I Want to Say This because I Can!

Greetings, humanoid. Today is Saturday. hehehe :3 right now, I should be doing my assignments and anything related to school thing but yeah~ instead of doing any of it, I rather sit here and update this lovely blog of mine. kehkehkeh. *sighs* I know I shouldn't do this especially that fucking Entrepreneurship shit. the fucking lecturer told us that we MUST show him our Startup expenses within next week. I'm like fuck you man. hahaha I mean, like seriously. He don't even tell us how to fucking do it and he demanding us to finish it on time? God, come lah. Not all of us are fucking brilliant okay? we don't even give a shit about this. I'm studying there not to open some fucking business. I'm there all because I'm learning accounting. So fuck you.
Well, if it not because the Entrepreneurshit is one of the important subject, I seriously won't give a shit about it. the lecturer just fucking annoyed me. I mean, god. At least he's briefly explain to us what kind of shit we should do with that thing. All he do is posting the layout on facebook and talking shit in the class. I don't even understand what he's saying. He just full of shit. Fucking shit. hahahaha okay. I know, I know... I shouldn't curse to much. But fuck it. Well, I will still doing the shit of course since its a teamwork which he have given me some losers to cooperate with. *sighs* I'm so fucking gave up on this. hahaha I'm stressed you know. Gosh *shook head* anyway, I'm just doing this shit because I pitied my teammates that already give their very best in doing it like Shin Ruei, Joyce and Penny. They did a good job though and really helpful. I'm glad that I'm in the same team with them. And like seriously, Joyce is pretty obvious stressed out hahaha oh well, I'll just do it for them and myself. Of course.
Well, enough talking shit. Let's get to business! XD

Well, in this few days I've been looking and downloading all the cute emo boys picture on the net. hehehei well, yeah. I'm back hunting for their pictures. I mean, My gosh. How could you resist their pretty faces? They all look so freaking perfect and the hairs. GOD! plus the piercing... it's so damn cool! Especially those piercing on lips. *fangirling* I just can't resist the cuteness. hahahaha well, I don't know why some people hate these kind of human but come on, peeps. They aren't so bad. I mean, we all have our emotional breakdown moment right?

Like seriously, I did too. Once upon a time. kekeke but this kids, they just too sensitive to deal with those kind of problems and they are weak in this emotional thingy. So, they tend to cut themselves and express themselves in something like poems, drawings or even their way of dressing up. But that's them. We have no rights to judge them anyway. I mean, we don't know what they're going through in their life, we have no clue at at all. As a famous saying said, "Everything happens for a reason" So they choose that emo kind of living because they have their own reason. At least they being themselves eh? Well, nowadays there are so many fakers, telling the whole world that they're emo when they actually just some wannabes. hehehei but hey! still doesn't matter. We all have rights to be what we wanna be. I've been in that phase too hahaha :D
Seriously, but I failed. So, I choose to be myself. (some crazy annoying weirdo bitch) well, that's me
Uh... back to my real point. hehehe.

Well, honestly. I always wanted to be friend with this human beings . hahahaha I don't actually care if they are some weird shit or whatever. But I feel like I want to be there for them and support them in every way I want so they won't ended up doing something stupid like cutting themselves to dead or kill themselves or take drugs. I want them to live their life. I want to take care of them. I mean, I just couldn't afford it seeing some teenagers or my age killing themselves because of what society said about them.

 Same goes to gay and lesbians. I mean, I know that boyXboy or GirlXgirl relationship is wrong, no matter how you see it but seriously. They're in love. You just can't stop that feeling since love is strong. I mean, love can completely control you, even the harder you resist it, the stronger it gets you. I know, because I've been in love (Well, crushing actually. I never even tell ,my crushes how I felt about them teehee) Love is pretty you know. You are free to love anyone, or anything. Sometimes, it make us doing stupid things. We do it anyway, because its love.
Honestly I said, I don't exactly supporting gay marriage or whatever they call it and I don't against it either. I mean, I'm in between you know. Well, not really actually. hahaha XD

The thing is. I'm just disappointed with society. I mean, how could they judge these people? I mean, we're humans, we all make mistake. Who are we to judge them? We're not God. I know some of us believes that 'Only God Can Judge Us,' then. Why the fuck we still judging them? I admit that I do judged some people sometimes but hell, at least I didn't go to them and tell them like, "Gosh, you're weird! go die or something" I mean, that shit hurt okay. I never being told that kind of stuff but I know its hurt like shit.
I feel like crying right now. I mean, society so fucked up. They wants these teenagers to be act normal . Seriously? be normal? can you imagine that one day, everyone act soo freaking normal like everyone talking politely, in class they all just sit there and listen obediently to the fucking boring classes, going home, do homework. GOD! that sucks. hahaha. I think I'm going crazy if it happens. hahahaha XD
Seriously, if everybody is normal, the world will never be colorful and it dull like shit. You want that, society?

As for those pregnant teenagers, I know that they making mistake for doing that thing when they're so young age but try to look at their perspectives. I mean, think about it, "What makes them behaving that way? why they have the guts to do that thing?" just ask those kind questions. We never knew what that is, maybe it lust, maybe it loves, or maybe they were just tricked by those sweet and lovely talks. We don't know if we didn't ask. ASK them I mean here is that, in a good way. Talk nicely with them and not with some fucking shouting voice, making the whole neighbors listened to every words you said to them. Guide them, give them more love, give them attentions... make them a better person, plants some confident in them, and not bring them down to the ground and let them being mocked. Especially parents, I mean. YOU'RE THEIR PARENTS! you should be there to support them not to join the society judging them. I mean, its your daughter. You're responsibility is to take care of them. they may make some stupid mistake like this but they have your blood running in their veins. okay. Think about it. In this kind of moment, all they need the most is the love from parents.

And again. Seriously. Even that so call society have their weird side okay? they just don't show it. I know. they do, we all do. They aren't that different from us okay? we all weirdos. Stop acting like you're so freaking normal because that shit doesn't exist.

I'm may not emos or gays or even lesbians but I know and I understand their feelings. I may sound like  I'm talking bullshit like the society always does but hell. I really do understand how it feel like being hate, being alone, neglected, rejected, fail, hurt, depressed, love, and everything. I felt it all. I admit that I once crush on a girl too but well, crushing because she's just pretty. hahaha but that when I was like 10 something. hahahahaha XD i never tell anyone about this... so yeah. Whatever. Anyway, I just expressing my thought on how the society is treating that so-called weird and loser teenagers. I'm just sad that they don't try to understand these people life perspectives.
They wanted to be accepted and demand to part of the society too. I mean, not all of us born to be perfects okay? Stop judging and think first before we speak. Words is ever hurting that being stabbed with knife or shot. Word scars us for life. I know because I have experience this and it still does till now. I forgive that person but I could never forget, since the scar is permanent.

You know, we all beautiful in every way. Size doesn't matter, slim, thin, fat, huge, medium, half.. doesn't matter. Maybe we, ourselves don't see it but there are some people does see that beauty from us. But pshh... who am I to say this. I don't even see myself as pretty too hahaha but at least I'm proud of myself. I do have low confident about myself and yes, this restrain me to be so open with everyone. Well, I'm much more of a loner actually. I just love being with myself, in my own world than to mingle with people. I do like it to be with people sometimes, I just love to be alone. besides, my minds is full of shit that they don't understand and I don't think we spoke in the same language. You know what I'm saying? I'm different from them and my mind speak louder than myself. hehehe even sometimes, I'm hard to understand what is going through in this head of mine. It all messed up.

I'm out of topic again. hahaha anyway... my real point is, don't be afraid to show who we are. At least we're not being those hypocrite telling us that everything will be fine while at the same time, they're the one who messing with us. Fuck the society. They have no rights to change who we are. We are what we are. We are fun and crazy. Live it! they just jealous because we aren't afraid to show ourselves to the world. They are just bunch of fucker who have no life. Just bunch of cowards and the real insecure person is them. Trust me. I have this one cousin who acting all bossy and always look down on me. In fact, i knew, she just jealous because I don't afraid to be who I want to be, don't afraid to show the world what I love. I am Otaku and I'm proud of it. I listen to screamo, punk, rock, metal, RnB, hiphop, pop you named it. I have weird taste in fashion as well as music. I eat all the time, I curse a  lot. I collect weird stuff, I spend my money on mangas and figurine and notebook hehehe. I'm obsessed with everything.  But who cares? I'm happy of what I am. They can judge me all they want, neglect me, fucked my mind up, stabbed me on the back, talk shit about me. I don't care Because i believe and i know, when everyone is against me, I believe that there are some people who still love me, and accept me for who I am.

Last but not least. I want to say that, if you guys need someone to talk to, feel free to find me. I'll make time to hear all your complaints, giving you the best advice I can. I will do my very best to help because I'm seriously fade up with bullshit from the society. If not me, find someone you believe can help you. please, don't end yourself. It just fucking hurt me. I know I'm just some stranger but I'm more than willing to help. I admit that I'm a social awkward retard but I will try to talk or maybe listen to all your words, not judging or whatever because this is the least I can do.

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)