You Will Never See Me Cry Anymore :D

Annyeong! today i skip school again. well, no reason.. okay, i lie. i do have reason. hahaha :D actually i just don't feel like going to school. why? because there something about school makes me hate to come. i don't know what. i just can't figure it out. but my heart keep telling me that there some people hating me but they pretend that they liking me. heh? lame right. they think i don't know. HELLO? i'm human, i have feeling. but i just can't figure out who and why. For their information, hating me doesn't lead me to change myself. if they hate me for being myself, so, i think they better GET THEIR ASS OFF ME for i'm not going to change and i'm gonna stay like this until i die. well, maybe until i have my own child. hahaha :DD i have the worst day of my life yesterday.
my brother, which i hate soo much make me cry. how? he steal my money! i can't stop my tears and i cry kinda very bad yesterday. i just can't believe that he steal my only money! i do suspect him for he is the last person who enter my room. even i, myself didn't enter my room for a very long time! i know he is dealing with the shitting drug *sorry for my bad word* but he shouldn't steal!! he could just ask! hate him hate him hate him!!!!

   I cry, cry and cry in the car because i was following my sis Ina to Guardian store. on our way, she motivate me and keep telling me that we have just have to focus on our own life before worried about others. she also make me smile and laugh. i'm totally forget about my fucking brother. i really thank to her. she always give me motivation which really help me to improve myself. she tell me what wrong and right. i really do love her. She share her life experience and makes me curious and wanted to know more about life. she just like my second mother. * just that she's my sister* hahaha :DD  Just like sis Jon *juliet* she also always be at my side. even she say nothing but she really does understand and she really good in motivating me whenever i have love problems. ehehe :D i share with her too. they both are sisters. i wish they are my real sister *hahaha, they are, idiot* and sis inut just like sis ina. she's really full of motivation and whenever she have chance, she'll tell what to do and give advice to me. she always tell that study is important and i kinda agree with that. hehehe :D these three person is very important in my life and i would do anything for them and if outside there got someone who wants to hurt them, i swear, i will kill that person with my very hand!
And the most important person in my life beside my mum is sis Jaba. the one who care and love me most. the one who understand me more than i understand myself. the one who i share interest and hobby with and the one who always be there whenever i need someone to talk to. and of course she is my personal secret keeper. we are like twins, we have same interest, hobby, dream and even our personality is almost the same. sometimes, our family members can get confuse with our voice. hahaha :D we always make them confuse. hahaha XD. she is the person that i respect most. hehehe :D if i want to talk about her, i think i won't be able to come again to school tomorrow for having fingercramps! LOL XDD.

You will never see me cry anymore because i have these FOUR goddess who always be there when i'm down and happy. these four goddess is the besties goddess that i ever met and i am so grateful to have them. thank you lord for giving me precious sister like them. I won't cry because of my idiot brother and those who hates me. i only will gonna cry when i'm going to lose them. thank you sisters~

The Day You Went Away

The day you went away
i feel so broken
but what else i can do to stop you
because you choose to go

i'm so lost without you
you are part of my life
but you doesn't seem to care
for you choose to be apart

i thought you are my endless friend
the one i share my life with
but then you change your mind
and be apart from me and them

you choose your mother
i don't blame you.
but i know who behind all this
behind all the reason
you apart from us all

even if i demand you to go home
you'll never be home
for you rather be apart
and leave us with memoirs
we have when we are together.

you put my heart into pieces
for i trust you very much
you are the one who always shed my tears
the one who will lend shoulder to me
but in the end
you're the one who brought me to tears
and hurt me badly

i wish i could stop you from leaving
but i know i couldn't do that
for its now just to late
you already leaving us behind.

i want to thank you
for leaving me with the beautiful memories
thanks for listening to all my problems
and thanks for shed my tears and always be on my side
i'm gonna miss all the things we've done together

thank you and goodbye, Phoebe :D