Just A Little Too Much Things To Say :)

Konbanwa~ hehe :) long time didn't write blog. Hmm..hmm.. quite missing my Mr.Blogger though. Ah~ yes, i've got my exam result. well, not bad lah (for me) but if those who has high IQ, if they get my marks, i think most probably they would commit suicide. LOL XD yea.. i don't get A, don't say A, even B and C also i didn't get. hahaha :) oh wells, i can try do better next time. So far i only get 2 failed and i think tomorrow will plus 2 more fail LOL because tomorrow i think i'll get my Physics and Biology paper :) if get half-dead mark also nevermind as long as i don't get 20 below. that's already enough for me :) i don't want tp put high hope on it because i know how i'm doing during exams T^T. regretting it by now is SO LATE oredy. just move on lah. look forward. i promise, especially to my loveliest tutor and parents, i'll get better mark on the 2nd trials :) i can't promise anything but i;ll try harder. trust me :) 

And so, what else? hmmm... my life? well, nothing much changing around here just that i'm less hang out at my neighbor house as mum told me not to sleep next door on school days and i only can spend time with sis Ina and Jon on weekends. well, 2 days is enoughlah. hehehe :) after SPM, i can spent 24/7 with them ~~ hahaha :) ermm.. mii brother? well, still the same and i think he will stay the same till whenever lah. i don't have much to say about him because i don't want to. hehehe :) let just say, he still doing what he always does :) i don't want to get involve in anything he's doing because it will causing me more stressful. enoughlah i get stressed out from homeworks and schools and peoples. hahaha :) anyway, i feel like being hated by everyone this few days and i feel like schools is getting boring from day to day. yeah, i use to say "this is my final year, relaxx~" and i'm still saying the words but i can't stop hating to go to school. i just hate attending classes and the co-curriculum things. urgh! i don't even have time to do homeworks. (just an excuses) tomorrow i'm gonna home late because i have RedCrescent Society. today also i should be home late but i get the woman things going on and my stomach growling and hurt so much so i go home early lah. and i also took a short nap on Maths period just now. haha :) teacher didn't teach bah~ i got bored so, i sleep lah. hahaha :) this Thursday i'm gonna attend the score A programme and will be home at 4p.m. i'm just being too grateful for not having tuition on that day. thanks to my tutor lah :D 

hehe :) yea, i stalk hyukmin again today and i found this latest pictures of him. walawehh~ he's getting cuter and cuter and cuter and .. thats enough ^^. words can't described his cutenesses~ hahaha :) i just love his look. i don't why i'm so tied-up with hyukMin. well, i know he's smoking (which i hate the most) and i know he don't speak english (which make it difficult to speak to him*if see himlah*) and he's wild child (which is not really my type) still, I WANT HIM TO BE MINE. LMFAO XD well, maybe because he just to adorable to be truelah (eventhough he's not that cute in ulljjangshidae vids) i can't deny it at all, i'm so in love with him. KYAHH~~ public confession. LOL XD crazy. talking about crazy, i think i've becoming more girly, you know. make me geli. hahaha :) i started to care about my weight and how fats do i look and i started to care a lot about my hair.. crazy right? I DON'T WANT! sometimes, when i come to my sense, i start to think, what make me becoming this kind of girl which is WAY TOO FAR FROM WHAT I REALLY ARE~~ i think because of the surrounding lah. and maybe i care to much about what people think of me. well, WHATEVER lah.. hahahaa :) stay cute and be cool. and yeah, my photogenics sense become wilder just that i don't have many good pose to share with. mmm....what else? uh, i can hear the rains. waaa~~ must be great to sleep by this time. oh well, i guess i better hurry preparing stuff for schoo, tomorrow and go to sleep as fast as i can. homework? neah.. don't feel like doing it. hahaha :) so, that's all for now. Adieu everyone :) God Bless.

as usual, Hyukmin will ended this post. thanks for reading :)

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)