Fuck My Trust On People. Just Fuck It. Damn.

I'm just tired of bullshit of where the fuck is "Oh, we won't tell a shit to anybody about this shit?" where the fuck is that fucking promise, man? I trust you people to keep it as a secret and you guys eventually tell others about it even after i fucking told you not to? what the fuck?

Well, congratulations! you destroyed my fucking trust that I put on you people. I guess I'm just trusting to easy heh? I should have known about this earlier that I should never fucking trust or tell a shit about what had happen to my brother. I'm just so fucking fed up with this shit. I trust you... I fucking trust you to keep it as a secret. Why would you do this to me? why the fuck, man? why?

I know that my brother is a bitch and he's iynvolves with drugs and shit. and that stuff is not what you should said or tell. I remembered that I've told you not to tell a soul about it even if it your parents. I mean it dude. Why?

I guess telling you guys about that shit is the worst decision ever. I regret that I've you about it and don't ever wish that I've told you anything anymore. I'm fucking done. Seriously. Its not like you don't know hows your parent. I'm not trying to talk bad things about them, but once they knew about something, there's a chance the whole world will know about it and it will bring disgrace to my family. Don't you ever get it? that is the fucking reason I don't want you to tell any shit about my brother to them. Well, maybe you guys refer everyone to judge my brother and talk bad shit about him. I know my brother has making a fucking dumb mistake. but he's change man. And now.... I don't know. I guess I'm just trusting the wrong person. You can't even keep a simple promise. I'm sorry man. I'm just... done.
But all in all. I can't blame you for this. This is my own fucking fault for can't even keep my fucking mouth shut. I guess I deserve all the blame for telling when I was told I shouldn't be doing that. Thank you. Now everyone hates me and judge me. Thank you.

Now my mom interrogating me and I don't know, maybe the whole family that knows about it will try to make me tell the truth.

I'm sorry.