Random Post :)

     LOL XD i look like cartoon. hahaha :) btw, annyeong everyone! sorry for not updating for few days. well, i must say i'm quite busy lately. yeah, Shopping! christmas shopping yaw! hahaha :) but still haven't buy any christmas present yet. oh! talking about christmas present, i already got mine from my lovely mum :) ehehe thanks mum! well, i'm not ready to post my present yet. teehee :) maybe on Christmas Night, i'll post it here. and, yeah, i have fun for this few days.

when we all go shopping lately, i bought myself a new bedsheet. blue~ ahahaha :) i love the pattern. look so cool and very nice la. dunno how to described it. for me, its cute and elegant. hehehe :) *sign of growing up* Urgh! hahaha :) and i haven't done any of my homework yet. i think, i'm going to do some of it starting tomorrow before everyone come :) if i'm not going to baking with my dearest.  yepp, i want to bake cookies, this christmas. hahaha :) i want to make this 2010 christmas celebration to be very special for either me or my family :P hoping for the best, YAW! hahaha XD

And yepp :D today sis Jaba and sis Inut come :) we play Cluedo. hahahaha :) having fun together as usual and i've become a murder twice and killing myself thrice. hahaha :) fun though. just that, at first we told each other about the card we had. hahaha :) no secret at all. hahaha :) they both just home and still they promise to be back tomorrow. hehehe :) and yeah, sis Jaba invite me to join her jogging this monday and yepp i say yes! hahaha :) she said that she's going to take me at about 3 p.m. *detaily* LOL just incase you wanna know. hahaha :)

Just in case you guys didn't know, i'm so addicted to him right now. hahaha :) i know i hate smoker but he is excluded. LOL :) i just love everything about him. his personalities, face, body, background. everything. but too bad, just tooo bad he's not meant for me. hahaha :) and all of his photo shows no sign of hypocrites. he just natural. yeah, he does wear make-up. so what? he's a model, he does need make-up :) and to prettify himself hahaha :) and if i had the chance to meet him kan, i would be very grateful. ahaha :) and thats not going happen. teehee :P just dreaming la..

So, i guess, thats all for now. i need to sleep. hahaha :) before my mum wake up, i better shut my eyes even i don't want to :) its 4.30a.m and this report is post on Sunday morning. hehehe :) so, good morning Asian!

P/S : Let your Smile Cover Your Tears :)

You Are My Addiction :)

You Are My Addiction, dear
i can't stop myself from thinking about you
even just for a second
i can't get rid of you from my mind
every night and day
you're face playing on my mind
like the sound of music
that never makes be bored

but i'm just overly addicted to you baby
and yeah, i'm crazy over you
you and just you,baby
nobody else only you

nothing can stop me from seeing you
nothing can stop me from watching you
nothing can stop me from loving you
nothing, there is nothing can make me stop.

but too bad i'm just ordinary
and you're extraordinary
you're pretty but i'm not
you're cute but i'm not
you're adorable but i'm just a freak

we're different
too different baby
but i wish
how i wish
we can meet someday
i know you won't take a glance on me
but for sure,
i will let the moment i met you
even just for a second
stay forever in this box of memories
together with my others memories
till death call me
for i love you forever.

-Confession Of HyukMin's Addict-