LOve StOry.

Okay. today i'm not going to say anything about my day because i just want to share my thought with everyone. The story started with on the second week of school and miss A was going to school like others. She straight away go to her classroom and hi everyone that she met especially her bestfriend, miss B. Miss B and her had been besties since they were young. I mean since they were still child la. In their class, there was a boy whose name is Mr. C. Mr.C is kinda cute type of boy and always being cute. hahaha =D you know as cute as a puppy i think. hahahah =D Oraits! Miss A had a crush on Mr.C at the same time, her besties, Miss B told her that she want to have him and already make the first move. First move like aa, texting or YM  maybe. Miss A do nothing except for keeping her feeling to herself.
                After few weeks, Miss B and Mr.C get along very well and Miss A is very jelous but she can't do anything because she don't want to interupt. She is really hurt but still she smile. She put a smile on her face more than before to cover up her jelousy. She just pretending that she never like Mr.C but deep inside her heart, she love him very much. She tease miss B with Mr.C like its not going to hurt her feeling. She acted like she don't care when Mr.C was talking with Miss B but she have a glance on Mr.C by that time.

So, I just want you people to think. What will happen to Miss A? Will Mr.C know her feeling towards him? IS Miss B is going to hate Miss A when she find out? give me your thought. hahaha =D

~~~I'm On Vacation~~~

 Yuhuu! Its been a while i didn't write my blog here. I think today is my first time of writing my blog on this 2010. Whoa! sound like its been a year but for real, its just a few weeks. Okayla. I have start my school day and everything goes fine. I'm in Elite class and i found that this class is particularly boring as the student inside this class is so dicipline and QUIET. you know i don't like quiet and i barely can consentrate when there is no sound at all. And for now, Add Math is my enemy and Jaba is so true about add math when she said that this subject is a killer subject. Haiz! make me dizzy oo~. but i'll try my very best to understand everything about add math. Kong Ek Cheng asked me to go tution but.. i don't think that i want to attend to extra class this year because i want to relax-relax my brain first then next year, i will go la. ahaha =D
        Okayla. today is raining like cat and dog. Its started to raining on monday if i'm not mistaken. Its been a week the weather is cold and i feel so lazy to go to school as the weather makes me wanna sleep and truly reminds me of my pillow and teddy at home. ahaha =D so malas ahh me this year.
        This year also is my first time of having a lot of homework. I still got a dozen of homework to do. I bought here only 3 out of plenty. ahaha =D Urgh! Oh ya! i forget to tell the real story. ahahah =D Mianhaeyo~ Ok Ok... today me and my family went to bintulu to get aki home. We all go together except for Ina because she afraid that we don't have enough spaces. We go here by car. Two cars. My mum's and apak ulit's car. Tomorrow we going home but before that we going shopping a bit and i want to buy something for my besties, Fiona and of course for myself too. Urmm...Okla. i think thats enough for now. If my internet connection going to work out after this bad weather, i will put some photo of us when we were in Bintulu. Orait then.
          Last but not least, i want to say sorry for not putting any image here. ehehe =D i promise that i'll put some image here in the future. MIANHAEYO!