunted as he stumbled to the ground. “Sam!” Quinn shouted and as Darren noticed he was guard down, he attacked Quinn and scratched his face with his sharp claws. Blood dripped from his cheek, “Damn it!” Quinn growled and started to fire his gun at the vampire leader. Once again the vampire leader disappeared into thin air, followed by Quinn. Sam at the meantime was still on the ground, unable to move an inch as he was under spell of one of the minions. She smirks at him as she approaching him and she opened her jaws, showing her two sharp teeth. Rhea noticed that she’s going to feed on Sammy’s blood, that she almost ran out from her hiding place to help the boy but before she done that, suddenly the girl was headshot. She quickly turned towards the bullet coming from. She saw a dark blond good looking guy in the same dark green trench-coat with Quinn, jogged towards Sam and helped the wounded boy up to his feet. “You’re okay?” he asked, his voice really sounded pleasant, thought Rhea. Sam nodded. Then he disappeared into thin air, leaving Sam standing there together with another young guy, wearing printed hoodies. Rhea assumed that the blond guy went to help Quinn.
After a moment of battling the vampire leader, suddenly the blond guy appeared with Quinn. “We lost him,” Quinn said, “Keep your eyes open,” he ordered. Sam and the other nodded and started to look around. Rhea did too, secretly. “Maybe he fled already, since his minions are all dead,” Rhea muttered all to herself.  “Well, what we have here?” said some familiar voice, which would be the most unwanted voice Rhea wanted to hear that time. “Shit…” she cursed and as she tries to get out from her hiding place, Darren got her and locked his left arms around the girl neck, with his other hand held her arms. He pushed Rhea out from the hiding place with victorious smirks on her face, “So thoughtful of you guys to bring me a snack,” he said. Making the good looking guys turned to him. Sam face went paled, “Rhea…” he breathed out in trembling voice which making Quinn and the blond guy turned to look at him, “You knew her?” Quinn asked in disbelief. Sam licked his chapped lips, he cursed silently for not being too careful with them. He is now bringing danger to her life. He then remembered about Elie being chased by Milo just now and he hope that Milo got her already.
“Retreat or I kill her,” warned Darren as he leaned closer to Rhea’s neck, his fangs now showing. “Son of a bitch,” Rhea gritted and elbowed the vampire leader on his stomach as hard as she could, make the vampire leader loosen his gripped. Then she turned herself and kicked him on his face, making him stumbled on the ground; she put on a satisfying smirk on her face. “Bitch!” roared Darren and pulled her legs, making her stumbled to the ground too. Quinn and the blond guy couldn’t take a shot of the vampire leader as Rhea was blocking him. “Shit!” Rhea cursed, trying to kick the vampire leader off her.
“Rhea!” shouted some familiar voice and as Rhea turned her head towards the voice, she saw her sister hurdling a silver blade towards her with the same cute guy who is known as Milo, trailing behind her. The vampire leader almost got her neck when she able to reach for the silver blade that landed exactly next to her and without thinking twice, she stabbed the blade to his temple, the blood burst out from his skull, wetting the girl face. Darren screamed in pain as the silver blade burned his rotten flesh. But he didn’t seem to stop that as he was trying to bit Rhea again, he was shot twice on the head and on the chest. He burnt to ashes.
“Rhea,” Elie helped her up, “What are you doing here?” is the first thing that comes out from Rhea’s voice. “I’m about to ask the same thing to you too,” Elie shrugs as she wiped her sister face with the jacket. “Who are you girls?” asked the sharp looking blond guy as he jogged towards them,
“Hey, here… use this,” said Milo to Elie as he handed her a pack of tissues. Elie smiled at him and started to wipe her sister face with the tissues. “Well, who the hell are you then?” Rhea asked back, “And what is going on here?” she added, looking straight at Samson. Sam swallowed his saliva, he felt guilty for not telling them at the first place,
“What’s going on here is none of your concern, miss,” said the blond guy. Rhea rolled her eyes, “I’m not asking you dude,” she said plainly, “I’m asking Sam,” she added, locking her sight at the guilty boy. Their jaws dropped, “You know Sam?” asked Quinn.
“Well,” Sam retracted his lips, “They’re the Michalis,”
“WHAT?” the boys exclaimed in unison, “Seriously?” asked the young boy who came with blond guy earlier, “Yes, Addy. They are,” Sam replied, apologetically. “What’s wrong with our dad?” Elie frowned,
“Hendrik, don’t you think we should send them home?” Quinn asked the blond guy. Hendrik shut his eyes closed before he looked at Sam, “Your dad is with sir Michalis now, right?”
Sam nodded, “Good, then lead us there,” he commanded. “Wait a second, blondie,” Rhea pulled his strong-build arm. Blondie? Quinn thought and bit his lips to restrain himself from laughing out loud. “What do you mean by leading you guys there?” she scowled,
“We need to get you guys home and tell your parent about this,” Hendrik replies,
“Hell no, damn it,” Rhea shook her head, “Our parent must not knowing any of this,”
“We’re passed our curfew already,” Elie butts in, “We shouldn’t be out here by the this time,”
“They’re gonna bake us alive,” Rhea said and as she wanted to say more, Sam collapsed to the ground. “Sam!” shouted the girls in unison, “He needed to be treat fast,” Milo warned. Rhea went silent for a moment, looking at Sam’s shoulder which is bleeding now. Rhea let out a sighed, “Fine, I’m doing it for Sam,” she said.
“Thank you,” Hendrik told her. Rhea formed a thin line over her lips. She must get herself ready with the volcano eruption from their dad later.