Mix And Match My Favourite Ulzzang :)

Annyeong, everyone. today I would love to talk about my favourite ulzzang. hehehe :) which I really wish they could be ulzzang couple one day :) if you are my loyal reader, you will notice that I've been mentioning about my favourite ulzzang couple, that is Kang HyukMin and Hong Young Gi. hehehe :) and WALA! my wish come true!!  hahahahahahaha :DD I really want to give an infinity thanks to their producer. ekekeke :) kamsahamnida! I never thought it could be true :) they look so cute together~~~ when I saw their pics kan, I was like "OH.MAI.GUCCI!!! XD"

next, I wish the same thing could happen to Lee Do Hyeong. hahaha :) well, if Do Hyeong and Young Gi take pictures together, they will match each other too and for sure, I'm gonna thanks the producer MORE THAN INFINITY. hhahaha :DDD haiz! YoungGi seems to match every other UlzzangBoys! she just to cute.. I wish I'm like her too. hahaha *never gonna happen* anyway, if Lee Do Hyeong and Hong Young Gi realy does take picture together in the future, cross my heart, I'll be Ulzzang Shidae's Number One FANS! hahaha :DD kyahh~ wish this could really happen!! please~ please make this come true. hahahaha :DD seriously LOL :D

And I also wish that My HyukMin would take pictures together with Lee Do Hyeong. hehehehehehehe *banshee's laugh* haha :) better if  they took selca photo. hahaha :) anyway, I'm gonna appreciate it if they could consider my idea. LOL XD *crazyfangirl* I love them both. XDD

My Last Mix And Match is of course Jung Roo and Chan Ho :) I just knew this two few weeks ago, from my sister, Jaba. actually they both are her favourite ulzzang. hehehe :) and when i look through their pictures in my document, i found that they could be a very matching ulzzang couple. both cute, both pretty, both hotty. hahaha :) just like HyukMin anf YoungGi de. hahaha :) I wonder if they can took a photo together in the future :) 

last but not least, my main purpose for posting this is because I wish ulzzang producer could consider my idea to mix and match my favourite ulzzang together. the other ulzzang that I would love to see them together in pictures are like HyukMin, DoHyeong, YoungGi, Song ChanHo, JungRoo, YuHaMin, Park TaeJun, Park HyungSeok, parkWonCheol :)) hehehe :)