Ferrero Rocher isn't interest me anymore but hey KINDER BUENO always does.

Annyeonghaseyo :)
Yoshi~ actually right now I'm supposely be doing my assignment and updating my FA1 exercise book. ekekeke but oh well, suddenly I got the mood of blogging. So YEAH! hahahahaha well actually I was just have a very good crazy randomness fangirling time with my internet best friend, Marjie~ XD YESH. I AM VERY MUCH THANKING MY LOVELIEST CUTEST SISTER IN THE WORLD for introducing her to me. ekekeke :DDD Yeahh~~ I never knew there could be someone who really can catch up with some random bastard like me. ekekeke for all this 18 years of living, I only believe that only sis Jaba would understand my language. ekekeke but seriously... Marjie still can't keep up with me. hahahahahahahahaha :D I remembered once she said like "So many Haha-ing I can't tell what are you trying to say" ekekeke bear with me, darling. ekekeke

Anyway, I'm still loving so ever deep with Sunggyu. hahahaha ;) and now my fanfic is already in chapter 7~ Yay Me! Hopefully I can finish this one. At least this fanfic of mine. ekekeke :3 I already knew the ending though but I have to pretend that I know nothing about it since it will make me bored and neglect it. ekekeke so, yeah. I better just pretend that I don't have any idea how to end it. ekekekeke :))

And last saturday... if I'm not mistaken. My lappy gone wild and then it goes off automatically. When I try to switch it on, it will show something like warning that there is some part of it is unattached. I'm like, "Dude, everything is on there, what else? you're other half?" hahahaha well, seriously, le lappy got full body equiptment. I wonder what else it needs. and then, on the next day... it dies. =.= um.. not die... it is now on comma states :(
I'm looking forward to send it for repairs. and i think embarrassing moment will come since my wallpaper is the character of my latest fanfic. miahahahahahahaha (./////.) well, its not like I know le lappy will go comma...
Oh well, for the sake of Lappy life, I shall take the embarrassment moment. hahahahahahaha =.='

so, since that day when my lappy go off, I think I'm being so obviously depressed about it that yesterday, after class... my mom says something so ever miracles and make my heart flattering like when I was falling for Sunggyu. hahahahaha XD
I was eating my lunch at le kitchen while reading shinchan... well, the usual habits la... and then suddenly she said to me like, "Later we go to the bank, we need to take some money," I realized that she emphasize the word we but I ignored her and keep enjoying my lunch, then she said again, "gonna take a bit from yours too."
And I was like *narrowing eyes at her* "why need mine then? what for?" ((cheapskate bhee)) then she said like, "Don't you need laptop?"
and that time I thought I heard wrong so I was like, "What??"
then she said like, "we're going to buy you a new laptop... now hurry up.." and as she left me there, seriously, I'm like. OMG~~~ I LOVE YOU MAA~~ hahahahahaha she definitely the best mom in the world! XD i cried in joy. HAHAHAHAHAHA im emo maa~~ ahahahahaha XD and then TADAA~~ I got le lappy! blue lagi ^^
I bought the normal lappy one since yeah.... I still can't get over my real lappy yet. I mean, three years we've been together, I have so much memories with it. Hmmm..... Oh well, I really hope someone can repair it soon :))
And about that, I feel blessed and loved ya know. I mean, seriously... I'm soo down and depressed without le lappy for few days. then, i guess God still love me that He send His blessing to me and yeah, I got my lappy and my spirit back! Weeeee~~ PRAISE THE LORD!! :DDD

Last saturday also, I went out with my bestie. Well, we had so much fun though but in short time because le bitch need to do the thumbprint as she was attending the L2B stuff. Seriously, I was like... WHY MUST THAT SATURDAY? why didn't she attend that thing on saturday before that and before that? Seriously, she never failed to piss me off.
And yeah, I kinda cancelling her name from my best friend list. So, now it's only val. ekekeke:D she is just a friend of mine. I can't stand her anymore ya know. she only like, texting me when she need something. Gosh, what am I to her? A bodyguard? A butler? come on, bitch. =.='

enough about the bitch.. So... the three of us went for lunch at some local korean restaurant and yeah, we order quite a lot. Me and Val, we actually the one who ordered the most. HAHAHAHAHA :D especially the bibimbap, gosh, we ordered like twice time. HAHAHAHAHAHA XDDD I LOVE YOU VAL~ hahahaha and we spend like RM195 like that. ahahahahaha XD that's epic moment of my life. ekekeke and and we even being the noisiest customer that ever went there and the most annoying ever. hahahahahahaha XD I like that. seriously.

Actually, only me and val is the one who is annoying since the bitch is like 'control la tek' since the guy who serve us is pretty cute. Yeah, seriously but not my type de. ekekeke :D and she's like ordering me and val to do all the ordering. She and val got into a little fight and I was just sit there and watch them while munching all the beef. miahahahaha XD then,when things got a little awkward I make myself look stupid though. Well *sighed* I can't stand the awkwardness.

Then, yeah... we have so much fun. hahahaha :) Gotta do the same thing again on next sems. waiting for le Val to go back to Miri again :) Gonna miss her a lot :))

Gosh, right now I wish I'm the microphone. ahahahahahahahahahahaha XD anyway, just now I was randomly roleplaying with my internet best friend, le Marj. she was rp-ing as MyungSoo (infinite) and me, I'm being myself. hahahaha it was hell one of funny and hilarious rp. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
OHGLOB! my jaws hurt due to overloadness laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that girl is really are crazy. hahahaha we even fangirling over our own RP. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I was pouring my hatred towards le bitch of mine but then suddenly she started RP-ing. HAHAHAHHHHAHA really really make my day. Thanks Marj :) and yeah... I saw sis Jaba were also RP-ing with some random character in tumblr too and she got send me one email saying "trick or treat" but as I was replying it, she got off already. I'm like "Ouuhhhkeeyy" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA nah... just kidding. ekekeke :D Actually I was like "WHAAAA.... Y U LEAVE??!!!!!!!" hahahahahahahahahaha seriously -.- but oh well, she might need to rest early though :))

and speaking of tumblr. my dashboard is kinda full of SungYeol face instead of my Sunggyu. I wonder why.... >.> ahahaha Don't judge me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA seriously, I wonder too.. why? how come? hahahahaha XDD

Reporting the time is now 1:21a.m and its hell of rain outside and ironically I'm listening to Bi-Rain song. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA =.=; and yeah, I'm just came back from sis Jaba's blog and I saw this one part what she said about my fanfic *to infinite-t and beyond* and I'm like.... "WEALLY???" hahahahahahahahahahaha XDDDD exact reaction is like Sunggyu reaction above. hahahahaha XD I mean, seriously? I didn't know that I have improve so much and and I never thought she would love my story. hahaha i mean, pshh... hahahaha I'm not really a good writer for sure. hahahahahaha XDDbut ngeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~ her post really really doubling my great day. I think this is one of the greatest moment of my life. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :))))))
Thank you~ Thank you~ I LOVE YOUUU~~~ MWAHHHHHHH <3 <3 XDDD

Here a cute lovely SungYeol of yours drinking water~~~ XDDDD accept it as a thank you gift :333


and yeahhh~~~ ya know. I have feelings that someone is stalking me. I'm like seriously... IT CREEPING ME OUT. it all started when I was getting new follower in Instagram and as usual, I kinda liking all the picture posted in le dashboard. Then, I accidentally liked this one pic posted by this creep l and then kan, he started to follow me on twitter. again, I'm just normal la since I've put my twitter url in my instagram account right? but then, he started to talk to me, at first I'm like "who the fuck are you?" but then when I saw val tweet him, so I'm like, "okay, i guess this guy is val's friend" so I was like talk casually with him like I always do with my other followers but then, after this few days kan, I suddenly feel like something wrong with that guy. so, when I was having day out with val, I ask her, "who is he," and when val said like, "i don't know. some random dudes," I'm like WHAT THE FUCK BRO? hahahahahaha XDDDD AND AND
 YOU KNOW, HE ADDED ME TWICE ON FACEBOOK AND EVEN SEND A MESSAGE TO ME saying like "Hi, meet you here," I'M LIKE OMO~~ well, maybe I'm being paranoid here. But seriously, I can feel it in my bones, he's a creeper. motherfucker. EWW EWWWW EWWW >.< now I'm seriously NOT going to be on twitter as long as I can and will be staying in Tumblr until I finally can get off this paranoia feelings of mine =.=;
I'm seriously got creeped out ya know...
I wish to hug Sunggyu right now. ekekekeke :DD

And now I wish I'm the microphone stand. hhahaha geez, why he have to be so damn hot. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XDD Oh well, he's my husband somehow ekekeke :) and uh.... speaking of husband, My teukie has gone to military service =.= and yeah he'll be there for like over 2 years. T^T it's just too freaking sad though. I mean, he is the only longest bias I ever had. hahahaha :) Hmm.... I hope he'll do well in whatever he might do in the military base! SUPERJUNIOR HWAITING!
I'm sooooo going to miss his dimple :) 
His cute smile
his smiley eyes
and his fetish hair.
Take care, Teukie- oppa :)

Oh, I've ordered some kpop merchandise from le friend in college and estimatedly will be arrived in one month time. So, I'm expecting it on the end of this month of november. WEE~~~ I bought Infinite and Exo hoodies~ hahahahaha I CAN'T WAIT TO WORE THOSE~~~ <3 <3 Ummm... and now, I'm waiting for Valoa Record to open le next ordering batch which is on this 5th of november. I'm ordering golden Infinite album, shinee repackage album and Block Buster :D ekekekekeke ;)))))))
and currently I'm addicted to a song by new singer, Lee Hi called 1 2 3 4. her voice is soo freaking beautiful! XDDD I know she'll make it far like 2ne1 and BigBang one day ^^ LEE HI HWAITING!! :DDD

and seriously, I'm going to sleep first then I'm going to wake up early and update my FA1 exercise book since later on I have that fudging class. hahahaha =.= and I have feeling that le teacher wanted to see le book. =.= wish me luck on this though. ekekekeke :)))
And uhh.... umm........I'm now writing chapter 8 of my fanfic. I'm still thinking on what should I write in this but I've made my mind that in chapter 8, Meiko (marj's character) will be on. ekekeke :)) Just wait what my brain decide to do to her. ekekeke :))) maybe I'll take some of sis Jaba Ideas later *shrugs* maybe. hahahahaha :))))
SO, yeah. Have a pleasant day :))

to end this cute post of mine, I let my kyuzizi to end it :)) Here a picture. ekeke since I haven't put my pics into this lappy -,- ekekeke :)) adieu and sayonara.

SEEE HIS FACE. HOW COULD YOU NOT FALLING SO HARD FOR THAT FACE?! and and and not just face, I love it when he laughed and he just so freaking cute. and and I also love his voice, I mostly love his eyes and his lips. I wonder... *BITCHSLAP MYSELF* stop it! hahahahahaha
Bah bah~ better sleep now. it's almost 2.00a.m

See you soon :)
Keep calm and say KYUGIEGIE <3

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)