Fun-Tiring Day :D

hahaha :D ohayou, tomodachi-des! its 12 :26 a.m and i'm feeling so damn sleepy right now but i want to share what have happen to me today (refering to 6th december) Its been a while i didn't laugh so hard and squezzing my brain like today. LOL XD and i also never been this tired. hahaha :D today, uncle spone and uncle john is playing riddle with me and my dearest sis. its just so fun. hahaha. there one question that took time to answer because the question is a little bit of sound like dirty. LOL :D but the answer is way no dirty. hahaha :D we all answer what we thinking and all nonsense. but at last, we figure it out. hehehe :D my uncles promise to give us RM 500 (100 per person) because we all can answer his riddle. LOL  :D but actually, i'm not really wanting the money, and yeah, i want it but truthfully, i don't mind if he didn't give us. hehehe :D

 and what tiring me today is me, sis jon and sis ina went for Arabia and HipHop dance class. LOL :D sound ridiculous and impossible, right? but its true. hahaha :D i don't really like the Arabia because i don't think i'm suit the dance. LOL XD i can't shake my hips like Shakira or Beyonce. hahaha and my hips isn't that pretty. hahahaha XD anyway, i love the hiphop class because it really fun and a lot of dance move i got today. hahaha :D i love the last move. i wish i could show you here but i'm too shy. LOL :D and maybe tomorrow we'll go again. hehehe :D and right now, all my body are in pain. i feel like already being crash by a train and being hit by the bus full with 56 people in it. LOL XD especially my arm. and my waist hahahaha XD it may tiring but it is fun and healthy ^^. you people should try too :DD *promoting*

hmm... what else? aaa...okay. i'm out of idea. LOL XD oh ya, about my homework, i haven't start doing any of it and thats mean, i'm going to be the real DeadMeat next year. wish come true LOL XD hopefully, i can get away from my lovely lappy and the seduction of Facebook so that i could do some of my homework. at least, i finish my BM and English Essays. that would make me very very very happy de. hahaha :DD and on wednesday, i'm going to see dr.Wong again to check up. hopefully nothing wrong. hehehe. scared de. who knows? and i hope that the dr will said that i have improvement. LOL XDD oh ya! did i ever told you that i'm allergic to chicken and eggs? YEAH! SUCK! hahaha :D but i have to deal with it. when i heard about this, i was like "WTF?! what am i gonna eat?" hahaha :D all this time, i thought i was only allergic to seafood, dust, hot weathers and blueberry. i was so freaking shock~ and now, i'm gonna be vegetarians. but being vegetarians is awesome because eating vege is healthy. hahaha :D and its been almost 3 weeks i didn't eat chicken and eggs and i can't eat KFC T^T. ahahahaha :DD

Long time didn't post Teukie's photo here :D i think i never post his photo. here la. only facebookers always see his pretty face. LOL xD. anyway, i think this is goodbye because my body is really in real pain right now and i really need a rest. tomorrow i have to wake up early and forcing myself to do my homework if i don't want to be dead by next year. hahaha :D so, i guess this is goodbye. so, i let photo of my Teukie's to end this post because i think HyukMinnie need to rest. ngahahaha :D so, see you guys next time and enjoy :DD

cute hoh? this is my favourite photo of him :D LOL XD i just can't take my eyes of him but unfortunately he can easily take off his eyes over me. LOL :D anyway, love him till death call me. hahaha :D so, good morning Asia~ saranghamnida, Korea, Aishiteru, Japan, I love You, English and SAYA CINTA KAMU, MALAYSIA!

p/s : let your smile cover up your tears :D

annyeong ! and gomawo for reading :))

God Bless All Of You Always :P