This Love, This Hate :D

Greeting humans! I'm back again. hehehe :) Actually I was thinking of updating last night but I feel so lazy. So, yeah.... Today it is. hahahaha :)) Anyway, lots happen to me lately and I don't even know where to start. Some bad and some good things happen and of course, my bad day is now getting badder. hahahahaa :D But still, not that bad until I can't laugh lah. huahaha :) I'm still can laugh, so that's matter the most. Anyway, just honestly to say that I'm quite addicted to Hollywood Undead song entitled; This Love, This Hate and The Diary. Yep :) Both of the song sounded very cute though. hahaha :) trust me or you can check on them on Youtube :) ekekeke XD I just freaking love this band :D

So today I go to school. hahaha :) As today I've got no computer class, so I'm attending the morning class as well and today I make another two more friends and they both are chinese. One of them were the same age as me and the other one is 2 years older than both of us. Well, we kinda had fun as they both are very funny. hahaha :) Yeah, glad though to make friends with them both. We even exchange our phone numbers. hahaha :) I forgot to ask their facebook account. Oh well, maybe tomorrow or next time also can. hahaha :) And on the afternoon break, mum and Chyi stopped by at my college there and we have lunch together. I didn't finished my lunch as i was running out of time. So, yeah. Byebye, fish chip T^T. And my lecturer, Miss Valen taught us many things about computers and most of my classmates were M.I.A in class. hahaha :D the body is there but their souls isn't around. Ya know what I'm saying? hahaha :) And yeah, my soul actually also almost gone but I keep my eyes open *forcing it actually* as Miss Valen were standing right next to me and I have no other choice than to pretend that I'm concentrating on what she's saying. hahahaha :D Anyway, I kind of liking her class as she was very nice and she didn't get angry even though I didn't send my homeworks. huahahaha :) I was thinking of tomorrow, to send all my homeworks. Relax, bro. hahahaha :) And then, before I went home, I stop at boulevard to buy myself a keyboard as my lappy keyboard is losing its keys. hahahahaha :D I still can use it actually but umm... I think that it is much comfortable to use if all the keys are there. ehehehe :) So, yeah. I got keyboard now :)

And my brother wasn't here anymore as he was already taken. Ya know... hahaha :) I'm relieve though but honestly, I'm kind of missing his present around the house. Whenever I stepped outside, I often saw him in the living room, playing with his PS3 or maybe inspecting his precious toy gun. And in the evening, when dinners ready, I missed the time he asking my mum where am I? or don't I eat? hehehei. Yeah, well. I really do miss him, ya know. And I somewhat miss the moment he told me how he adored those army clothes and how he wish that he had this, had that. he would say "It would be really cool," hahaha :) Yeah, even though it was just some random conversation, I feel like still hearing his voices asking me this, asking me that. Telling me this, and that.  He never did anything bad to me but I'm being so bad to him. I'm such a bad sister. Well, I guess I am really are the baddest. I hurt lots of people though. I'm such a jerk. hahaha :) Anyway, it's been almost a week, this house is empty without his presence and yeah, it feel like too empty. and lonely. Even though we aren't often see him, wandering around the house, but still, this house felt so empty and sometimes, I feel like I'm living alone in this house. I feel different though. I really wish he never have choose the wrong path in life. And everything would never end up like this. I thought, mum would be better after he was taken away but no, she look even worse. I know that she loves him to damn much and his stupid crime leave her no choice though. I always told her that she did this for his own good. But yeah, I'm feeling what she felt too. I wish I really do hate him. If I do, all of this would be much easier and I don't have to worry about him. I wouldn't have to ask myself about how will he coping with all the new environment. Now I'm wondering though, why did he have to choose the wrong path? I wish he believe in God, and if he does, I think he won't be gone astray from the right path. Ever.

I've been visiting him last Sunday, together with Sis Jon and sis Chyi. Well, he look good though. He even told us that he having nosebleed on the night before. Well, of course. He didn't took his medicine. I wasn't crying when we're was talking to him though as I hold it to myself. I don't want him to see me crying *egoistic* hahaha :) I never ever imagined that he would be locked behind those barred gate, guarded by dozens of cops. I never ever imagined that. But yeah, things happen.

So yeah, I'm very thankful to Jaba though as she tweet me and asking me about our plan on Friday. Of course, she makes me laugh real hard and quite healing my broken pieces though and no, I didn't tell her about it as I think that she had her own stuff to deal with and I just don't want her to be burdened with my life. She need not to know the details. hahahaha :D And yeah, obviously. I didn't write everything in my last paragraph. Some things, just need for me to know. That's it :)

So, as I was saying. Last Sunday... Jaba and I went shopping together. Well, I wouldn't call that as "Shopping" though as we were just getting ourselves some good PS2 games. hahahaha :D we bought like 10 cds and most of the games were not able to be played by two la. We were decided to play Resident Evil at first but then, it only required single player. We was like =.=; why All the RE games must be played by one person?! haish... I just wish that one day, the games developers would make two players for RE games :) hahaha :) I would be fun ya know: the more the merrier, well Duh!

And on our way home, we decided to takeout some McD. Yep, its so damn yummy. hahahahaha :D and in the evening, as we were getting bored playing PS2, we were decided to Karaoke. HAHAHAHA :D Not serious-serious one lah. We were doing it for fun. hahahaha :D And yeah, we laugh more than singing actually and I was almost lost my voices because of the heavy laughing. hahahahaha :D And of course, we both agreed to record our voices and post it in my blog or hers. Well, yep... Jaba can sing good, ya know. hahahaha :) wait for the vids and you'll hear it yourself. hahahaha :D Me? Ummm... I can't say that I have a good voice because I know how my voice sound is. hahahaha :D It's creeping everyone out. huahahahaha :D I'm not a good singer but YEAH, I CAN SING and THAT'S THE MATTER MOST. ahahaha :) Besides, it just for fun. Up to you lah want to hear it or not. hahaha :D Not like I care. hahahaha :D

So, conclusion. She does make my day better. I don't know how I'm gonna cope with my emotional breakdown if she didn't tweet me last time. ekekeke :D So, thanks, sis. I love you very much! :)

So, today.. Prudence message me. I was like O.o. then I read her text up and I was like "Of course" hahahaha :D she told me that she and her crush was wearing the same t-shirt color since yesterday and she wonder if they were connected already and how she freaking love it and blah blah blah. hahaha :D and then, she even send me text picture of her crush's works that he leave on table THRICE and told me that she's a stalker now. I was like =.=; why must she tell me? I thought that she not need me for any advice, then why tell me? There no use to tell me about her crush. she stalk, stalk lah. It has nothing to do with me. Fish you. Well, you must think that I'm such a bad friend. Let me tell you. For all this time, she never ever seek for me until today. She only look for me when she have things to boast about or something about her crush or things she did and when she bored. I tell you, I'm not a disposal friend. I'm sick of it, totally sick of all of it. I don't care if we've been friend for like hundred years, she just look for me when she bored. I'm not a clown and I'm not her diary. Ya know, I just freaking hate it when she boasting about stuff she had to me. Well, Fuck it. If I want it, I can have more than her. She got her iPhone because she got good results and I got my N9, TiVo, PS2, DSLR before the exam even being marking. Just saying. If I tell her these, I think she would stop  boasting to me or maybe she would tell everyone that I'm the boastful one. hahaha fuck you. But yeah, I just not the type who tells the whole world about stuff I have. why should I tell the whole world anyway? Nobody cares anyway. Its just not appropriate to be very boastful. People will hate you. I want to say this but I have no courage to do it. Well, let just wait for someone else to tell her. hahahaha :DD
*I think I really are going to hell for all this*

And if Logan Lerman saw this picture, I think he would be very angry at me. HAHAHAHA :D I care not. hahaha :D blame the love calculator. ekekeke :D Anyhow, I'm out of idea on what to write. Maybe I'll just go and do half of my homework *as next week is the deadline, then I'm gonna do it slow. hahahaha* so, maybe if I got ideas, MAYBE, I'll continue my chapter 13. hehehe :)

Speaking of chapter. I wonder hows my chapter 12. I'm freaking worried though as I think chapter 12 was out of track and it would be very boring though. hahahahahahahahahahaha XD hopefully I get good comment from Jaba later night. IF she online on her Google talks. hahahaha :) So yeah... This is the end :)

So, Bye :))

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)