Story Of Little Miss Stalker :D

on Monday,
I wait for you at the door
You pass by me
I smile at you
You look at me
I look somewhere else

On Tuesday
I search for you
I found you
You look at me
I pretend to look somewhere else

On Wednesday
I walk behind you
Listen to your soft voices
You notice and look back
I stop and pretend to tie up my shoelace

On Thursday
I look at you
You look back at me
I didn’t notice
You smile
I notice and I immediately pretend to talk to friend

On Friday
I look at you from far
You busy talking to your friend
You didn’t notice and didn’t look back
I wonder why

On Saturday
I’m at home
Stalking over your profile
Read your status over and over
Smiling before went to dream land.

On Sunday
I stalk your profile
I read you status
I smile
Nothing change
Still got chance, my heart whisper
I feel relieve

But for sure
You’ll never know
I give you my heart without you noticing it
For I’m afraid your heart is belong to someone else
I will let my heart take care of you
Until you find someone special
Someone who deserve you.

Love you always : D