Good Friday. haha xD (Late)

  Happy Belated Good Friday. Hahaha ^^ Sorry for the late wished. I didn't realize the time as it move so fast! Haiz. The more faster the time, the shorter my holiday will be =___=;. 
    Today, my cousin from Sibu came to my house. You can see her picture there( in the middle). Her name is Ebi. Well, i don't know her real name YET. But i will know A.S.A.P. haha ^^ Right now she's watching Trick Or Treat with Bulan. A very good movie to watch at this time. hahaha.
    Well, I have a story to tell here. hahah ^___^. Its about my Kekantoian. hahaha.. i wish i never wrote about Changhyun here and because i did so, now his friend know it T____T. I made a promise with her for not telling Changhyun about this and i trust her. ehehe. Hopefully she can kept the promise. When she said this, i was just like "OMG! how did she know?" ahaha ^^.Well, i explained everything to her that i don't have feeling to that Changhyun anymore as i giving up. haha ^^. he don't like me anyway. he likes my Bestfriend. which friend? Let it be a secret. hahahahahahaha ;D. Okay, enough about that.
        My grandpa is still not in very good condition. Well, last night, my omma and the others thought his going to leave us all. but fortunately he have a very strong spirit which make him could stay more longer. ^^. that the happy news. Today, i sat there to accompany him. and we have a very nice talk and he told me that he catched ikan ketapah. then we laugh at that. Then, we took a picture together. That is the bestiest part ever. Well, i'm so going to miss that. Huh! 
       I think this is all for now. I want to watch Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak. hahaha ^___^ right!

See You Later Alligator ^___^

<-- This Changhyun is cuter. hahaha. Like people always said, Original one is better that the non-original ^___^ xD