I feel like 90 years old Granny :)

Annyeong :) today i went to dentist to remove my two front teeth. LOL XD its hurt a lot on injection part and i feel like i don't have any nose because of the medicine. then on the removal part kan, i feel nothing la. yala, if i can't even feel my nose, how can i feel the doctor removing my tooth? and for sure, i'm really losing tons of blood because of it. hehehe :) anyway, i'm looking really really superb funny right now. Sis Ina kan, she waits for me to talk because she wants to laugh at me. ahaha :D and yea, that's mean i have to wear those fake-teeth. T^T i'm fake :) hahaha XD. but eventhough i lost my two front tooth, i can tell, i'm very grateful of losing them because i can't barely have them hurting me and wasting money to cement them. hehehe :) so, here is some shots of my tooth :)

long heh? and that blood kan, that just beginning lah.. actually i use more than 10 cotton already and it still bleed a lot :) love it XD