Jo Young Min ♥ (( Expressing My Love ))

Would you be my boyfriend?
I’m your girlfriend I’m your girlfriend
You’re my boyfriend, you’re my boyfriend
You’re amazing, you’re even better than everyone else
I’m busy everyday (busy)
Your heart hurts (hurts)
My love for you won’t change
I won’t ever see anyone besides you
I don’t know why my heart is like this...

-Adapted from Boyfriend English Lyrics-
I change the boyfriend/girlfriend part. LOLsXD

AnnyeongHaseyo! well, today I'm not going to talk about anything else but my lovely Jo YoungMin :) OmO hahaha :D Well, I just found him about a day ago. LOL :D yeah, yeah, I know that I'm late but so what? LOL :D anyway, I'm going start with short introduction of him.

First, I know his real name is Jo Young Min. and he has a twin brother name Jo Kwang Min. Seriously, they are identical twins but I don't know why only Jo Young Min that caught my heart away. haha :) Haish. I don't know, maybe because of his blonde hair? 0.o And oh, he was brought to this world on 24th April 1995. Omo! I just type 1995 right? hahaha :D yeah, like seriously he's younger than me and the same age with my sis Phoebe. Oh~ I miss my chance again T^T but wait! Unless he likes Noonas. hahaha :D Hopefully *fingercross* ekeke :) but seriously, he wouldn't look at me even though we met. Hmm..hmm... I know my place is :) but I REALLY REALLY WISH THAT I'M HIS TYPE OF NOONAS. LOL XD

Kawaii-nee~~ hahaha :) yep :) he's totally the cutest boy. I mean, one of the cutest boy that I ever seen on net. LOL XD because so far, I haven't saw any cute guy yet in here, where I lived. ekeke :DD *sighed* I wonder when can I meet him. hahaha :) I'm confidence, if I'm standing among the crowd, he would mostly will not notice me. LMFAO XD I wonder also if he had a girl friend. ehehe :) if he does, WHOA whoever that girl is, I salute her with all my heart and all my body part and mentally. hahaha :)

What I like about him? Umm.. well, seriously I feel in love with his smile :) the first time I saw their music video on youtube, I was like "OMG! God, why did you make him look that way?!" and yeah, seriously his smile make me broke my own promises which I said to myself that I won't let myself to be updated with new rookie kpop artist. LOL XD i guess he's smile is damn magical. ekeke :) Then, I started to focus on their music videolah. and i saw his talent and his cute voice. OmO, i feel like pedophile ekeke :D Just kidding! and I admits, Young Min is my youngest bias ever. hahaha :DDD Chukae! :)

So, last but not least, I hope he would found my blog and read my true feeling towards him. LMFAO XD just kidding though. Seriously, I don't want him to look at my blog especially this post. ekeke :D Embarrassing! LOLs :D if he read this post, I bet he would said to media that 'A Pedophile name Pgie targetting me as her newest victim', LOL XD I can imagine. ekekeke :DD No no no, I'm not a pedophile, seriously! hahaha :D

To end this cute post of mine, here is my newest picture. (( I took it today LOL ))

Annyeongigaseyo! :)
Thanks for reading my crap! :) 

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears >.0

How To Make You Look Ulzzang in Pictures :)

Annyeong again! teehee :) Yeah, seriously I just opened my Biology book and tett~ suddenly an idea popped out of my head :D This few days, I've been busy (chewahh, busy) stalking my favourite ulzzang, Kang Hyuk Min and Hong Young Gi :) then, I saw lots and lots of bloggers talked about how to be an ulzzang, ulzzang make-up tutorial and what-so-everlah. So, I'm not going to do any of that because I have my own way. ahaha :D I said this by own experience. Seriously, I'm not Ulzzang but I'm just a wanna-be. Oh, I wish I am but unfortunately, I'm not. ekeke :) I don't like surgery. LMFAO XD (don't take this seriously, its a jokes) Anyway, if you interested, please read more~~ (0...<)

First of all, you don't need make up if you want to be ulzzang. Seriously, I rarely use make-up myself. So, from this you could make yourself feel your natural beauty. LOL XD. All you need is a perfect angle for yourself and an expression which you think is good on you. and magically, you can be an ulzzang yourself. and P.S, i recommend that you take picture by putting your hands higher than your face. it will beautify yourself because most people, when they took below their head, it make their head look bigger. hehehe :) so, reconsider it :) and Besides, you can be better ulzzang than those ulzzang as you had beat them by your natural beauty :) (I still can't beat them T^T LOLs XD) Naturally, For Example

Straight from my camera :) See, I don't need make up or photoshop to make myself look good :) anyway one more thing, beside good angle and expression, make sure, you're camera receive enough light. Its working by hiding your black dots on your face and make your skin look soft and even whiter :)Seriously, I'm not looking like that in real-life. hahaha :D I look bad~ XD but still, I'm feeling pretty though :D

Secondly, you need to know how to hide your facial weaknesses. Like, if you hate your eyes or mouth or maybe your nose, you could use something like spectacles, mouth-cover (pretend to look like SARS people) haha :) or maybe use your hands by making peace sign or circle and act cute :) ahaha :D if you know what i mean lah... Like me, I got this serious thick eyebrows. Before, I often covered it with my fringes but nowadays, when my fringes got long and I can't covered it anymore =.=; So, here what I did :

Yep, I use my favorite specs to cover it up. You still could see my brows which shows how thick it is :D LOLs XD seriously, it always work. All my family and friends know how serious it is :) it sometimes look like a couple of caterpillar glued on my brows. LOL XD

Third, if you don't have talent in editing picture, seriously that isn't the worst thing ever. You still can beautify yourself by using simple photoshop. Like, you can just put blur effect or maybe lighten a bit of your pics. And I'm sure, you'll be professional one day. Just don't be afraid to try new stuff :) Like I did, I never know how to edit picture so I start with simple photoshop. then after few times doing the same thing, I dare myself to try some chinese photoshope. XiuXiu, I used it. I don't speak or read chinese...I just know Wo Ai Ni and Ni Hao Ma? hahaha :DD So, I just click any button I saw and start to edit pic of mine. LOL :) seriously, it work. at first, I did bad lah~ hahaha :DD

This example is when I use simple photoshop like Photoscape :

In this picture, what help me the most is perfect angle, good lightning and good pose ;D I also did hide my biggest weaknesses.
so, this one is the picture I use XiuXiu to edit it :

If you observe my eyes, it surely look bigger after I use the Photoshop :) and I lost my eyebag. hahaha :D i wish I can get it of my eyebag in real life. LOL XD and so, I add some simple effect to brighten myself and taa-daa~ I look different. teeehee :D you guys should try it, you know :D

 If you can't help it but to use make-up, also can... like Hong Young Gi... she really professional in applying make up. make her look so cute :) If you had make up on and plus the edit, OH~ you'll be the prettiest person in history. hahaha :D I also use make-up sometimes and I can't denied it :) But seriously, I recommend to you all not to applying too much of make up. Just put some foundation, not-to-thick line of eyeliner, lipgloss and compact powder :) if you have contact lenses, that much better for it will help your eyes look more attractive. then, I recommend you guys to put more effort on eyes because it sometime the first thing people will notice :)Example :))

In this picture, I use only foundation and lip gloss :) I try to use eyeliner but it become terribly done. LOL XD I'm seriously amateur in make-up thingy. ekeke :DD

Like seriously I want to tell you about being ulzzang. You don't have to have that pretty face or tall, or skinny or soft skin or what so ever the real ulzzang have. Because the real ulzzang also not all of them look good without make up or photoshop :)So, all you need is skills, talent and most important is BE YOURSELF :) You can copy the style of the real ulzzang of course but just don't try to be them. If you can get what I mean :) Seriously, I don't have pretty face, or skinny or soft skin. I'm just a normal girl who lived in planet called earth (I mean to write it long) hahaha :) And MOST IMPORTANT, be confident and try not to take all the insult from people as the negative, make them as advise and try to improve yourself to be better :) remember, they insult and call you ugly because they know you have the potential to look better than them :P

So, that is all I want to say :) thanks for reading my crap. LOL XD

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)


If you looking for a BOYFRIEND~  hahaha :D Shut it! I'm not going to talk about BigTimeRush. ekeke :) I'm gonna talk about BOYFRIEND KOREAN BAND! I know I'm late about them. hehehe because I've been leaving K-World for Hogwarts. hehe :P Anyway, I found this cute little band when I'm hang out at Youtube JUST NOW. well, I'm regretting it now for I've been telling myself that I'm not gonna update myself with any new rookie's band. T^T I failed :( but still, I'm grateful for I can finally wash my eyes with new blood K-group. ngehehe :D honestly I tell you people, this BOYFRIEND group somewhat reminds me of Shinee. I don't know why but yeah, I can feel it in my bones. ngehehe :) Oh, and I got new bias too. ngehehe.. I just knew his name is YoungMin :) HE IS SUPER DUPER KAWAII~ <3 but he look almost like ChiHoon for me :) SO, in this post, I'm just going to share their pictures as I'm damn speechless about what to say about these guy. ekeke :D So, ENJOY~ :)


KYEOPTAAAA~~~~~ hahahahahahahhahaha XDDDDDD

My Life So Far :)

AnnyeongHaseyo! hehehe :D and of course Boujour to readers( who readlah ) haha and to my lovely Mr.Bloggy :) ehehe... I think I want to make a song entitled Mr.Bloggy, hahaha :D SMTOWN, please change Mr.Simple to Mr.Bloggy. ekeke :) urgh, I wish I SMTOWN owner is one of my uncle. cheewah~ XD anyway, it's been a while I didn't write my blog. hmm..hmm... i guess you know well why. YES, SPM tuhh~ so far, so goodlah.... but I tell you, AddMath, Physic and Math, I don't think so lah. huahaha :DD from the first day I entered highschool, I always target science and math target B or C cuz I'm so bad~ bad~ and very bad~ bad~ (Can't NoBody) hahaha :D so, I guess I only target for 7A's or at least  6 lah~ haha :) I don't to be disappointed later if I target to high then I can't achieve it. But if, I said IF I get 10A's, OhHa~ I'll celebrate Gawai, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Hangul Day, ThanksGiving day, Christmas day, Birthday, what-so-ever daylah TWICE. hahaha :D Seriously, I'm seriously serious.. ekeke :) AMEN~ Amen! hahaha :D Well, 7 down and 3 more to go. Chemistry will be on next Tuesday and after that Biology. Then One week rest, after that I'll sit for EST then.. jengjengjeng~~ I'm FREEEE as a bird~~~ :D WEEHOO!

Yesterday, I went home at 3.30p.m cuz I got Physics lah. Physics, Paper One and Two, I die but I then came back to life on Paper 3. Hopefully my paper 3 will help me get AT LEAST D or C lah~ hehehe :) Last time I check my History and Math paper One and I saw my History Paper, Okaylah...errr... Math? Ummm... Lets talk about something else. LOLs XD Oh, today I accompany my sis Ina to shopping. I bought things lah~ Oh, I bought BB Cream. hehehe :D but I bought the small one only lah cuz I just want to try it and then just now, I try... You know what, it give me magical touch. My face look like already being edited you know. LOLs So CLEAN~ hahaha :DD I'll post the result at the end of this post. ekeke :D anyway, back to business. Umm... what else to say? Oh yea, I'm addicted to Sistar19 song, MaBoy and U-Kiss 0330 :) I keep on repeating the same song over and over and over again. LOL :) and yeah, I'm in love with 2PM newest MV *I'm Your Man* GOSH! kill me~ They're HAWTT~~ hahaha :) I almost drooling when I watch the MV last weekend. But too bad, mum takes over and change the channel and I was LIKE 'HOW DARE YOU?!" hahaha :) I kept silence but I let my action speak for me. LMFAO XD anyway, it just how my mum and I spread love towards each other. ekeke :D

Umm... My life? nothing change so far. My brother still stupid, my dad is working somewhere far and my mum keep on saying, " be patience, everything will be alright" even though she knows that nothing is right. I'm now getting worried about my own safety but I know God always there to protect me, still, I have that little worriness inside this little feeling. Urgh! I don't understand every single things that happen in my life. I've check my depression meter last few days and guess what? I'm Depressed. LOL XD Yeah, seriously. who wouldn't? I can't even concentrate on my study you know. I always find it easy for me to lose my concentration T^T. and when my concentration is diluted, jengjengjeng~ meet me on twitter. LOL XD I only can find peace on twitter or my mr.Bloggy lah~ Oh, gosh~ hehehe :) Well, you can say that I'm running away from my life problems, Oh yea, you're 100% right! I'm always try to run from it, but no, it's keep on tracking me. I think my problems had put tracking devices inside me. LOL :DD

Oh, I almost forgot! on twitterkan, MnetKr and CyWorld music followed me back. Weehoo~ I feel so important. LMFAO XD yeah, who wouldn't? Official twitter tuu~ ngehehe :D but I guess they're just follow randomly lah... hahaha. still make me felt so important. ekeke :DDD Oh, hopefully they know me and will invited me to any of the award they will organized in the future. LOLs XD Okay, enough showoff-ing. LOLs Sooo sorry, I just couldn't help it~ ekekeke :DD

 And YES KPOP! I'm back~ weehooo~ ngehehehehe. XD watch out! hahaha :D But even though I'm back with my KpopLife, I guess if I can lah, I don't want to get update with rookie artist. Enough lah I adore their senior. ekeke :D for now, before I back completely, I just want to update myself with FT Island, MBLAQ, 2NE1 and SISTAR :) they are my four and only true love. ngehehe :DDD well, seriously, I have 5 reasons why I back into my Kpop :)
1. I've re-read my fanfics about FT Island and exchange student. and I found that I'm started to miss KPOP so badly~
2. 2PM MV's "I'm Your Man" making me crazy and want to know about what I've miss in K-World~
3. GwakMinJun, I found his tumblr and saw his playlist. I found that all the K-song he got makes me want to download them all. LOLs XD
4. MyYouTubeAccount, my U-tube homey showed only Kpop vids that I've like and watch for I don't know, maybe a century ago. LOL XD make me want to watch them all back :DDD
5. My last reason is best friend, Prudence. She keeps on updating me with U-Kiss and giving me lots and lots of information about Kpop group that we both like. Urgh! I was like "WHYY~~~~" hahahah :DDD

Ummm.... I guess, that's all I want to tell lah, maybe if I got more ideas, I'll post again. hehehe :) so Adios, Chingudeul~ :D

Here's the BB Cream effect on me :D Taadaa~ XD

Seriously, this is NO EDIT version of me~ hahaha :) thanks to BB Cream. you guys should get one yourself and give it a try :) So, I guess starting from now, I'll be less using my photoshops :) thanks again to Silky girl, BB Cream :P

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :D

What I Want If I manage To Get Flying Colours For SPM :)

Annyeong and Hello blogger~ Well, it's been quite a while i didn't update right? Yeah, I've been busy twittering lately. LOL and of course I went to visit my Tumblr for a while though, changing its background pictures and so do the music :) Oh, talking about Tumblr, I've followed Kwak MinJun's real tumblr profile. Fuhyooh! haha :) it's the best thing ever happen, LOL XD yalah, it's hard to find real celeb's punya profile bah. he even have his twitter, facebook and youtube account. but you know what, I don't even notice that i've been following all of his account before I knew his Tumblr. Amazing right? hahaha :D well, too bad Kang Hyuk Min and Park Won Cheol doesn't have Tumblr or Twitter account. I want to stalk them bah. hahaha :) just kidding XD. Anyway, as you can see, it is 3.00 a.m in the morning. Oh yea. I've woke up at 1.30 a.m today, to finish my homework. Well, can be considered as studying lah :) but I need to rest a while as my concentration has been diluted after 50 minutes of focusing :) I'll start again after blogging :D. Well, obviously, as I've stated for my post title, I will going to tell what I want from my parent when I get flying colours in my SPM later :) and if I can confide them, maybe i can get it earlier. LOL XD well, who knows~  maybe I could get it for my Christmas present. Oh, I wish!! XD

First of all, all I want to have this Olympus XZ-1. I think I've been mentioning this one in my previous post. hehe :) yeah, deadly. I want to have this deadly. hahaha :D Why I want this instead of Canon or Nikon DSLR? because I think Olympus XZ-1 is small in size and quite cute, for me lah. haha :) I love the uniqueness and of course it's limited. LOL XD hard to find it in Miri. I only once saw it at Imperial Mall :) Oh, hopefully no one had bought it. if not, i don't know what to do with my life. chewahh~ over reactive XD I feel like chemical compound. heh (what am I talking about?) Anyway, this is the #First stuff I wanna get :)

Next, I want to have N8. Oho, new Nokia phone model. touch lagi. Well, I want to have this one because I already have my dream lollipop phone. Neh, the LG GD580 :) yepp :) I got the LG last 3 month, if I'm not mistakenlah :) No, No, don't misunderstand. Of course I LOVE my LG and yes it's functioning very well and very healthy :D but still, I want to have N8. teehee :) why? because I want to online through phones bah. hahaha :D I'm so damn lazy to open and close my lappy, you know. ekeke :D and if I can get N8, then I can surf the net only by my fingertips. LOL >.< and if my parent approve, i want to have the blue color one :) Oh, hopefully they will!! XDD

and other than that, I want to have my own iPod. hehe :) well, I know that iPod can as well online bah. but that's different. ekeke :) I just want to have iPod. Well, at least I will have one Apple product in my hands. LOL XD anyway, I've been dreaming of having iPod since the first day I saw it. heee :) can you imagine how cool will I be if i had this iPod thing? hahahaha :D I can watch youtube everywhere I want or in any position I want to be. LOL XD But I don't know much lah about iPod because I haven't go and find more information about it yet. teehee :) but I will, one day!

Next up, I want to have MacBook Air :) Oh, it have the coolest look ever! but obviously it can't beat my lappy :) teehee. but I'm not sure yet lah about this whether to buy it or not because me and lappy has been together for quite a very loooong time :) so, i think I'll reconsidered about this and cancelled on buying it. but before that, I want to test my parent first. if they want to buy it for me without any sign of hesitancy, then, Why Not? I can have two lappy at the same time anyway... hahahaha :DDD

Then, I want to have the new PSP, whether the PSP slim or PSP go. Both look cool lah~ hahaha :) or maybe I'll just bought the old version, the PSP 3000 like my brother used to have. that one also cool. but see first lah. if my parent approved me to buy the newest model, then i'll buy Slim or Go and if not, I'll stick to the old version. hehehe :) I don't care much about whether it new or old, as long as I can play my favorite game portably XDD

hah! this one actually should be the toppest of all stuff i want :DD because I've been carving to play this since last year. OH! it's been two years I didn't play PS2~ I miss to play the sims, the sims bustin' out, the sims two, final escape SOS, rally, grand tourismo, black hawk down...etc..etc.. hahaah :D yeah, i admit, I'm quite a gamers myself. LOL XD I remembered once, on my PMR year, I still playing my brother PS2, i think exactly a week before PMR. LOL XD but, yeah, still got flying colors though! I'm so grateful for that :) *winkwink* anyway, I miss PS2 sooo badly. If my parent ask me to choose between olympus XZ-1 and ps2, hell I'm going to choose PS2 :DD I can get that camera later. LOL XD

Next, I wish to have Supra Shoes. hahaha :D Actually I wanted Wing Adidas but I guess the price is overly high. I can't afford to look at the price. LOL XD i'm not so high class girl, heh? hahaha :) well, i'm medium class of course. hehehe :) anyway, Supra Shoes is very unique and I really love how they look like. and if my parent want to sponsor me, I want to have my own collection of supra shoes. Doesn't have to be so many lah, at least I have 3 of them. that's already a collection you know. hahaha :DD Yeah, i want to have this shoes in my collection list :)

    And yeah, I want a vacation. my aunt and my mum had promise me that next year they will bring me to Korea. haha :) I don't know lah if they really meant it. But if according to the current condition, I don't think so. ekeke :) but if there is no complication, I think I'm going to go there. if I can go there, i'll tell my parent that i want to bring along my sister, Jaba. huahaha :DD because Seoul City is somewhat a place we're dying to be in. ekeke :D maybe not so dying for her lah. but yeah, it's one of our favorite city though. yeah, who knows when we're there, we could met with bi-Rain or others Kpop artist!~ XDD actually, I don't care much about where my parent would take me, as long as I'm in the plane and I visit places that I never been before and of course, I had fun that matter the most :D 

So, that's all for now. I'll update again when i got time or maybe when I can steal time like this one. ekeke :D reporting now it is 3.50a.m XD so, good morning bloggers!  I'll end my post with my newest pictures. Adieu :D

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)