Finals in 4.........

Greetings, humanoids.
I'm here to inform you that my finals is in 4 more days. ekeke and yeah, here i am sitting here, listening to my blog songs while updating. Uh yeah, stating the obvious, I've change my blog song~ weeeee~~~ yeah, I miss to hear anime and japanese song so yeah. besides, I often listen to korean song in the car so yeah.
So, right now I'm listening to AnCafe's song entitled Maple Gunman :) this song really bringing back the old memories where I've been so crazy about visual kei and oshare kei :)
I remember that time, I played lots of dress up games and I kinda dressed my characters in oshare kei like clothing. hahahaha :) yeah and seriously, I've been dreaming to wear one myself. Until now, I still keeping that somewhat-sound-silly-dream of mine in my heart. I believe that one day, I'll step my foot on Japan land and I will wear like oshare/visual kei does or maybe I'll open a cafe where my workers will  have to wear cosplay like clothing and of course will change the uniform every month. ekekeke :) sound fun eh? Yeah, I've been thinking of opening cafe like in akihabara around miri here. hahahahaha well, that was just one of my wishful thinking though because I'm not sure yet since I'm still learning and i don't know a thing about business and stuff. hahahaha I think I should went for work first then I shall think of this. le parent? they approved my dream of opening le cafe but they didn't know my themes yet. ekekeke well, i think sis Jaba also haven't know about this. for short, this is only I know about. hahahaha and you, of course. But like seriously, I really really want to open maid-like cafe one day. if not now, then one day shall be it ! yeah~~~ don't stop believing! :)

Anyway, as I was mentioned... my finals is in 4 more days. well,study? I'm just starting last night until today morning. ekekekeke yes~ and I went to bed like around 6 something this morning and wake up around 9 since my biological alarm is set at 9 hahahahaha the maximum of course. So, right now I'm thinking of doing the same thing. but today maybe I'll sleep a bit earlier like around 3 or 4 hehehehei :) And I've been thinking of studying POM today. Oh, last night, I've been studying on statistic and I find it rather medium level lah. it's not as hard as it seems like. ekekeke :) but I only manage to study chapter 8 and a bit of chapter 7 since I study while watching Natsume Yuujinchou ahahahahaha :) Yeah, but still I can coping up with what I've been studying though. And I hope that tomorrow... I won't be anyone's driver because I want to use whole tomorrow to recall back what I've learn today and yesterday. then in night time, I might study Business communications and a bit of statistic again. but yeah, I don't want to plan anything if canbecause sometimes, what we've planned doesn't always came up like according to what wea've been planning. hahahaha :) Soo, yeah... I'll just go with the flow tomorrow. But I really really am hoping that no one will ask me to drive them to somewhere tomorrow. I'm very tired of driving and I need to rest. I want to set my eyes on books and be a nerd for this week only =.= hhahahaha seriously. I can't fail this exam.

 And uhhh... what else? Oh right! today I've received an email from Hobby Network, a site where I've ordered my Izaya-kun figurine and the owner told me that Alter (the manufacturer) said that they might delay my iza-chan until 2013 winter time. I'm like AWWWWWWWWWWWW whyyyy???? I've been waiting for like 3 months now and I've received this kind of news. I'm breaking apart a little just now. hahaha so then, i ask him about my Okumura twin's figurine and then he answered me like
"Anyway, there's no news on the two twins yet, I supposed they are still busy fighting Satan~ I will send them a telex and see if i will hear from them. ^^"
exactly what he send to me and when I read this I'm like hAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa well played, sire. well played. hAHAHHAHAHAHAHA so, I'm like okay, hope to hear good news from the twins soon IF they survive the battle. and then he's like "Of course they will, good guy always win in anime world"
yeah~~ hahahaha he really does make my day a bit. Seriously, not able to get to see my Izaya-kun for christmas is very much disappointing me ya know. I mean, for like 3 months, I've been waiting for it and tetttt~~ its delayed to 2013 =.= oh well, like I said,   things won't go like as we've planned. maybe there's a reason why I'm going to receive Izaya-kun late. ekekeke maybe by that way, I'll appreciate it more later on. ekekeke ;) Oh yeahh~~ I'm gonna begged for a special rack to place my figurine later :))))))

 Since Christmas is around, I was wondering what should I buy for my sisters, sons and daughters. hahahaha :) Yeah, well... maybe I'll go for X-mas present hunting after exams. and as for myself, I was thinking to buy the Doraemon bedsheets. the one that I've seen in parkson last month. Gosh~~ Hopefully no one have bought it before me. hahahahaha if they did, gossh, I'm so going to be very sad. hahahaha and well, if that won't work out... then I think of buying le Olympus camera. hehehei :)
and I've been thinking to ask from mum and dad Desktop Computer but neah... since my room is having limited space and the room next to my room, le mum don't want to give me, soo... I think, no need la~~ maybe I'll just ask them to buy me something else. well, what is it? I don't know yet lah. I can't think of anything now. Maybe a flipphone? hahahaha but I'm not really a phone person. Ummm... money? maybe? hahahahahahahaha XDD but ummm.... I think no need la... hahahaha unless they insist, then I shall ask them to buy me the doraemon bedsheet. muahahahahaha XDDD save my money, ekekeke

So, I guess this is goodbye for now. I'm feeling very sleepy. maybe because I hadn't have enough sleep last night. So.... I think uhhh... maybe I'll just wake up early later morning and study. ekekeke :) Yeah baby. I want to study. So.... wish me luck on this study thing... whatever. ahahahah

Actually, there's a lot of stuff I wanna say here but maybe next time. Here's the list of what I've think of doing in the nearest future:
1) reviews on anime I've watched. ( all anime I already watched )
2) My Life As An Otaku (this is where I'll tell everything I've done so far with my life hahahaha might be useless and nonsense.)
3) Christmas Wishlist.
4) My Precious (my collections so far :) )

so, yeah... I'll do that four post in the nearest future. Maybe after exam time :) Hooyeahhh`~~ anyway, I better off now. I can barely open my eyes hahahahaha :) So, yeah~ wish me luck yaww~ :D

P.S: Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Heyyyyy :)

Greetings , humanoids :)
I've been thinking to update since yesterday but yeah... my  laziness strikes hahaha so yeah.
Anyway, I've just finish doing the slides for tomorrow presentations and I'm quite nervous right now because my teammates is... *sighs* I don't know why am I being so unfortunate for having them as my teammates. Well, for Petlonney, I'm fine with her because she just not really confident with herself and she's quite shy when it came to speak in English. She said her english is not so good, well.. yeah... She's kinda having difficulties in pronunciation.
But what I like about her is that, she always try her best in doing everything. She's being so kind and treat me like her little sister. And she's very caring person. so, actually I have no problem with her. hehehei. BUT this bish is my number one problem. -,-
This girl, she always came to class late, always absent from classes and she's quite annoying. She ask me to many questions even some of her questions is very much have no common sense and i find it rather irritating me. I mean, my gosh! use your fucking common sense la. Well, i don't think that girl having some in her shitty mind =.= So, because of her presence in my group... I'm not really hoping to get the best grades and good comments from my lecturer tomorrow. But for sure, I'll do my best presenting tomorrow. And if I have to, I will try to answer as many questions as I can tomorrow. this is for my own good too and yeah, unintentionally I'm helping them. Oh well, take that as a blessing though :)
Maybe Father have special purpose on making me be friend with the girl. Well, maybe. So, I guess I'll just have to try my best to tolerate with her, help her in academics and stuff, and as well as being a good friend to her. Maybe she needs it.. well, think on the bright side though. If I'm standing in her place, and its really hurt if everybody start to hate you for the reason you never know. Well.... I guess I'll just stick with her. I mean, I only have to be with her for like less than 2 years. hahaha :) then, I'll say, Adios Bitches~ I'm out.

<--- One of my Ulzzang husband. hahahaha well, he's pretty much in 'relationship' with my awesomeness sister now and I still wonder how can that happening. hahahahaha :) Well... anyway,
Lately, I've been active in Instagram. Actually, I'm just starting this yesterday.... If I'm not mistaken. hahahaha :D Yeah... It all start by posting HyukMin's pictures... and I kinda suddenly felt like sharing about Ulzzang with the rest of the world. Well, I know Ulzzang is not even coming from Miri here but I'm quite more into this genre so I'm thinking of sharing my likes with the others. So, yeah. Now, I'm unofficially Ulzzang-promoter in Instagram. Well, so far.... I only post those ulzzang I like, such as HyukMin (of course), WonCheol, TaeJun, HyungSeok, HyungJun, Inseok, SeulMi, Ya El, YoungGi, HyeWon, MinJun and Yu Ha Min and so far I'm getting a very good responds from the other Instagrammers. They kinda likes all the ulzzang pictures I've posted there. hehehehei :) and some of them even comments on the pictures saying like "WOW", "HE IS SO CUTE..." "I LOVE THIS PICTURE" and so on. I'm feeling contented because they loves all the pictures. (Obviously... no one can resist Ulzzangs charms. ) So, when they put comments like that, I'm having the feeling that they are happy. So, when they're happy, I feel that I've unlocked new achievements in life. hehehei :)))
Speaking of comments, you know, Dence... she kinda comment on one picture like asking me to stop posting ulzzangs pictures because its hurting to see their faces. So, I'm like "Yeah, their beautifulness is hurting your sight~~~ I wish I'm pretty like themmm,"
Then she answered me like, "You want to be pretty like them? we don't even know if they are naturally beauty. I mean, if I have the money, I can also be as pretty as them just by doing plastic surgery,"
When I read this, I'm like... the fuck? wanting to be pretty like the ulzzang doesn't mean like I want to do plastic surgery like them =.= So, I replied her like, "Plastic Surgery or not, they all are still group of pretty people. So why judge them? I mean, who are we to judge? Don't judge me. hahahahaha...."
then she's like "haha yeah... LOL"
well, by the LOL, I know she's irritated a bit ngehehehehe I win this time. ekekeke :)

I mean, like seriously lah. So what if they wants to do plastic surgery to beautify themselves? I know its wrong but seriously, its their rights to make changes on their body. As long as we didn't do the same thing to our own body. right? Hmmm... Oh well, whatever.

Umm.... Oh right, my study break is next week. Well, I'm not even ready to sit for the exam yet but yeahh... I can't control the time. they principle is not my dad. hahahaha :) so, I think I'm going to die. hahahahahahaha ;) seriously. Especially for Statistic. Well, think positively... I'm going to do my best to study and understand the whole thing in business statistic. I'll do my very very best. YEAHH~~ same goes to FA and the other subjects. I will try to use my one week study break as well as I can :)
Uhh.... oh ya! this coming Friday, there will be a comic convention will be held at Permy Mall there. A GEMPAKSTARZ comic convention. OINSFOSIFSJFNJKFMLCJSNFOJWOIDK J En!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!
Well, me and sis Jaba has promised each other that we're going there together hehehehe We're going there right after she went back from work :)))) oh...... :( but sis Jonjon said she want to go too... and she said we're going in the afternoon after I finish classes. Hmmm.... Oh well, I'll just talk to sis Jaba tomorrow about this  :) if we cannot this friday, then we'll go on saturday lah :) Hopefully she won't get disappointed somehow. I mean, that is the last thing I ever want her to feel. =.= But I kind of feel it in my bones, she's going to be disappointed somehow. *sighs*

Tomorrow, I'm going to drive my brother new car. Weeewoooo~~~ hahahahaha that's because my baby is going for repair tomorrow :( hopefully the mechanic won't take a very long time to repair my baby though. I will going to miss him so very much :(
Anyway.... today I went shopping with le sis JonJon and Baby Rania. She bought like 5 dresses for Nia alone. hahahaha :) and I've bought lot of random stuff like, phonecase, phone pluggy, new purse ekeke, uhh.... oh mustache watch for sis Jonny and then I bought 5 Anime CD. speaking of which, I've bought Supernatural Anime Version DVD~~~ XDDDDDDDDD I can't wait to tell sis Jaba about it and watch it together~~ XDDDDDDD and then, I bought Fruit Basket ( my old time favourite anime ) and uhhh I forgot the anime title. ekekeke :) Oh well, whatever
Anyway, that's all is for my upcoming end year holiday. ekekeke my two weeks holiday. I'm going to spend it by watching anime and reading books and maybe continue my stories~ YEAHH~~ <3
I can't wait for holiday!!!!!!!! and yeah, since December is around the corner, I can't wait to receive my IZAYA, and Okumura's twins Action Figure this December jfijapkfejgijooiwejfoiksdifokioewkf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm imagining the Postman look like santa claus, giving me big packages that containing the three action figurine. JAdjfjeuwfioejfuher~~~!!!!!!!! OMONAHHH~ i'm gonna faints. Well, right now. I can't really show my fangirling side since I'm updating in the living room, with my parent sitting there watching Animal Planet. Yeah, I'm trying my best to keep a straight face right now. kukukukukuku XDDD

YoungGi still as cute as ever~~~ :))) She look like real-life anime girl. hahahaha:) Oh well, she's a legendary ulzzang anyway:) So, ummmm..... what should I tell on next? OH right~~~ I think I'm going to put this post to an end now because I want to finish up my P.O.M tutorials. ekekeke :) I'm deciding to send everything out tomorrow. for B.Com, maybe after presentations. ekekeke :) I don't want the lecturer like scolding me before the presentations because I will not have the feeling to present later. ekekeke :)))))

So, I guess this is goodbye then. Byebye:)

P.S: Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

The Scar That Stay Deep. Oh well ヽ(´ー`)┌

Heyyyyyoo~ Annyeonghaseyyooooo~~~
hahahaha I'm just being hyper here, maybe because of the coffee effect. miahahahaha XD
Anyway, right now, obviously. I'm seriously need to get my assignment done since it's been 2 weeks past the deadline. hahahaha I know! I'm going to be roasted alive by my english teacher if I don't send it tomorrow. hahahahaha and I think I'm the only person who haven't pass it to her. ekekeke oh well, I'm a very good procrastinator. ekeke not just that. I have tons of homework that I haven't pass to my teachers.

I don't know which should I settled first so I just let them accumulating on my table. ekekeke :) But anyway, I hope I can finish it all before study break next 2 weeks. gosh! I still have lots. But for sure, english assignment and my business communication and most importantly my P.O.M. if I can finish these three in this week, it will be my biggest achievement ever. hahahahaha and then, the last week before study break, I might try to finish my business in statistic homework and updating my FA book. save the baddest for last. hahahaha =.=
and since the final exam is here, I think I'm not going to make it this sems. hwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (T__T) well, I do have confidence that I can pass my P.O.M, Business communication and English and my FA1 but BS~ =.= Imma gonna die. hahahahahahaha it's MATH! ME AND MATH CAN NEVER BE TOGETHER!!! >.<

well, yeah... I've mention that BS is quite easy if I study well but uh... oh well, i think i can survive it though because I have one week off before the final. so, if I'm using my study break well, I can survive it without repeating any subjects. YEAH! Pgie HWAITING!! XDD

ANYWAYY~~~~ notice my nail? HAHAHAHAHAH *showoff modes* <------- Yeah, baby~ I've painted my nail and put infinite logo on it. asdfghjkkljfjkjermvnkmk!!!! hahahahahaha Uhh... well, i'm new in being inspirit though and actually, I was thinking of doing super junior nail's art but since it was my first kpop nail art, so I decided to use the simple one first hehehei :)  but thank goodness I didn't ask for superjunior because it was the manicurist first time doing kpop nail art but seriously,  even though it was her first time, it turn out soo good!!! It is beyond my expectation! it's not so perfect like the real logo but still, it's really look so nice. Next month, me and sis Jon decided to do nail's art again and since next month is christmas month, so I'm going to do christmas nail'art. ngehehehehe :)

and uhh.... oh right! my stuff has arrived. I mean, the stuffy that my friends help me to order one. hahahahaha:) YEAH BABY!!! yesterday i received my Doraemon Bag and my Doraemon Calculator from ever so lovely ShinRuei and and I can't wait to wear it!! xDDDDDDDDDDDD it's look so damn cute!!! I'm like nsdjviwjeijfiowejigesmfk when she show me hahahahaha and and my kpop stuff is also arrived on the same day. XDDDDDDD I can't wait to get it from Shock Hui this monday YAWWW~~~ my infinite Hoodieeeeee~~~~ XDDDDDDD

That's the picture of my newly arrive stuff. hahahaha:D Anyway...
uh... my dad coming home last friday and I'm like "Um... he's coming home?" hahahaha don't ask why I have no feeling of excitement about it but yeah, I'm so freaking not excited at all. I mean, instead of excited, I'm like annoyed and irritated and something like hatred piling in me. I don't know why... but that i thought it was because of my lack of sleep on the day before. Still, until today, I still act cold on him. Of all people, I can't... I don't know, I just can't act nice ya know. Well of course he do give me money, pay for my education, buy all the stuff i ever wanted and yeah, heck I'm grateful for everything but i just still can't tolerate with him. I mean, when i heard he's home, I was suddenly recalling back the day when mum ask me the most hurtful question i ever get, "if me and dad ever split up, who will you choose to be with?"
It's... I don't know. I know it happen like 4-5 years ago but that little scar still scratching slowly deep in me. I can't let go. I mean, I still can't forgive him for doing that bullshit thing to mum. I just can't. I know he's trying hard to make it up to me but no. I need more time for this.
I mean, I love my mom more than anything else and that fucking moment, it was my very first time on seeing her crying that bad and I can't even watch it.

My brother, he done a lot of crazy stuff that make my mom broken but still i can forgive him somehow but not my dad. I don't know. I just... dislike him. Like, everything he said, done, or even just seeing him in person, I'm all like annoyed. Seriously. I can't even hide my hatred towards him. I mean, I can't go all hypocrites on him, I show him my real emotion. yeah, i'm a bad daughter eh?
I really do want to make it up with my dad but I just think I need more time to forgive and forget. hmmm.. I just can't stop this stuff, this nightmare from keep haunting me. I just need some more time.

<------- Finally I have Doraemon Pajama! XDD WeeWOOOWeeeowooooO~~~~~ When I saw this, I'm like "Erghhhhmaaaagerrrdddddddd!!" hahahahahahaha XDDD ha...... hahahahaha i'm feeling contented. hahahahahahaha XDD

and right now, I'm currently collecting Detective Conan's manga and i have until volume 10 now. hehehei and yeah, I was thinking of going to buy it later or maybe tomorrow after class though. Oh, tomorrow, I'm going to do presentation for P.O.M assignment and I haven't prepare my script yet. Oh wow! my work is adding! hahahaha oh well, I'll do it later evening. after updating this blog, I'm going to continue on my english assignment. hehehei :) wish me luck on finishing this crappy assignment. gosh! I'm having headache now. hahahahahaha XDD

Umm.. what else? uhh... Oh right! since my end year holiday is around, I was thinking of reading all my novels for that two lovely week. hehehei :) Yeah, I miss the good times when I drowned myself into the characters in the book and I might have some ideas for my story though and right now, I'm taking a short break from writing since I have to focus my ass out on this upcoming finals. Just hopefully I won't forget the story line in the future. hahahaha I'm really-really sorry for my internet best friend, le Marj because I'm pulling myself away from online-ing to much in social network. Yeah, I miss that random girl okay? hahahaha but I can't now. oh well, I'm sure she's understand about my busyness. hehehei:) i'll make it up to her on my two weeks holidays:)

on 19th, which is tomorrow... my Kyu will released his official teaser. UWJSJENFJNJENJEOKMFKJE !!!! I can't wait to watch the teaser tomorrow!!! XDDDDDD hahahahahahahaha he just too cute. haishh.... I really am wishing that I can meet him in person. even for a second. hahahahha =.= oh well, that's not gonna happen unless we're destined to be together, YEAH! XDDD
anyway, I already ordered his album yesterday and just done the payment today. I CAN'T HELP IT BUT TO ORDER! hahahahaha XD well, maybe this is my last online shopping for this year. well.... maybe.. hahahahaha I really-really hope that I won't find another cool website, sellling stuff I ever so likey. because i need to restrain myself from keep wasting money. hahahaha i mean, in only  like 4 months, I used about 15k already =.= Oh god~ help me with this. hahahahaha =.= I really-really need to control myself from buying more stuff.....
Wait... maybe after I buy the doraemon watch. HAHAHAHAHAHA seriously. I want that watch for my christmas. I'll buy it as christmas present for myself to myself. ekekeke
speaking of christmas, I can't wait for my Okumura's twins and my izaya's action figure to arrive this coming december! OMGAWWDDDDD~~~~~~~ I can't wait! like seriously!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD okay enough. hahaahahahahahaha XDDD

uhh... what else? ummm.........oh right. I've been making myself busy on facebook lately and I was stalking all my long lost high school friends, All of them, just to be fair. hahahaha and I'm like "whoa... they all grown up already" and "whoa, so matured" hahahahaha I guess, I'm the only one who still haven't grow up. I mean, come on man. hahahaha girl like me, a almost 19 years old person who still watching anime, collecting mangas, playing with action figure, still playing PS2, buying junks, watching cartoons, i mean come on. I'm an extinct creature. ahahahahahaha XD sad truth. But still, at least I'm being myself though. I  know I'm not so social or have so many friends or even done some human interaction but seriously, I like this better. less people, less bullshit. hahahahaha I'm right?
then, I stalk my sis lalan fb and I'm like "whoaaaa..." she's grown up and i'm like seriously those kid in her generation especially girls, is looking like even matured than me. I mean, they all use make-up and stuff, dressing up maturily, talking about boyfriend and stuff. and going out and shopping and do all the girly stuff. I mean, they make me feel young. bwahahahahahaha XD seriously. 
for lalan case, I feel like she's now a different person. I mean, when she's with us, her siblings, she would act like "Whoa i'm retarted and childish," and then when she's with her friend she's like "muax, i'm a lady, i'm grown up, childish people, fuck off" hahahaha=.= that's what i feel. well, in fact, I feel fooled. I mean, she don't have to act all innocent when around us, she just go with her wild side. We will still accept her for who she is. Instead of being all hypocrites and be someone who isn't herself, I mean, that shit hurt. I feel like, all this time, I feel like shit. Maybe I deserve it though for being all to ever trusting her because of her innocent looking. haishh... whatever then. I can't say I don't give a fuck about this because I do. and It's hurt.
Not just lalan alone, same goes to my little pearl. I mean, she is just 13. 13 man.... and she all like 17 years old girl. hmmmm.... well, i guess new generation grow up to fast eh? Oh well, who am i to say stuff about them. I am just a person who have no life. hahahahaha XDD
and and my maturity has come to me very very slow. hahahaha

I have no more picture so yeah. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD 
uhh.... I have nothing else to say. hahahahahah XD uhh...  I feel like printing out kyuzizi's picture and update my journal book. hahahaha:) Yeah, that's what i feel right now. hahahahaha :) Neway, I think i shall put this post end now. I hope we'll be seeing each other again soon. Goodbye and have a nice day

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Having Blast With Le Awesome Sister and Fangirling much~ ekekekek :))))


Well as you can see me and sis Jaba have the same neko bag~! wee~ she owns the handbag and mine is backpack. and when I was looking for Sunggyu pics, I kinda stumble with a pic of Sunggyu and Sungyeol arrived at Incheon Airport together. Well obviously you know that I'm now loving so deep for Sunggyu and yep sis Jaba own SungYeol. But my point here is that our bags~ hahaha (Look at our picture above) hahahahahaha =.= it's twisting HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA=.= but well I guess that younger person prefer to wear backpack more instead of handbag eh? miahahahaha XDDD

And today is another blast day for me and as well as blessed day. ahahaha you know what? I was kinda meet again with the cute promoter of IT boulevard. the one that uh... the sales person. ekekeke (^w^) he's my real life crush for the time being ekekeke XDD anyway, yeah. it was hell of awkwardness when we met. HAHAHAHAHA I can't stop recalling how he look like Aigooo =.= we kinda met at the ATM machine near KFC there and he was in the front line with two muslim girls in between us. I was with sis Jaba and sis Inut that time. When we first saw each other, he was like O.O and then bows his head down with a shy smile carved on his face. MIAHAHAHAHAHA *FANGIRLING* hahahahahahahahaha XD and I'm like ouhkeyyy he remembered me hahahaha I bowed back and grinned. I think I'm blushing that time though. hahahaha XDD I can't control it. ekeke I hid myself behind sis Jaba ekeke XDD
and then kan, when he is about to leave, I glanced la back at him but YA KNOW WHAT?! I DIDN'T EXPECT HIM TO LOOK BACK AT ME YAWWW BFNJSMJFKKDMJEFKI JENFJIJEIOFK!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and we're like bowing head and grinning at each other again. HAHAHAHAHA that was the most awkward ever. HAHAHAHA and yeah, PS, I know that his name is Raymond. (It was stated on my new lappy resits) ekekekeke XDD *sighed*

It's been a while I didn't fangirling over a real-life guy like this miahahahaha XD even right now, I can still recalling the whole thing, like his face, his big front teeth, his pointy eyes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh gawd~ I don't want fall in love with him. HAHAHAHAHA =.= Nah... really. I'm just crushing on him though *shrugs* trust me on this. I'll get over him as soon as I met another cute person. ekekeke XD this happen all the time. but if I happen to fall hard for him, then I can't do anything though since my love life is on my Father's hands :))

But really,  i really do think that he's cute though. ekekeke he just exactly acting up like my type of guy. hahahaha XD but at the same time, I think he got girlfriend already. Pshh... cute guy like him won't stay single for long. like, DUH! obviously he's taken. ekekeke :)

Enough about that sales guy. ekekeke :D okay. another things I wanna tell here is that..... HWANG INSEOK IS FOLLOWING ME BACK!!!! I'M LIKE OMGOMGOMG NSHFBAFJNAWJJF JWFNIJAJKFAJNF JEFJAFJNJFNMKW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT HE'S FOLLOWING ME BACK. I MEAN, GOSHHHH!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HE'S MY FOREVER BIAS AND HE'S FOLLOWING ME. OMO OMO OMO OMO OMO OMO ~ when I first receive an email about he following me, I'm like looking at it like twice time just to make sure. miahahahahahaha I.. Oh gawd! hahahaha I'm losing my words. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I mean, pshhh! who isn't happy if their bias is following them back?! oh woowww~ ahahahahahahaha XDDDDDDD

this is just crazy day for me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I mean, god! i've been wishing him to follow me back since forever and now, it's like dream come true. I feel so much blessed today~ hahahahaha :3 Omo~~~~ *fangirling*
I think I fangirling to much in this post hahahahahahahaha XDDD

And then. I was tweeting with my internet best friend, le marj and she kinda tell me that she's going to make a fanfic of KyuGieGie. and I'm like WHAT THE FUDGE?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA (my reaction is exactly like kyuzizi)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm like seriously?! hahahahahahaha and I told her to give me 10 reason why. hahahahahaha but she said she's going to give me tomorrow. wonder what is her reason. ekeke and and she's kinda calling me 'Yolk' and... i'm like O.o why? am I that yellow skinned? hahahaahhahaha XD

Gosh. I really-really don't know why and yes, I freaking deeply wanting to know why she shipped KyuGieGie. HAHAHAHAHA and she's tell me like she's gonna edit a pic of me and sunggyu HAHAHAHAHAHA that girl is one hell of crazy person. hahahaha=.=' hwaaa~~~ hahahahahahahaha I wanna cry nao. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA XDDD tears of happiness. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA okay enough nao, HAHAHAHAHA =.=

He's cute no? hahahahaha I love that expression of him. he's like "Please, I beg you! stop teasing me" hahahahahaha XD when I saw this gif, I'm like AWWWWWWWWWW~~~ hahahahahahaha yeahh~ he's cute. can't denied that.

Anyway. Today, as you already informed that I was going for a shopping day with my loveliest sis Jaba and sis Inut and his boyfriend and his boyfriend's brother. hahahaha =.=' and uh... we bought so many things today and I spent like almost 800 HAHAHAHAHA shhhhhh..... don't tell anyone about this. ekekekeke =.= Gosh~ I really need to have a self-control in shopping ekekeke =.=; and I had to lie to sis JonJon when she asked me how many I've spent. ekekeke if she ever knew the truth, I'm so dead. ekekeke :D

Well, uhh... lets start with our first destinations. ekekeke :D Umm... we started at Imperial Mall and went to Speedy to buy CDs. she was looking for Naruto but there, they got not sell it. But yeah as for me, I re-bought my Exo-K&M and uhhh my SUJU 3rd Album since I kinda lost it! =.= besides that, I bought 2NE1 2nd Album, Shinee repackaged HELLO SHINEE album and uhh ZE:A :))) OH YEAHHH~~ and plus, I bought Doraemon headphones and for sis Jaba I also bought Hello Kitty. ekekeke :3 and sis Jaba... Oh yah! she bought Naruto action figure and Naruto necklace HAHAHAHAHA yesh. I'm also questioning who's elder between us actually. ekekekeke XDD and oh yah! I kinda like this one part when we both ask the receptionist at speedy there about if they sell the poster or not and yeah, thank God, they have it. ekekekeke and I kinda get Super Junior Free Sexy and Single's poster I'm like WOOTSS!!! WOOTSSS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

and then, the three of us went to upstairs and I bought green hooded cardigan and then me and sis Jaba AGAIN bought a matching dresses ekekeke :) I don't know why but we really do love to buy matching stuff. hahahahaXDD sound ridiculous right? but it's true. we really like doing so~ hahahahaha XD uhh... and then sis Inut bought new purplish slippers. it really cute. Like seriously. her slipper is very cute! ahahahaha and and sis Jaba she got buy hair ornaments and ... I can't recall. miahahahaha XDDD

And after that, we went to boulevard where I met le crush HAHAHAHAHAHA okay. ummm... there, we again go to speedy and sis Jaba finally gets her Naruto and then I bought Howl Moving Castle and Magic Tree House. Uh-huh~ I want to watch Magic Tree House but not today nor next week or the coming week. hahahaha DAMN i need to focus on my study. I've been worsen since my grandpa's died. I don't know why but i feel... I don't know... But yeah, I'm distracted a bit after his death. Gosh, I know I should really find my way back to focus on study! i can't fail this sems. Never!>.<
Okay. I'm out of topic. hahahahaha XD anyway, then we went to Watson and I bought new cologne for myself and sis inut. ekekeke :) OH YEAH~ XD I just love buying stuff for others especially those I love the most. ekekeke :))))
And then.... we went to Guardian and after that we went upstairs and went to the bookstore. I bought two mags, one chinese and another one is malay. HAHAHAHA about the chinese mag, don't ask. I'm buying if for posters. ekekekekekeke XDDD
and then, we went to fetch le sis Inut boyfriend, ekekeke Oh ya.. before that, when we were going down the escalators, I got lay my eyes on le crush for a while there. ekeke and he was busy promoting lappy to le customer and I'm like "Work Well, le crushy" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i'm crazy. I know~ >..<

and after we went to fetch sis Inut boyfriend and his brother, we went to Permy Mall there and we got separated. me and sis Jaba went to Merry Cassettes and this is another favorite moment of mine, ekekekeke :DDDDDD when we arrived at the Merry Cassettes right, we were randomly asked the women in the counter whether they got sell poster and when she said yes, we both like "OMG! FORREALLLLLL?!!!!!" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and yeah, as you can already predicted we go crazy and started to annoy the sales girl as well as the counter women. ekekekeke we like, circling the whole shop and were asking like "do you have more? is there another picture? what else you got? do you have MBLAQ?" HAHAHAHAHA if i'm working there, i'll definitely smack their head out HAHAHAHAHAHA

and yes, I bought too much. I mean, HELL TOO MUCH that my whole poster is cost like 80+ HAHAHHHAHAHAHA i got Girl's generations, SuperJunior, FT Island, uh.. Oh Blue Exorcist. OMO OMO OMO XDDDDDDD I can't wait to paste them onto my room wall~ maybe next saturday, I'm going to ask sis Jaba to help me on this~ since I need her creativity. ekekekeke :DDDDDD I can't wait to see my whole wall is full of kpop and anime poster~~~ WEEWOOO~~ I'm so Blessed! Praise the Lord! XDDDD

and then.... I treat us all some cakes and drinks at secret's recipe. sis Inut kinda tell us to go American Pay but I'm like nahh~~ since I'm the one who wants to sit there and eat, so i'm responsible to pay for it. when the waiter came with the bills, I'm like "DON'T SHOW THE BILL!" hahahahahahaha XDDDD I mean like, come on... once in a while, little sister need to treat le older right? *wink2* XDDD

and after that, we went to E-mart. Our last destinations :))

at E-mart, again we go split up and me and sis Jaba straight went to our favourite bookstore ekekekeke. there I bought two chinese epop mags. HAHAHAHA don't ask, I'm buying it for the poster. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHXDDDD anyway, ummm.... then, we went to buy watch. I bought us ICE watch~ hers is greenish black and mine is superb cute. HAHAHAHAHA soft blue white. HAHAHAHA really. mine is freaking cute. XDDD *self-praise* XDD oh YA! i forgot to mention. I bought the neko bag today also at E-mart there. ekekeke :)))) YESH! I've been forever wanting for it. hahaha now my dream come true! Oh YEAH! XDDD

and after that, we randomly stopped at some random handphone shop and we're like saw a super cute MP3 player. So, I bought for us both. she own the green one and mine is blue :))) SERIOUSLY, it supercute. maybe if I'm not lazy, I'll took a picture of everything I bought today. ekekekek :D Want to show off ma. miahahahahahahaahha XDDD
and after that we go home la~ ekekeke

So, overall. I feel like I'm received an endless blessing for the whole day today. ekekeke I mean, God. Thank you so much! hehehehe :) this is definitely another one of my bestest day of my life :) I wish I'll keep on having blast like this. hehehehe :) I just. I don't know why but yeah... I feel like everything is a dream to me, a good dream because I have ya know.... a very blast day. HAHAHAHAHA:D
YEAH, honestly I am grateful that I'm still living until this day. I mean, last few years back I'm very much having some emoish side conquering me. ekekeke and yeah, since I kept telling myself to keep believing that something good will happen soon before, I never gave up. I wonder if gave up, I think I can't have or enjoy any of this greatest moment of my life. 
I'm glad that I still lives until today though.
I mean, there is so many more people who struggling and hoping for something good to happen in their life. and some even struggling to survive.
I just feeling very grateful for this.
I'm glad that I born with this loving family of mine. ((I suddenly recall how sis JonJon scolded me when we got home late when the weather is like crazy and she sounded very worried. hahahaha))
so, conclusion
I feel blessed, loved and cared! XD
I'm thanking the Lord, my Father for his blessing.
Thank you :)

I guess this is goodbye. I need to do the assignment now. hahahahaha XD but I'm feeling sleepy T^T maybe I should just pretend that I forgot to bring it tomorrow. HAAHAHAHA and I'll just send it on the next day. ekekekeke gosh! I'm such a lousy student -.-
Oh well. I'll start changing myself tomorrow!
I want to be an honor student!
I'm intelligent and I knew it!
and maybe I'll be less online in Twitter and Tumblr.
Its my bigges distraction so far =.=
I think I really should do that *nods*
Oh well, Imma sleep now. ekekeke :)

here's a gif of my Kyu, who is running as fast as he could, chasing my heart. 
and he eventually win in the game
Oh well, 
We'll lives happily ever after
the end :))

and another cute gif of him.. ekekeke he's talking to the dog. and I'm like AWWWWWWW~~~ <3 hahahahahaha
Okay Okay! enough enough!
Imma sleep now!
Good morning!
reporting : 1.08a.m :)

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :))

Random Posting :)

Annyeonghaseyo! XD
Yesh. The time is 1:33a.m. ekekekekeke :) I just finish eating my curry noddle in cup and I'm pretty much full right now and my eyes are getting heavy. ehehehei~ But I'm not planning to sleep yet since I need to settle down with my English assignment first which is about memory. Hell, I don't even have any idea on how to do it. hahahahahaha =.= I'll just do it according to my own knowledge. ekeke :) At least I finished it on time right? Yeah, that is all that matter most.

Anyway, today is Fiona's 18th birthday and I just wished her Happy Birthday in Facebook~ WEEWOOO~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAKNAE <3 ekekeke :) Actually I've lost contact with her since I don't know, like last month I think. Yeah, she's a Curtin student. Must having a tons of work and stuff to deal with. Me? I'm just a normal crazy college bastard. ehehei~ Oh well, as long as she's happy with her life now. ekekeke :) So, my wish to her is that, I hope she'll success in everything she do and never ever give up when it came to obstacles. May Our Father gives her endless blessing and always protect her from the temptation of evil spirits :)
May God Bless her :)

Um.... Well.... today as I was checking on tumblr, I just found out that Mitch Lucker, the vocalist of Suicide Silence just died. I'm like wow~ I can't believe it. He still too young and there are so many more thing he can do with that young age. But to be honest I'm not really a fans of Suicide Silence but yeah, I do listen to some of their songs. And the thing is, I wrote this because I'm still not very satisfied with the 1D&Bieber fans who said that Mitch deserved to die and they said he's a devil worshiper and insulting punk. I mean, come on guys! Its not like every screamos or punk or rockers are devil worshipers and Mitch... He don't deserve to die. No one deserve to die.

Like seriously, even though I'm not a big fan of Suicide Silence, when they mocking him out, I feel like Ugh.... I feel like bitchslapping them. I mean, come on la. Who are they to judge people that way? If they just judging people from how they look or how they performing on stages, No. Please stop it. I think even though sometimes rock music or screamo songs might sometimes giving headache, their lyrics is always filling with beautiful words that could help one's life. Most of the punk rock band, they talks about real life, their experience, giving hope to the hopeless, saying the truth...Its really rare for us to not find a good meaning behind all those headaching endless screaming in the songs.

So, my point here is. I'm not going to bashing 1D or Bieber or any other pop fans since I'm a fans of that genre myself. The things here is, I just want to share that we can't insult people and giving such rude comments. No one likes that. Don't judge people by appearance.We aren't born to judge, only God can judge us.

And YES! My kyuzizi is going to have a solo invasion! WUTSSS WUTTSSS!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! I wonder what will his tracks will be. ekekeke :) anyway, speaking of sunggyu, I think that Marjie is secretly making him as her bias. Yep, I'm quite sure about this since today afternoon, she kind of asking me to give her link to Sunggyu's moments. hahahaha :) Yeah. It's kind of breaking my heart a bit ya know. hahahahahahahahaha =.=' It's not like I can stop her from falling hard for sunggyu, since we all know that it is really really hard for not to falling for him. hahahaha I mean, he's cute, funny, tall, have great voice, nice body... in other words, he's a kind of guy that every girl dream to have (including me) XDDD

And honestly, I've been thinking lately. Maybe I should just let Marj have him as her bias. But it really will take a very long time since I'm very cling to him right now. hahahahaha =.=' I guess, I just have to sacrifice.. as the usual. *sighed* I guess I'm really have no luck in love. I mean, in real life, I sacrifice for my best friend and now in virtual life. hahahahaha pathetic me. hahahahahaha but pshhhh... what the hell. hahahaha :))

AHA~ yeah... hahahahahaha XD I'm not really worry for losing Sunggyu though since I still have my Himchan. ekekekeke :) EVEN CUTER! Omonahh~~ gonna die because of that killer gaze of him. So smexyy~~ <3 hahahahahaha XD I don't know why but currently I realized that a guy with small eyes really are attracting me. HAHAHHAHAHAHA gosh! don't ask! I wonder too~  I mean, never in my life, I thought of a small eyed guys could be such a turn on. ekekeke :D Don't get me wrong, I do find some of them are cute before this but now, I think it's the main attractions. hahahahaha and and yeah, the luscious lips. Oh my gawd~ especially Himchan's. His reddish lips. OMO~ any girl who had the chance to kiss him is fucking lucky. hahahahahaha =.=' 

well, indeed. I am not going to be one of the lucky bitches. ekekekeke =.=' *sighed* But I do wish though. ekekekeke :3 Just kidding! XD Himchan would rather kiss a stray dog than kissing me. hahahahahahahaha XD seriously. hahahahaiwai~ XDD
But it's not wrong to believe it will be true someday. I mean, it won't hurt as long as we just believe it. I mean, nothing is impossible. Who knows, luck might be on my side and I got the very chance. HAHAHAHAHAHA *delusional kpoppers*

And when I saw this pic, I'm like "OH WOW~ SMEXY" AHAHAHHA and there it is... a birth of new fanfic. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA uh... well. it suddenly strike my brain department and the idea is like, this two sister (my usual main character) hahhahaha XDD is like a hunter. they hunt for demons. They are like from some secret society under the government and no... they have no superpower but they very skilful with weapons and they are just still in teenage's age lah. But then, there is this one time, they are on a mission.. which they got call to catch this one powerful demon that is trapped in a big abandoned building. Then suddenly they were separated. and then, one of them is like stuck in a dark hall, with light flickering, and then she kind of meeting this demon (himchan will fit the role) hahahaha XD

But this demon is not the one they've been searching for. He is also sent to kill the demon by his upperclass. and...... yeah... I'm lost it. hahahahaha well, actually I'm deciding to make it a short story version lah~ not like to Infinite-t and beyond. Um... I wanna try to make a short story. ekekeke :) Well, for sure not now though. hahahahahahahahaha~~ but maybe soon~ :)))

so it now 2.24a.m and I'm getting sleepy. I think I'll just do my assignment later morning or after dinner. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA =.= yes. kill me please hahahahahaha
So, I guess this is goodbye then.
Enjoy my HimChan pic :))))))

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Ferrero Rocher isn't interest me anymore but hey KINDER BUENO always does.

Annyeonghaseyo :)
Yoshi~ actually right now I'm supposely be doing my assignment and updating my FA1 exercise book. ekekeke but oh well, suddenly I got the mood of blogging. So YEAH! hahahahaha well actually I was just have a very good crazy randomness fangirling time with my internet best friend, Marjie~ XD YESH. I AM VERY MUCH THANKING MY LOVELIEST CUTEST SISTER IN THE WORLD for introducing her to me. ekekeke :DDD Yeahh~~ I never knew there could be someone who really can catch up with some random bastard like me. ekekeke for all this 18 years of living, I only believe that only sis Jaba would understand my language. ekekeke but seriously... Marjie still can't keep up with me. hahahahahahahahaha :D I remembered once she said like "So many Haha-ing I can't tell what are you trying to say" ekekeke bear with me, darling. ekekeke

Anyway, I'm still loving so ever deep with Sunggyu. hahahaha ;) and now my fanfic is already in chapter 7~ Yay Me! Hopefully I can finish this one. At least this fanfic of mine. ekekeke :3 I already knew the ending though but I have to pretend that I know nothing about it since it will make me bored and neglect it. ekekeke so, yeah. I better just pretend that I don't have any idea how to end it. ekekekeke :))

And last saturday... if I'm not mistaken. My lappy gone wild and then it goes off automatically. When I try to switch it on, it will show something like warning that there is some part of it is unattached. I'm like, "Dude, everything is on there, what else? you're other half?" hahahaha well, seriously, le lappy got full body equiptment. I wonder what else it needs. and then, on the next day... it dies. =.= um.. not die... it is now on comma states :(
I'm looking forward to send it for repairs. and i think embarrassing moment will come since my wallpaper is the character of my latest fanfic. miahahahahahahaha (./////.) well, its not like I know le lappy will go comma...
Oh well, for the sake of Lappy life, I shall take the embarrassment moment. hahahahahahaha =.='

so, since that day when my lappy go off, I think I'm being so obviously depressed about it that yesterday, after class... my mom says something so ever miracles and make my heart flattering like when I was falling for Sunggyu. hahahahaha XD
I was eating my lunch at le kitchen while reading shinchan... well, the usual habits la... and then suddenly she said to me like, "Later we go to the bank, we need to take some money," I realized that she emphasize the word we but I ignored her and keep enjoying my lunch, then she said again, "gonna take a bit from yours too."
And I was like *narrowing eyes at her* "why need mine then? what for?" ((cheapskate bhee)) then she said like, "Don't you need laptop?"
and that time I thought I heard wrong so I was like, "What??"
then she said like, "we're going to buy you a new laptop... now hurry up.." and as she left me there, seriously, I'm like. OMG~~~ I LOVE YOU MAA~~ hahahahahaha she definitely the best mom in the world! XD i cried in joy. HAHAHAHAHAHA im emo maa~~ ahahahahaha XD and then TADAA~~ I got le lappy! blue lagi ^^
I bought the normal lappy one since yeah.... I still can't get over my real lappy yet. I mean, three years we've been together, I have so much memories with it. Hmmm..... Oh well, I really hope someone can repair it soon :))
And about that, I feel blessed and loved ya know. I mean, seriously... I'm soo down and depressed without le lappy for few days. then, i guess God still love me that He send His blessing to me and yeah, I got my lappy and my spirit back! Weeeee~~ PRAISE THE LORD!! :DDD

Last saturday also, I went out with my bestie. Well, we had so much fun though but in short time because le bitch need to do the thumbprint as she was attending the L2B stuff. Seriously, I was like... WHY MUST THAT SATURDAY? why didn't she attend that thing on saturday before that and before that? Seriously, she never failed to piss me off.
And yeah, I kinda cancelling her name from my best friend list. So, now it's only val. ekekeke:D she is just a friend of mine. I can't stand her anymore ya know. she only like, texting me when she need something. Gosh, what am I to her? A bodyguard? A butler? come on, bitch. =.='

enough about the bitch.. So... the three of us went for lunch at some local korean restaurant and yeah, we order quite a lot. Me and Val, we actually the one who ordered the most. HAHAHAHAHA :D especially the bibimbap, gosh, we ordered like twice time. HAHAHAHAHAHA XDDD I LOVE YOU VAL~ hahahaha and we spend like RM195 like that. ahahahahaha XD that's epic moment of my life. ekekeke and and we even being the noisiest customer that ever went there and the most annoying ever. hahahahahahaha XD I like that. seriously.

Actually, only me and val is the one who is annoying since the bitch is like 'control la tek' since the guy who serve us is pretty cute. Yeah, seriously but not my type de. ekekeke :D and she's like ordering me and val to do all the ordering. She and val got into a little fight and I was just sit there and watch them while munching all the beef. miahahahaha XD then,when things got a little awkward I make myself look stupid though. Well *sighed* I can't stand the awkwardness.

Then, yeah... we have so much fun. hahahaha :) Gotta do the same thing again on next sems. waiting for le Val to go back to Miri again :) Gonna miss her a lot :))

Gosh, right now I wish I'm the microphone. ahahahahahahahahahahaha XD anyway, just now I was randomly roleplaying with my internet best friend, le Marj. she was rp-ing as MyungSoo (infinite) and me, I'm being myself. hahahaha it was hell one of funny and hilarious rp. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
OHGLOB! my jaws hurt due to overloadness laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that girl is really are crazy. hahahaha we even fangirling over our own RP. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I was pouring my hatred towards le bitch of mine but then suddenly she started RP-ing. HAHAHAHHHHAHA really really make my day. Thanks Marj :) and yeah... I saw sis Jaba were also RP-ing with some random character in tumblr too and she got send me one email saying "trick or treat" but as I was replying it, she got off already. I'm like "Ouuhhhkeeyy" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA nah... just kidding. ekekeke :D Actually I was like "WHAAAA.... Y U LEAVE??!!!!!!!" hahahahahahahahahaha seriously -.- but oh well, she might need to rest early though :))

and speaking of tumblr. my dashboard is kinda full of SungYeol face instead of my Sunggyu. I wonder why.... >.> ahahaha Don't judge me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA seriously, I wonder too.. why? how come? hahahahaha XDD

Reporting the time is now 1:21a.m and its hell of rain outside and ironically I'm listening to Bi-Rain song. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA =.=; and yeah, I'm just came back from sis Jaba's blog and I saw this one part what she said about my fanfic *to infinite-t and beyond* and I'm like.... "WEALLY???" hahahahahahahahahahaha XDDDD exact reaction is like Sunggyu reaction above. hahahahaha XD I mean, seriously? I didn't know that I have improve so much and and I never thought she would love my story. hahaha i mean, pshh... hahahaha I'm not really a good writer for sure. hahahahahaha XDDbut ngeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~ her post really really doubling my great day. I think this is one of the greatest moment of my life. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :))))))
Thank you~ Thank you~ I LOVE YOUUU~~~ MWAHHHHHHH <3 <3 XDDD

Here a cute lovely SungYeol of yours drinking water~~~ XDDDD accept it as a thank you gift :333


and yeahhh~~~ ya know. I have feelings that someone is stalking me. I'm like seriously... IT CREEPING ME OUT. it all started when I was getting new follower in Instagram and as usual, I kinda liking all the picture posted in le dashboard. Then, I accidentally liked this one pic posted by this creep l and then kan, he started to follow me on twitter. again, I'm just normal la since I've put my twitter url in my instagram account right? but then, he started to talk to me, at first I'm like "who the fuck are you?" but then when I saw val tweet him, so I'm like, "okay, i guess this guy is val's friend" so I was like talk casually with him like I always do with my other followers but then, after this few days kan, I suddenly feel like something wrong with that guy. so, when I was having day out with val, I ask her, "who is he," and when val said like, "i don't know. some random dudes," I'm like WHAT THE FUCK BRO? hahahahahaha XDDDD AND AND
 YOU KNOW, HE ADDED ME TWICE ON FACEBOOK AND EVEN SEND A MESSAGE TO ME saying like "Hi, meet you here," I'M LIKE OMO~~ well, maybe I'm being paranoid here. But seriously, I can feel it in my bones, he's a creeper. motherfucker. EWW EWWWW EWWW >.< now I'm seriously NOT going to be on twitter as long as I can and will be staying in Tumblr until I finally can get off this paranoia feelings of mine =.=;
I'm seriously got creeped out ya know...
I wish to hug Sunggyu right now. ekekekeke :DD

And now I wish I'm the microphone stand. hhahaha geez, why he have to be so damn hot. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XDD Oh well, he's my husband somehow ekekeke :) and uh.... speaking of husband, My teukie has gone to military service =.= and yeah he'll be there for like over 2 years. T^T it's just too freaking sad though. I mean, he is the only longest bias I ever had. hahahaha :) Hmm.... I hope he'll do well in whatever he might do in the military base! SUPERJUNIOR HWAITING!
I'm sooooo going to miss his dimple :) 
His cute smile
his smiley eyes
and his fetish hair.
Take care, Teukie- oppa :)

Oh, I've ordered some kpop merchandise from le friend in college and estimatedly will be arrived in one month time. So, I'm expecting it on the end of this month of november. WEE~~~ I bought Infinite and Exo hoodies~ hahahahaha I CAN'T WAIT TO WORE THOSE~~~ <3 <3 Ummm... and now, I'm waiting for Valoa Record to open le next ordering batch which is on this 5th of november. I'm ordering golden Infinite album, shinee repackage album and Block Buster :D ekekekekeke ;)))))))
and currently I'm addicted to a song by new singer, Lee Hi called 1 2 3 4. her voice is soo freaking beautiful! XDDD I know she'll make it far like 2ne1 and BigBang one day ^^ LEE HI HWAITING!! :DDD

and seriously, I'm going to sleep first then I'm going to wake up early and update my FA1 exercise book since later on I have that fudging class. hahahaha =.= and I have feeling that le teacher wanted to see le book. =.= wish me luck on this though. ekekekeke :)))
And uhh.... umm........I'm now writing chapter 8 of my fanfic. I'm still thinking on what should I write in this but I've made my mind that in chapter 8, Meiko (marj's character) will be on. ekekeke :)) Just wait what my brain decide to do to her. ekekeke :))) maybe I'll take some of sis Jaba Ideas later *shrugs* maybe. hahahahaha :))))
SO, yeah. Have a pleasant day :))

to end this cute post of mine, I let my kyuzizi to end it :)) Here a picture. ekeke since I haven't put my pics into this lappy -,- ekekeke :)) adieu and sayonara.

SEEE HIS FACE. HOW COULD YOU NOT FALLING SO HARD FOR THAT FACE?! and and and not just face, I love it when he laughed and he just so freaking cute. and and I also love his voice, I mostly love his eyes and his lips. I wonder... *BITCHSLAP MYSELF* stop it! hahahahahaha
Bah bah~ better sleep now. it's almost 2.00a.m

See you soon :)
Keep calm and say KYUGIEGIE <3

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)