The Day I Do Nothing But Sleeping :D

Annyeong~ ahaha XD today i'm going to start my post with my hunnie, TaeJun ^^. the photo, look familiar eh? ahahaha XD yepp :D i have the same photo like him which i also use headphone like he does. hahahaha. that would make us a cute couple. LOL XD.  he's cute, pretty, good looking or should i say, he's perfect in every way. Words can never describes how good he is. hmmm.. 
         i did went to school today and school was sooo silence back then. everyone busy with their PMR holidays. i really wish i can skip today classes you know but what can i do, my dad is here and you know, DAD~ they are strict but honestly, i think my mum is way more strict than my dad. hahahahaha.... ahh yeah..when i arrived home, after i finish my lunch, i was thought of going to have a little nap. i asked my cousin phoebe to wake me up at 1430. she did wakes me up but i just ignored her. LOL XDD then, i woke up at 1755 if i'm mistaken ^^ I was so shocked because actually today i decided to finish up my moral assignment and send it tomorrow but now, maybe i'll send it the day after tomorrow. HOPEFULLY i can. ahahaha. i'm afraid that my pregnant moral teacher is going go gives me another 5 dimerits. GAH! going to be expell if i keep collecting dimerits. T^T.

   Last night, before going to bed, i've been searching cosplay photo for Ouran High School Host Club and i found the cosplayed was soo AWESOME! you can see them look just like the anime version. except that most of the cosplayer are girls and i bet most Otaku's are girls. hahahaha XD.. so, you can see the best Ouran HS host club cosplay below :D enjoy~ 

from left : Kaoru, Hikaru, Tamaki, Haruhi, Renge, Honey(this one is my favourite. very kawaii!!), Mori and Kyouya
Haruhi Fujioka and Kyouya Ootori ^^ this photo does surely resembles the Anime ^^

Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiinn~ my most favourite character in the anime! wohhooo~~~

very resembles Kyouya Senpai ne? ehehehe XDD

Tamaki and Kyouya! too bad i can't find any of Tamaki's cosplayer. ehehe XD i found some but not good enough. ehehe (sorry!)

so i guess, thats all for today ^^. just want to show you guys my new favourite anime. teehee <3 
i'll ends my post with another photo of my dearest Hitachiin twins :D

be seeing you guys soon ^^
P/s : let your smile cover up your tears! peace YAw!

Loving Today Yaw! >__0 but Having A Little Fight With Dearest Phoebe

Annyeong~ today is not very best day but still i like it. ehehe :D the best things that happen today is when i'm going shopping with my couzy and my one and only cutie pie, Shawny ^^. we went to BMM today and i bought few phone strips and hairbands. actually i should buy clips but i totally forget about it. huahahaha XD amnesia. LOL XD yeah, i also going to Popular bookstore and bought some books. then, my cousy, Juliet went to see her friend and we hang out at Coffee beans. honestly, that was my first time being in the coffee beans. LOL XD pity me! hahaha XD but i'm grateful because finally i have chance to go inside the well known coffee beans. my cousy Juliet promise, next time she will bring me and cousin Phoebe to starbuck. hahaha XD. i think i'm the only person who JUST enter the coffee beans and never been to Starbucks~ ahahahahaha XDD doesn't matter lorh because i believe i'll go to both places when the time is right. hahahah XD (maybe after i've work)

Ah Ya! yesterday i went for a trip to Bintulu together with my parent and my Shawny. Very tiring ang VERY BORING because i don't have anything to do. Shopping? neah~ we don't go shopping because my dad was in hurry to go back to Miri T^T. me and my Shawny asleep all the way from Kidurong until Home. ahahaha XDD new record ^^.. on our way back to miri, my brother make a few calls to my mum. Yeah~ asking for money la bah.. he know nothing except for money, money, and money. Urgh!he just can't wait until us to arrived at miri you know. my mum had to asked from my aunt next door. i don't know what is in my Stupid brother's mind. he never stop hurting my parent. And, me, mum and my aunt and cousins believe that he take drugs. but we just predict la. for sure, he had the drugs-addict symptoms like shivering, red eyes and when he speak, we can barely listen. its seem like he was dead but still walking *ZOMBIES* haha XD but i think zombies is much better than drugs addict. hahaha XD

Urmm.. yeah tomorrow is school day and i haven't done any of my homework. Ahh! i wish i don't join my parent to Bintulu yesterday, maybe i have done half of my homework T^T. regretting now don't have point anymore.. to late already. ahahaha XDD tomorrow, just facing my teachers like nothing happen. huahahaha XDD i'm a good pretenders.. no worries. LOL XDD This Tuesday, Phoebe will sit for PMR and i hope she can do her best! ehehe.. hopefully she can get flying colours like mine ^^. teehee <3 i really wish the best for her. truly, i just having a sisters fight with her. its my fault actually but i'm just too egoist. ahahaha XD now, she's sleeping next door and i'm sleeping in my own room. feeling a bit lonely but i have no choice. *i have a choice actually* hahahhahaha XD oh well, what past, let it be lorh.. tomorrow i will treat her well.. teehee <3.  Day after tomorrow, i'll be busy in the morning as i have extra class for addmath but after that, i'm freeeeee~~~~ not really free lorh because i need to study T^T. i must aim for the best for this final exam! HWAITING! JIAYO! GAMBATTEH! ahahahaXDD.. so, thats all for now... i'm running out of ideas.

so, i let Cosplay of Honey-chan to end this post ^^ bye-bye XD

Similar heh? hahaha XD i know! BOTH CUTE but hikaru more~~ LOL

so, remember -Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears.-