First Week Of 2011 is Done :P getting busier~ =.=;

Annyeong, everyone! today is Friday A.K.A FREEDAY! hahahaha XD well,  not so free la because teachers gave me a tons of homework and everything must be sent on next monday T^T and i also have to make Jadual Bertugas for my class and.. organization chart.. =.=; my work is double than others. but positively thinking, its my job as monitor and student :) if other class monitor can do, why can't i? right? hmm..hmm.. its my mum's favourite Quotation and i found it really suitable for me this year. hahaha :) full of motivational message :D i will use it until i finish studying :)

Talking about studying, to be honest, i hate it but so far, i kinda started to liking it. haha :) i don't know why but studying is kinda fun sometimes. hehehe :) call me Nerd but at least i have bright future ^.^ okay, for me, studying is something challenging and exercise our brain by solving brain-twisting question likes Addmath and Physics :) uh, talking about Addmath and Physic, i love them this year. hahah XD maybe because Mdm. Mackinna have a very interesting and funny personality which make me started to have interest in them. and can you believe it, on every thursday, i have to sit and look at mdm.Mackee face for 4 period. LOL :D incredible! hahaha :))

truthfully, i am stress right now but i pretend that i'm not. hahaha >.< because i don't know how to show how i really felt. ekeke :) i'm so stress for having a tons of homework, oh, i don't blame my teachers for giving me too much of homework but i blame myself for always wasting my time to online-ing and ignoring my homework. XD. well, what can i do? i'm online-addict. i can't even stand a day without online-ing. and even just for 4 days, its already felt like forever for me. hahaha :D i'm grateful that my sisters is very strict with me this year, yeah~ for my own good.

right now, i really miss the day when i still doing something like shown in the pictures above T^T. i wish SPM is already over so that i could do my favourite things, like online-ing 24/7, listening to music, Stalking my favourite band, and go shopping often :) whenever i think about this stuff, i will lost my concentration on doing my homework. hahaha :) so, for my own good kan, i think it is better if i just lock all this stuffy in the secret place inside my brain. hahaha :) so that i can concentrate more on my study and become a good student~ Ohyeah! so do everything that is not important like...him~ hahaha :) you don't know who? hahaha :) no need to know de~ i'll tell you when i'm ready ^.^

Last but not least from me, today my class receive new student from SMK Lutong. her name is Oudrey. everyone in my class know her. well, i just know her name and her boyfriend de. hahaha :) yea, her boyfriend is one of the 7 prince in my class :) ermm..and i'm not quite sure why i feel uneasy when she entered my class. i can feel the negativity is surrounding me back then. i just don't know why. i feel that something is not right about her. well, i know i have no right to judge her but i just telling what i felt la. i mean no offence. don't worry. hehehe :) ha? jealous of her? no... NO WAY! i may look single but OBVIOUSLY i'm taken. hahahaha :D so, i guess i just need to keep silent and see if my intuition is true or false :)

so, i will use my son, Shawn's photo to end this very speech. enjoy his uljjang face everyone! hahaha :) annyeong!

P/S  : let your smile cover your tears :)

I'm Back! My Sweet 17 is Around :)

ANNYEONG! yeah~ its been 4 days i didn't online. well, just checking my cityville. Seriously, i just check my cityville. not more than that :) trust me. hahaha XD. like i just mention, i'm turning 17 soon. 2 more days. too soon~ T^T actually i'm so not ready to be old. hahaha :) and i still feel like a child, you know.. playing at the playground, running here and there, play tag, cooking-cooking.. Hwa, how i miss my childhood :D i'm so active back then and still active until now. hahaha :) just that, i'm older now. i feel like it was yesterday i was call as bie :)


<---- close-up photo. hahaha :) love my eyes? hmm..hmm.. well, i love it but i hate my eye-bag. Duh! i can't say that i don't have enough sleep because i think i overslept XD i guess i'm having eye-bag because of having too much sleep. ekeke :) whatever! and officially i announce that i don't really have crush on anyone right now because i'm tired of waiting. i guess this year i'm gonna focus on my education, yearghh~ hahaha :) and i want to make my parent proud. i'm their only hope as my brother, the one who they should put hope on, is way to far from being good person and will gonna be the same no matter how many years will pass =.=; WHATEVER~


 and honestly, i miss my bangs. hahaha :) i screw up my front hair and i'm so regret it. so, i want to keep my front hair long first then will cut it like before. hehehe then i won't cut it side-style anymore >.< and today is my 4th day of schooling and i have so much fun, so far and hopefully will stay fun for the rest of the year. it still hard for me to believe that this year is my senior year T^T hehei~ doesn't mean i'm senior, i'm not playful anymore. DUH! i become more playful and crazier. i bet Ek Cheng can't stand to sit next to me this year. ekekeke XD


<--- in this photo i look like lee hong ki, don't you think? hahahaha :) i don't know you, but look a bit a like for me. hehehehe :) yea, maybe because of the angle. hmm..hmm.. and FYI, this is one of my favourite photo :) love it~ hehehehe :D uh, this year, once again i become class monitor. hahaha :) i don't know why they choose me because i'm not really good in monitoring others. but i'm really good in bullying others. ekekeke :) but i'm glad that my class teacher give me another chance to be the monitor and i'm gonna be the best class monitor ever :P


 so, that is all i want to say for now. hope i can write again soon :) so, here is the birthday present list that i wish i can have :) ahahaha :) just to inform, cuz maybe you guys want to buy me anything. hahaha XD JK ::

1. PSP
3. Complete Collection of Harry Potter CDs
4. Anything Doraemon
5. Cute Stuff
6. Money:)
7. Kang Hyuk Min (LMFAO)
8. iPod
9. Canon Powershot (idk the name)
10. puppies? hehehe :))

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears :)