Just Another Day :)

Hello! ehehehe :) starting from today i'm gonna use hello as my greeting to all of you :) yeah, as you know.. I'm quite freaking out with KWave. LOL XD call me crazy, but it's damn true. I'm so scared of them as i've been so addicted to KWave before and now I'm still on rehab :D hahahaha XD hopefully I can back to the right path lah before everything become to late :) Anyway, 2 more weeks is exams. I haven't done any revision yet but hopefully i can start soon. Urgh, if i don't i think i'm going to stay on the last place until SPM T^T. haiz. so stress ler.. Aiyerr~ hahaha :) to many homework. i don't blame internet, i mean FB, Tumblr, MSN, Twitter or Blogger because actually that is all my own will to online. Not them. I make myself to addicted to them all bah. kan? Anyway, bit by bit kwave is leaving my life now :) I'm so grateful, praise to the Lord for giving me strength to face the Kwave and not being seduce by them anymore :DDD

Right now, what i suppose to do is doing my Chemistry and also my Sejarah. Will be doing it after updating my blog lah. ehehe :) at least i will done a bit of it. it is better than done none, right? so, hopefully i can do it. or maybe i'll try to wake up early later and doing it. Urgh! I think i've been saying that i want to wake up early to do homework for few times already but tett.. i failed. so, by hook or by crook, i'm gonna wake up early by morning and do my homework. if not, i'm going to be dead meat tomorrow at school. haiz! pgie. pgie... you old enough, why still so lazy? haizz! I don't know what make me become so lazy like this. I think it's got something to do with genes. LOL XD neah, my mom and dad not like me. they hardworking ma~  I think day after day, My lazyness keep conquering me. I don't want it though. I don't want to ended up like my brother =.=

Sis Jaba said, my blog is to full with words and make her sleepy when reading it. hmmm.. is it? but once i write, i can't stop unless i really don't have much things to share. or maybe mostly i talk nonsense? hehehehei... well, i think she's right, my blog is too full of words and look somewhat boring =.=; well, i can't change the way i write bahh.. i also want to write a little like she does but my hands can't stop typing and my brain keep processing the idea on what to type. haizz! so hateful. hahaha :D but i'm grateful to write a lot as i can improve a bit of my grammar. LOL XD just kidding. no progression at all. ekeke :D i still use simple english. ekeke :D i don't even know when to use the word "The" ekekee :D what to do? i'm no english expert. ekeke :DD

Ahh, today I take some pictures with sis Jaba and Phoebe with my instant camera. hehehe :) love the pictures. well, maybe i'll show it here next time as i don't have digital camera to take the pictures :) the pictures was nice though. hehehe :) love it XD my eyes now are getting heavier. I guess i'm going to sleep now. will try to wake up at 3.30 or maybe 4.00 later :) ekeke. wish me luck!

So, that's all for now. in this post, i won't post any pictures to end it :D ekekeke :DD so, adieu!

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)