The Epic Story ~ ♥

Annyeong and greetings! Huaaa  it's been a while i didn't blogging eh? Well, lots of things happening lately but I just don't feel like writing though. Sorry, Mr.Bloggy. ehehe :)) I was too busy with my anime, manga, facebook and twitter. hehehehe :) Currently I'm obsessed with Ao No Exorcist or known as Blue Exorcist. I was falling in love with the main character completely. hahahaha :) Yep, i'm mentally taken by Okumura Rin now. hahahahaha :) Call me crazy, well I am. if you don't know about it then, YOU MUST BE NEW~ hahahaha :D Only those who never met me will call me normal. hahaha >U< no kidding. ekekeke :D

I was just came back from my Cyworld. I just remember that I have one Cy account. LOL and yeah, I just upload few pictures and drew something and even updating my diary over there :) actually, I have no friend in Cyworld. ekekeke :) and plus, i don't know how to add people and how to interact with others. ekekeke :) And as I was just about to move onto mr.Bloggy just now, I look at "numberOfview" for my Cy and Taa-Daa! I'm so contented. LOL XD I got 73 viewers. that already a lot for me. huahahaha :3 but none of those 73 viewer add me as their friends T^T. never mind though, someone will add me in the future. ekekekeke (( Forever alone )) hahahaha :D

Just now I tidy up my room and I was thinking to re-arrange all my manga :) And taa-daa~ my comic section is almost full. I wonder if sis Inut returned the manga she borrowed, will it fill all the empty spaces? hahahaha :D Urgh, I wish it won't hahahaha :) because I still have lots of manga that I want to buy and i know, more to come! and currently, i'm waiting for USER2 by Zint ^U^. And I was thinking to collect helios Eclipse and Maid Maiden by Kaoru. But I have to wait until my money state is balance. right now, I'm almost broke. hahaha :D I have to sacrifices my RM 70 for Ao No Exorcist. LOL :D But never mind because it worth it :DD Omonah~~ I'm so grateful that I bought it! >.< hopefully, sis Jaba took a very good care of it. hahahaha :))) I want my children to watch it as well Old School punya Anime~ :D

Speaking of anime, last few days ago.. I was feeling so down and i don't know what to do. so i decided to buy myself some good anime to watch and to heal my broken precious heart lah. So I bought three of them, Nyan Koi, Monochrome Factor and Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi. So, when I arrived home, I go straight to my room and decided to watch Sekai-Ichi first because I was fell in love with the character cute look. hahahahaha :) and then, the first epic story begun. hahahahaha XD Stomach cramp! hahahahahahaha :) aduh... So I start watch lah kan without hesitancy in my heart. hahahaha :D I can't stop laughing right now. hahahahahaha :D Akaidai~ and then, there was a sequal, and the main character, Onodera Ritsu was telling lah that he loves someone, at first I relaxlah and then he told me that he was deeply in love with Saga Masamune, a guy as well. I was like WTF?! hahahahahaha :D well, that was just for a moment though. So, I kept on watching lah.. hahahaha :D innocently keep watching. then around chapter 3, Masamune try to rape Ritsu, I was like o.O WHAT THE..?! and chapter 4 or 5 like that, something very disturbing was shown. my eyes grew wider as I saw that Masamune kissed Onodera..  I was like WTFF?!!! hahahaha :DD and then Masamune said to Ritsu, "Touch Me," and he put Ritsu hands to touch his... ya know, his that time,  I MENTALLY SCREAM IN TERROR! hahahahahahahaha XD Aduhaii~~~ So, freaking me out.... I can barely breathing. hahahaha :D Aduii~ then I decided to stop watching it.. because I'm overly disturbed by that, just two words..and an action T^T. I slowly turned off my lappy and tuck myself under my blanket. I reach for my phone and twitted, "Forgive Me My Lord" hahahaha :D Haishhh~~ I swear, I will never ever watch that anime ever again and yes, I'm not regret that I don't watch it till the end but I do regret for buying it T^T... and on the day I bought Ao No Exorcist, I saw that the YAOI anime have seasons two. WTF?! hahahahhaha :D and I did some research as well and I found that the anime was one of the best-selling.. Seriously? hahahahahahaha :D Akai~ but P.S: I'm not against YAOI but I'm also not a fans of YAOI.. hahahaha :)) Peace yaw!

And here goes the second Epic story. hahahahahahhahahaahaha :D aduh~ right now I'm seriously trying to control myself from laughing out loud. hahahahahahaha :D akaidai~ this one happens on last two days ago. The story goes like this ( Clear Throat ) Sis Jaba had promised me that she's going to teach me how to drive properly lah as I'm going to have my driving test on February :D So, she drove towards Curtin there as there was some abandoned road and very good spot to practice. So, there we go lah. at first, nothing happens. hehehehehhehehehehe :D that epicness start when she taught me to do three pointer. hahahahahahahahaha XD ADUH~~~ I don't know how to tell this but... hahahahahaha :DDDD as I was doing the three pointer unsuccessfully, there was police patrol stop next to our vehicle and they asked us lah what are we doing there in the middle of empty road. hahahahaha :D what's make it funny is that we both shows poker face, and explained all the details even though the police didn't even ask about it. hahahahahahahahaha :D and I can't forget the way sis Jaba told the police that she got her license with her poker face. hahahahahahahahahaha XDDDDD maybe you guys don't understand what i'm trying to tell, but doesn't matter, because it surely does make my day! hahahahahahaha XD akaidai~ i'm gonna die laughing alone!

Today, I went visit sis Chyi for she was celebrating Chinese New Year. I go there with sis Jon, Bro Rajuna and My lil' shawn. I got angpau~~ RM 10 lah. hahahaha :) and plus ferrero rosche. hahahahahahahaha :D yep, I got tapau. hahahaaha :)) I'm very grateful for that though. ehehehe :) and then I play lego with both Jayden and Shawny. and then the three of us played outside. hahahaha :) i feel like I'm almost the same age with them both. ekekekeke :) And around 7, we went home... the weather isn't good lah.. rainy like cats and dogs. but i kinda like it though. hehehehe :) remember, that's my favorite weather :D And just now, my brother pissed my mum off by asking some money. Can you believe it, he just asked for 150 around 10p.m and now he called again and asked for another 100. I was like WTH?! haishh... I don't know what had gotten into him. I think the devil already control him completely and grew and become one with his soul. haish~ I just could shook my head right now. Before, i would cry over this kind of stuff but now, I won't cry... I won't waste my precious tears for some stupid brother like him though. very stressful! >.<

And this morning, as I was tidying my room lah, I saw one manga that I haven't read yet. So, I took some times to read it up, ehehehe :) and as i finished reading the whole story, I saw the extra page which manga-ka always used to tell their life as Mangaka. I read it up and I suddenly felt my heart was heavy. My chest hurt so badly and suddenly i recall back about when my mum told me to stop buying manga and anime cds. I was like "WTH?" Well, duh! isn't enough kah they disapproving my childhood dream to becoming mangaka?! now they want me to stop buying stuff I like? The only stuff that I used to make me feel better.. that is so not damn fair! I love Manga and I love Anime, if they think I wanna be mangaka because I read to much Manga, they are sooo freaking wrong because I want to be mangaka because I love to draw. Its always be my dream to be Mangaka since I was 5.... I just couldn't believe it.... i thought parents is the person who understand us the most but I was so wrong.. maybe others parent, but I don't think my parent does. they keep disapproving everything I want, everything I like. Well, they do buy me stuff that I like, I mean electronics stuff but I had enough of all that and seriously, none of it satisfied me. None of it could make my heart felt contented and joyful like after I treat myself with couple of Manga. I wish my parents would understand how much my hearts loves anime and manga. And I'm sorry to tell, that I can't grew up according to their plans.

I guess, that's all I wanna say.. hahahahha :D right now my hands is shaking. hahahaha :D Seriously, I'm so mad right now.. ahahahahah :D i told you, I'm emo. hahahahaha :) anyway, I hope things would get better soonlah.. and Oh, by the way... right now I'm currently engaged to Cha Bo Sung :D hahahahahahahahahaha :)) don't believe me? Take a look at my facebook profile :) Yeah, HE JUST SO DAMN CUTE! I WAS LIKE OMG!! hahahahahahahaaha :D akaiii~~ actually, sis Jaba found him and yeah, I 'tackle' him first. ahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha :D I've been 'together with him since last year on 27 November.. ekekeke :D 2 month eh? hahahahahahahahahahaha XD ( lungs cramps! ) but P.S I'm still with Mir. ekekekekeke :))) and oh ya.. i wanted to recommend you guys a song, which I really love for the time being. you guys just click on my music player's playlist and try listen to In My World :)) I love the sound of the guitar at first and then comes the drums.. OMONAH~ I'm in love with the song and actually, the song was the second opening theme for Ao No Exorcist *nodded* first time I listened to the song, i straight away fell in love with it beats. I wonder who sang it.. maybe after this I'll search for it. ekekekekeke :)) So, we're reach the ends of my post :) Hope to see you guys again soon :) hahahaha :)) pray for my happiness yaw! hahahahaa :D Stay blessed and thanks for reading my crap ^..^ And to end this very post, I would like to introduce my current boyfriend. hahahahaha :D Enjoy~

Ngeee   i'm blushing right now. ahhahahahaa :D I'm sooo freaking in love with this guy! :D
SO, wish us happy ever after.
Peace Out!
P.S : I love his eyes and his serious looking :D hahahaha :D Kawaii~~ >.< 

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears :)