Finals in 4.........

Greetings, humanoids.
I'm here to inform you that my finals is in 4 more days. ekeke and yeah, here i am sitting here, listening to my blog songs while updating. Uh yeah, stating the obvious, I've change my blog song~ weeeee~~~ yeah, I miss to hear anime and japanese song so yeah. besides, I often listen to korean song in the car so yeah.
So, right now I'm listening to AnCafe's song entitled Maple Gunman :) this song really bringing back the old memories where I've been so crazy about visual kei and oshare kei :)
I remember that time, I played lots of dress up games and I kinda dressed my characters in oshare kei like clothing. hahahaha :) yeah and seriously, I've been dreaming to wear one myself. Until now, I still keeping that somewhat-sound-silly-dream of mine in my heart. I believe that one day, I'll step my foot on Japan land and I will wear like oshare/visual kei does or maybe I'll open a cafe where my workers will  have to wear cosplay like clothing and of course will change the uniform every month. ekekeke :) sound fun eh? Yeah, I've been thinking of opening cafe like in akihabara around miri here. hahahahaha well, that was just one of my wishful thinking though because I'm not sure yet since I'm still learning and i don't know a thing about business and stuff. hahahaha I think I should went for work first then I shall think of this. le parent? they approved my dream of opening le cafe but they didn't know my themes yet. ekekeke well, i think sis Jaba also haven't know about this. for short, this is only I know about. hahahaha and you, of course. But like seriously, I really really want to open maid-like cafe one day. if not now, then one day shall be it ! yeah~~~ don't stop believing! :)

Anyway, as I was mentioned... my finals is in 4 more days. well,study? I'm just starting last night until today morning. ekekekeke yes~ and I went to bed like around 6 something this morning and wake up around 9 since my biological alarm is set at 9 hahahahaha the maximum of course. So, right now I'm thinking of doing the same thing. but today maybe I'll sleep a bit earlier like around 3 or 4 hehehehei :) And I've been thinking of studying POM today. Oh, last night, I've been studying on statistic and I find it rather medium level lah. it's not as hard as it seems like. ekekeke :) but I only manage to study chapter 8 and a bit of chapter 7 since I study while watching Natsume Yuujinchou ahahahahaha :) Yeah, but still I can coping up with what I've been studying though. And I hope that tomorrow... I won't be anyone's driver because I want to use whole tomorrow to recall back what I've learn today and yesterday. then in night time, I might study Business communications and a bit of statistic again. but yeah, I don't want to plan anything if canbecause sometimes, what we've planned doesn't always came up like according to what wea've been planning. hahahaha :) Soo, yeah... I'll just go with the flow tomorrow. But I really really am hoping that no one will ask me to drive them to somewhere tomorrow. I'm very tired of driving and I need to rest. I want to set my eyes on books and be a nerd for this week only =.= hhahahaha seriously. I can't fail this exam.

 And uhhh... what else? Oh right! today I've received an email from Hobby Network, a site where I've ordered my Izaya-kun figurine and the owner told me that Alter (the manufacturer) said that they might delay my iza-chan until 2013 winter time. I'm like AWWWWWWWWWWWW whyyyy???? I've been waiting for like 3 months now and I've received this kind of news. I'm breaking apart a little just now. hahaha so then, i ask him about my Okumura twin's figurine and then he answered me like
"Anyway, there's no news on the two twins yet, I supposed they are still busy fighting Satan~ I will send them a telex and see if i will hear from them. ^^"
exactly what he send to me and when I read this I'm like hAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa well played, sire. well played. hAHAHHAHAHAHAHA so, I'm like okay, hope to hear good news from the twins soon IF they survive the battle. and then he's like "Of course they will, good guy always win in anime world"
yeah~~ hahahaha he really does make my day a bit. Seriously, not able to get to see my Izaya-kun for christmas is very much disappointing me ya know. I mean, for like 3 months, I've been waiting for it and tetttt~~ its delayed to 2013 =.= oh well, like I said,   things won't go like as we've planned. maybe there's a reason why I'm going to receive Izaya-kun late. ekekeke maybe by that way, I'll appreciate it more later on. ekekeke ;) Oh yeahh~~ I'm gonna begged for a special rack to place my figurine later :))))))

 Since Christmas is around, I was wondering what should I buy for my sisters, sons and daughters. hahahaha :) Yeah, well... maybe I'll go for X-mas present hunting after exams. and as for myself, I was thinking to buy the Doraemon bedsheets. the one that I've seen in parkson last month. Gosh~~ Hopefully no one have bought it before me. hahahahaha if they did, gossh, I'm so going to be very sad. hahahaha and well, if that won't work out... then I think of buying le Olympus camera. hehehei :)
and I've been thinking to ask from mum and dad Desktop Computer but neah... since my room is having limited space and the room next to my room, le mum don't want to give me, soo... I think, no need la~~ maybe I'll just ask them to buy me something else. well, what is it? I don't know yet lah. I can't think of anything now. Maybe a flipphone? hahahaha but I'm not really a phone person. Ummm... money? maybe? hahahahahahahaha XDD but ummm.... I think no need la... hahahaha unless they insist, then I shall ask them to buy me the doraemon bedsheet. muahahahahaha XDDD save my money, ekekeke

So, I guess this is goodbye for now. I'm feeling very sleepy. maybe because I hadn't have enough sleep last night. So.... I think uhhh... maybe I'll just wake up early later morning and study. ekekeke :) Yeah baby. I want to study. So.... wish me luck on this study thing... whatever. ahahahah

Actually, there's a lot of stuff I wanna say here but maybe next time. Here's the list of what I've think of doing in the nearest future:
1) reviews on anime I've watched. ( all anime I already watched )
2) My Life As An Otaku (this is where I'll tell everything I've done so far with my life hahahaha might be useless and nonsense.)
3) Christmas Wishlist.
4) My Precious (my collections so far :) )

so, yeah... I'll do that four post in the nearest future. Maybe after exam time :) Hooyeahhh`~~ anyway, I better off now. I can barely open my eyes hahahahaha :) So, yeah~ wish me luck yaww~ :D

P.S: Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)