Hi~ today i just want to announce the death of my lappy =,=
I don't know how i'm going to live after this
I mean, without mr. Lappy in my life
I feel like half of me is dying
Plus, all my biases picture and my own cute pic is all there
All my favourite songs
My games
My stories
Oh gawdd...
I feel like crying
i don't know what should i do now
I feel like my life is hopeless
I need my lappy.
I wonder if there anyone
Anyone that can help my lappy
I just can't live without my lappy

This is so 장난어다 =.='
I'm being serious.
Pray for my lappy *T^T*

One Fine Morning :)

Greetings, humanoid~ Yeahh~ it's 2.23a.m and I'm still wide awake. huahuahua XD well, I kinda just woke up at 8p.m and yeah. wrong timing for nap I suppose. miahahahaha XD
and right now I'm actually suppose to do my assignment but my mind kinda blank right now so I decided to update this lovely blog of mine. ekeke :3 and as you can  see <-------- I just took that picture. hahahahaha XD I suddenly remembered the accessories that I bought last Sunday and Taa-daa~ hahahahaha XDD I just want to show off that all =.=;
Anyway... uh... what should I talk about? Um.... Oh, school? well, school.... so far so good... nothing change. just that I'm now started to interacting with half of my classmates. got improvement no? hahahaha :DDD that's the good part of it and yesterday I went lunch with sis Jaba. Since we both has decided to go lunch together every Tuesday and Thursday. ekekeke :D Well, yeah. I don't feel like eating with other people ma. Call me anti social, HELL YEAH. I am. ekekeke :D I'm really a chooser when its come to a friend. Well, honestly. You should be feel very very special if I automatically start talking to you without I making any effort. hahahahaha XD because I find that most people are annoying but very interesting. Make me want to high five them on the face with a metal hammer. hahahahaha XD I don't know, I just hate humans. hahahaha uhh.. which that makes I can't marry Izaya T^T. Oh well, still got Kim Sunggyu. miahahahaha XDD
Actually, I'm not really hating humans though. I just find that some of them are rather annoying but there is time I like them for being annoying. ekeke :3 Uh... don't ask... this is just another disadvantages of being Multipolar bear =.=' sometimes I can't predict my own self, what my exact feelings =.= It just... out of control sometimes. ekekeke

Wow~ I think now I like to put pictures on the left side. hahahaha :D Anyway, right now I'm pretty much wondering what should I write on my chapter 2 "To Infinite-T and Beyond" =.= Well, I have the ideas to be honest but I just can't find the exact words on how to describe the whole ideas =.= this is one of the reason why I hate to write. ekekeke :D speaking of story, my twitter friend, Marjie just posted her chapter 3 and OF COURSE, just like I predicted! it came out so freaking good~~~ I was literally fangirling over her story. hahahahaha XDD I told her to write chapter 4 quickly but then I feel unfair lah since I haven't done my chaps yet. Well, I am working on it though. ekekeke and yeah, to boost my brain department... I change my blog songs into Kpop. Oh yeah baby. I'm back. miahahahaha XDD I put mostly cute romantic songs. Well, I decided to put more in the future especially IU's song since most of her song is so cute and since my story is something like cute-love-but-kinda-bit-sad-story hahaha I wish to write it that way. Well, hopefully I can make it as what I've been plan. ekekeke and yeah. I really really do wish I'll finish this one no matter what. Gawd. I miss the time when I was so hardworking and I manage to finish 2 to 3 story per month or so. hahahahaha =.= the older I get, the more better I am in procrastinating (.___.) anyway.... right after blogging, I think I may continue on my assignment and then maybe I continue writing my chapter 2 and I also think that maybe I'll directly writing my chapter 3 as well. ekekeke Hopefully! Let's fingercross together~~ <3
and now playing, *What is Love by Exo-K* <--- I kinda love the chorus :3

And ohh... I wanna to tell that I've bought Okumura's twin fingurine. MIAHAHHAHAHAHAHA i told ya~ I'm gonna buy it no matter what~ ekekeke well, definitely my parent will scold me for that but oh what the hell? hahaha once in a while, we have to be a bad kid right? ekekeke XD
Honestly Okumura's twin figurine will be my last figurine for this year since... I've bought a lot within 2 month. ahahahahahahahahahahahaha =.= no wonder mum gets mad. ekekeke and yeah. speaking of money. I find that I'm so no discipline in spending my money. hahahaha You know, within a week, I spend like RM1000 =.= I realized this when I started to collect all the bank resit~ hahahahaha =.= so I decided that I should slow down a bit and pretend that I have no more money in the bank. Even now, if my parent ask about how much money I had left, I think I have to lie to them. ekekekeke it's already less than 20 >.> this is what I've been afraid off HAHAHAHAHA but now it's coming true. OH WAIIII?~~~~~ Okay! stop. hahahahaha XDD Maybe yeah... I really should stop spending too much on unimportant stuff. hahahahaha =.='
Uhh.. Ah! right now I'm back with SuperJunior. I just found their 4th album last night when I was searching for my Infinite : First Invasion Album. and yeah... I kinda wondering where the hell is that CD of mine =.= and also my Exo-K's CD. I can't find it anywhere. I wanted to ask my mum but i know she won't even understand me if I ask her. hahahaha =.=; unless I ask about my TVXQ ekekeke XD Super Junior...

 Oh yeah... Currently I'm addicted to my Kyuzizi's solo song call Because. ekekeke well, it's really catchy and his voice is so freaking cute that whenever I listened to his voice, my heart flattering and it feel like he's singing for me. miahahahahahaha XD Oh, you can try listening to it here in my blog, track 2. ekeke :333 Speaking of Kyuzizi...last few days ago... I search for his type of girl and I found that he likes a pure hearted and kind girl. Well......... That... I'm far from that. I may be pure but I'm so not kind. ekekekeke in fact, I am the baddest person you'll ever met. ekekekeke =.= not that I want it... it just my nature. hahahahahaha XDD Oh well.... hahahaha and and I also found that he likes Oh Ha Young from A Pink. When I read this I was like *my world crash* HAHAHAHAHAHA emoish. ekekeke but yeah... who am I to say No. hahahaha even if I want to but *shrugs* hahahahahaha XD whatever la~

Anyway... this Friday will be the Masquerade Ball. Yep. Me and sis Jaba will attend the ball and I bought my dress and my mask and stuff. And I think my outfit is more like a cosplay. HAHAHAHAHA that what's sis Jaba told me when I was trying my dress together with accessories =.=' Oh Well~~ Then I am cosplaying for the ball. hahahahaha once in a life time bah that~ And ummm.... what else....
Right now it is 3.02a.m and I think I shall stop here lah. Before the time for me to go to school is here.. hahaha I don't want to lie to the teacher by telling her that I forgot my pendrive and stuff. HAHAHAHAHA =.= Wish me luck and hopefully I can finish it off before the sun risen~~ :)))

And oh ya.... my dad will be coming home this November and I decided to ask the room next to my room, the store actually. and I want to make it as my library ekeke :D because my bedroom couldn't afford my Mangas anymore =.= there is no more space left for the new mangas of mine -.- SO, i really hope that he'll say YES to this request of mine. ekekeke :DD So... yeah.. that is all I wanna say. ekekeke byebyebye :) and to end this post, I shall share my Kyuzizi's cute picture :3
Enjoy~~~ but don't falling in love with him cause he's mine. ekekeke :DD

Sometime I Just Need Some Break :D

Annyeong, humanoid. Yes, as you can see clearly, I'm not getting back together with my long lost love, Inseok Hwang ^^ YEH~ he's now at Japan and I kinda falling in love with him again last two month if I'm not mistaken. hahaha :D Because I keep seeing him updating his twitter with his so freaking adorable faces. =.= soo... since I'm not really good in coping with cuteness, so I fell in love once again with him. Miahahaha XD
Oh ya, I want to apologize for not able to updating this blog. seems like I've been neglected it for quite sometimes now. hahahaha =.= Komenasaiyo~ But seriously, it just my life is pretty damn normal everyday I'm doing the same thing and repeating all of it again on the next day. hahaha :)
Uh.. just that my social life kinda upgrading a bit since now I'm pretty much talking more to my classmates and even some only talking in Twitter. ekeke :) Like ShockHui and KahJee~ in class, we're not even talking. hahaha but in twitter~ we seems like a very good friend. hahaha Oh YES.. they are a good friend and we have lots in common too. ekeke we all like Kpop~ OH YEH~ Maybe they just like me, too shy to talk face to face. Like Shock Hui, its really obvious that she's a shy typed. ekeke and I kinda call her SeongYeol instead of her name since she likes him and I think that makes us more closer hahahaha and for KahJee, she's a funny type. she loves to laugh. hahaha :D and I called her Joonie-wife. ekekeke XD yesh. and today she ask me to play badminton with them but Nah, I say no since I was already set my mind to shop at PBB and bought some Conan and ShinChan's book for desserts. kiahahahaha XD
and speaking of twitter, I have this one friend name Marjie. well, originally she's Jaba's friend (shizu-san) and she's really funny typed and hyper. hahaha :) and today, she told me that she's a fanfic writer but she's too shy to publish it publically in the net. ekeke so I told her lah, to let me read it. and yeah, she promised that she'll let me read it tomorrow :D I can't wait!! FOR SURE, she's a good writer!
And if she said she wanna read mine, I shall say NO. miahaha sound unfair right? But really... I'm not even finish with any of mine yet -.- too lazy mahh~ what to do? ekekeke

<---- he is my newest husband. hahahaha KYUZIZI~ that's what his fans call him and he's the leader of group call Infinite! yesh~ hahahaha XD well, my real infinite bias is not him actually hahaha it is actually MyungSoo but I don't know why am I suddenly like him. AHAHAHA :D
I'm not so new with Infinite of course but just newly I know their names instead of only MyungSoo. Hahahaha :DD Fudge me, right? HAHAHAHA
Okay, uhh... school is quite normal to me and my homework is piling everyday. hahahaha especially Statistic. ekekeke :D the only works that I manage to finish is ... uhh... I think... none. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA not funny I know. and right now, I'm supposely doing my homework but I decided to update my blog instead ekekeke XD
And ohh, looking at SungGyu face reminds me about my newest fanfic. ekeke YES, I'm writing new one. DON'T CRITIC ME! i know what I'm doing! hahahahaha XD well, this time its about me, jaba and infinite Miahahahahahahahahahahahahaha XDDDDDDDD well, i planned to write it ending to be sad but I don't know if I can though since I'm not really good in expressing it in words and I find it really hard to write hahahaha I'm scared it won't turn out good gahh!! what am I doing?!
I was just finish reading my own story. hahahaha and well, it kinda good for myself (of course la, I'm the one who write it HAHAHAHA ) and I think chapter one is quite short. Oh, I've told sis Jaba to read it and tell me if the chapter one is short or not but she didn't say anything about it though.... ...... maybe she just forgotten hahahaha oh well *shrugs*

and Oh, today Dence message me and ask me to go for a movie with her tomorrow. Well, as usual... I won't say no. =.= ekekeke even if I don't feel like it but it just hard... REALLY HARD for me to say NO. not just her, to ANYBODY! hahahahahaha if I say no, I would feel like... guilty for a week or so. hahahaha fudge me, right? haish...anyway, I wasn't going with her alone okay? thank goodness lalan and her dad was going here to my house and i told her to come with me tomorrow. hahahaha XD
Well, yes. I do have said that I dislike her for ignoring Pearl before this but you know, it just.. I don't know... I can't stay mad for long. It not like it gonna give me any credits to hate her or whatever. hahahaha :D no matter she do, she always is my sister somehow. and now, I just can hope the best for her :) ekekeke :DDD but yeah, I still can't forgive her what she had done to Pearl and how she's being disrespect to my granddad's funeral =.=' but who am I to judge her? I'm just a loyal servant .. :)
And... uhh.... Oh YAA!! I almost forgot! Another Action Figure of mine has arrive!!! WEEWOOOO~~~ this time I bought Bakuman action figure hahahaha I don't have any idea what anime that is but the nendroid is so freaking CUTE! actually I was aiming for Okumura Rin's action figure but out of stock. hahahahaha and yeah, when the package arrive, my mum got angry with me. Heh >.> and she even critic my action figure saying like "What will you do with this junk?" "All it do is wasting your money," "Aren't you to old for all this?" and some words I must not mention here. hahaha but it's really hurt my feeling somehow. The tones she's using, it's seem like she's really disagreeing with this hobby of mine. Well, I do admits that I am using lots of money to buy this stuff.

But come on. This is what I dedicated my life for. She's obviously know how deep is my love towards this kind of thing, towards anime, manga, doraemon, action figures, cute things.... but why must she.. haish... Isn't it not enough for her to stop me from achieving my childhood dream of becoming successful mangaka? and now she wants to stop my hobby? I know that I'm not even using my own money to buy those stuff but... come on... I'm repaying it by studying the stuff that she and dad ask me for and what am I getting if I stop? does she wants to see me go study everyday and study, study and study??? psh... I'll be crazy in no time. But seriously. this is what I really want and I know this may seems childish and trashy in her eyes but I've dream to do this since forever and at least, after crashing down my dream, AT LEAST La... she respect this weird hobby of mine. I'm not wasting money with some trash or junk like she said. I'm doing this because this is what I really want, what I've been wanting forever and only through this thing, I can chill myself and face the fact that I will never be a mangaka like I wish for. And this is what I want. I just wish she'll understand and respect my decision one day.
At least for once.
I've been doing a lot to please them both and this is only wish I have for now. If they both agreed to respect this hobby of mine. with all my heart, I shall drop my dream of being mangaka and learn what they want me to learn. I mean it. and if they still want to stop me from doing this, then... My life is over. I will have no reason to live. and maybe I will just live to please them.. maybe that what they want me to do.

OKAY! enough. hahahahahahaha XDDD
Oh look at the time! almost 11 :))
I shall retreat now since I still have assignments and few homework to deal with fuhh... first time, no tears. HAHAHAHA XD well, no reason to cry though. I'm just wish for my hobby to be respect :)
P.S : I'm seriously going to buy the Okumura twins' action figure even if I have to secretly buy it. Oh well, that is exactly what I'm going to do, PEACE OUT! XDD

and yeah, I'm being crazy for a moment there. HAHAHAHA enjoy my pics and my two top husband for now HAHAHHAHAHAHA :DDDD

 P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)