Talking About My Favourite Cartoonist :)

Annyeong, again! in this post i wanna talk about my favourite local cartoonist :D well, as you know imma Otaku and i love comics and anime more than anything else and YES i'm 17 years old and YES i'm still collecting manga, figure dolls and watch anime :) i don't care what people think. if they want to be friend with me, they must accept me for who i am :) so, below is all about favourite's local cartoonist. enjoy Y'all!

First is Kaoru. her name is kaoru la. i don't know her real name hehehe. i just knew that she is the first Malaysian's female cartoonist. yepp :D she was so lucky. hehehe. i wish i can be like her ONEDAY! XD and she started to like drawing since she was old enough to draw. hehehe. and the photo that is shown < ---- is one of her creative works :) nice kan? and obviously, she likes Japan and i think she likes cosplay too :) what else? urmm.. ah, i've bought lots of her art work, like Daisuki, 143 Maskaret Cinta, Kaoru's Cake House*manga*, Kaoru's Cake House*novel*, and Siri Maskaret Cinta-colour-. hehehe. so, in the future, i want to buy all the Helios Eclipse from episode One until End. then, i'll buy Maid Maiden. but not now, i want to wait until she finish all the episode. ekekeke XD

*only look at the Helios Eclipse* ehehehe :) and she also designed a t-shirt for couple but can also be bought separate. hehehe :)

And so, that is all about Miss Kaoru :) 

Introducing, Zint. hehehe :) i love his works because all of them look so COOLIO! hahaha :) lots of action and comedy. ekeke :) i adore the way he draw his comic characters. His comics, mostly is about teenagers life, schools, bad student, bully, etc..etc.. hehehe. still, i call it as COOL! my favourite? OH YES. definitely Under 18~! XD i have lots of his books as well. i got, CheapShot,, Eli*i lost this one T^T*, Under18 No Fear, Under18 Fear No More, Kisah Pengembaraan Kroit, Rapsodi 18, UnderAge and HERO. Yepp :) Love them. whenever i'm down, i'll took one of this comic kan, surely i'm gonna smile again. ekeke. :) thanks to Mr.Zint ^^ And i'm looking foward to buy Under18 Fearless. ehehe :) I'll buy it no matter what will happen. ekeke :)

McD Moment :)

Annyeong, everyone :D today is Sunday and i woke up at 9 :00 a.m. hehehehe :) eh, nope. i haven't study for tomorrow exam which is BM. relax~ i just need to read the literature notes and knowing the essay format kan? hahaha :) easy bah.. not boasting here just telling the truth. ekeke :) just that i'm not sure whether i can do essay that is not broken BM. ekeke ;D right now i'm suppose to start revising. hehe but i just want to write blog first as its been a very long time i didn't wrote it. hehehe. i miss my bloggy BADLY.

Finally, i found the photo of HyukMin and the legendary ulzzang, Park TaeJun :D i love their pose! Both Cute, Both GoodLooking !! *crazy* i wish they are mine. LMFAO :D in dream only de. ekeke :) and i guess this photo were taken while they are shooting PrettyBoys&Girls season 4 :) i didn't watch this shows but i think it must be very interesting to watch >.< i want to watch but i'm SPM this year. if i watch it kan, later i'll be very addicted and hard for me to keep away from it. ekeke. "Prevention is WAY BETTER than cure" LOL XD

today, i went to McDonald with Sis Ina, Sis Jon and Phoebe as well as my little nemesis, Shawny :) we have a very nice interesting moment together. ekeke :) but to bad, Shawny gone wild and bite a woman who sit next to us. i was like "WHAT THE?!" then, we all go home. the time we spent at McD was short but still i have a huge good memoirs to take home with. ehehe :) i had fun, we all had fun and that is the most important :D

so, here is some of our photo that we manage to took just now :) ENJOY

hahaha.. nice kan? i like it! XD looking forward to took more photo in the future and hoping sis Jaba and sis Inut also join us :)

This love is special for my dearest followers. thanks to you guys for now i'm having 21 followers *exclude mine* hahaha :) i don't know what else to say to you guys. thank you so much for willing to follow my bloggy :) much-much love for all of you. don't worry, because i follow you back :) cool ~ :DD

so, i guess that all for now. ADIEU :)
 enjoy my boys photo ya?! XD

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)
P.S 2 : I don't have to go tuition. YUHUU~~ :D

My Classmates Is A Murder And Life Sometimes Unfair.

AnnyeongHaseyo! today i got school de. yea, i know. i'm suppose to wake up late today but unfortunately i have school to attend T^T oh ya, before i continue to my main point, i want to tell that yesterday my Bio teacher told us to conduct an experiment on studying i mean Killing an innocent frog. I was like "WTF?!" i didn't join them and i wait outside the laboratory because i can't stand the cruelnesses. it just not fair because the frog didn't disturb them but they kill with no humanity. GOSH! i'm so piss that time. if i'm not respecting the Bio teacher kan, i'll scream at the top of my lungs and scold them for killing the innocent frog! URGh! right now pun i'm still pissing off. i told dence, "don't look at me with your murderous eyes," LOL :) anyway. i'm glad that the experiment is done :0 hopefully no more cutting-cutting animal in the future :D

today, i'm searching for hyukmin's photo again and i found few new photo of him and i also asking for his birthday which is comfirmly on 10th April 1990. whoa! he only 4 years older :) which means, he's going to be 21 soon... happy advanced birthday hyukminnie :D anyway, back to the topic. LOL :D his hair is getting longer and i think it is much better if he just kept his hair short like in the picture shown above because he just look even cuter with the hair :D i'm so glad that i've known such a cute boy like HyukMin *even it is just me who know him*. hahaha :) really looking forward to meet him personally :)

 And yepp, again my stupid brother messing with mum again. urgh! i'm so freaking tension right now. i just don't know when can he think normally like other brother. haiya. he never stop making my mum cry and sad. i hate him for that because he don't have rights to do so as my mum, MUM who give him food, shelters, and other needs. DUH! i don't know why is he behaving like that but i hope that he will make up his mind soon and open his heart towards praying. be normal, that is all i wish for him and stop messing with mum's life. she needs her own spaces to enjoy her life and not just to think about him, him and only him. hello? i'm her daughter and i also need her attention. its not fair if mum just NEED to give him everything. not that i demand it, i don't care anyway. just that i want him to stop polluting my mind and making me say the badword ever again because i want to stop myself from being bad so that i won't end-up selfishly stupid like he does.

so, before i end this post, i just wanna show you a photo book that i made with xiuxiu just now. LOL :D DUH, of course la I put hyukmin's photo ^^. anyway, glad to be online the line back. hahaha :) and i think by next week i will control myself and try my best to stop myself from online-ing because next week start first trial already bah~ hahaha :) so, hwaiting for me! gambatteh kudasai!

Adieu :)

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears.

Simple And Dimple? hahaha :)

Annyeong! this is my quick post ^^l i am going to school now. hahahaha :) i'm still waiting for Bulan to finish her bath so here i am.. blogging XD well, maybe i won't be able to update my blog for a while as i really want to concentrate on my study :) so, this is my last post for this month :) hehe :D thanks for wasting time to read this simple post of mine. hahaha :) thanks and kamsahamnida!

so, here is my photo to ends so that u guys won't miss me. and whenever you miss me, just look at it. LOL XD enjoy and have a nice day ahead!

I got this from a friend ^^

i found this on my Maknae's blog, Baabaa :) hahaha :D look interesting, so i want to try la :D LOL.. Thanks, Maknae XD
Name : PgieDeryck
Eye colour : DarkBrown
Shoe Size : 7 (imma giant)
Hair :  DarkBrown
Piercing : 2 (both ear.)
Height : 167 cm
weight : 62 kg (imma fatty acid LOL XD)
What are you wearing right now : black t-shirt + shorts.
Where do you live : Home :)
Favourite Number : 1, 7, 9, 11
Favourite Drink : mountain dew, strawberry milk
Favourite month : Remember December :)
Favourite Breakfast : any Home Cooks :)


Broken a bone : nea..
Been In a police Car : Nope :)
Fallen for a friend : Yepp. hahaha :D
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short time : YEASHH!
Swam In the ocean : yepp :)
Fallen asleep In school : LOL XD faverets!
Broken someone's Heart : I guess i have :)
Cried when someone died : DUH! silly, of coz!
Sat by the phone all the night waiting for someone call : Neah~
Saved E-mails : yesh! but then i deleted it~


Your room look a like : full of posters, here and there doraemon's stuff, my cupboard full of soft toys and my books everywhere :D
What is right beside you : my sister, Jaba :)
What is the last thing you ate : Twisties~


Who did you last tell : ermm... forget.. hahaha :D
Who was the last person you danced with : My Baby Belle :)
Who last made you smile : Kang Hyuk Min!!


What are you listening to right now : news and gossipers. LOL XD
What did you do today : online, wakeup, online, eat :)
Indoors or outdoors : indoors.


Talk to someone you like : urmm.. NOPE
Kiss someone : NO.. 
Sing : err.. no i think..
Talk to an Ex : i dun even have X.. Y got la. hahaha XD
Miss someone? : nope :)
Eat : Yes.


You talked on the phone to : sis Jon :)
Made you cry : someone that i trusted.
You went to the mall with : My sisters, Pbie and Jon :)
Who cheered you up : Family and My lovely Hyuk Min.


Been to Mexico? : Nea..
Been to USA? : Nope.


Have a crush on someone : Yes.. yes i do :)
What books are you reading right now : hahaha :) facebook~
Best feeling in the world : when my hyukmin know and love me back XD
Future kids name : Ivan -M Annette-F :)
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : Yea :)
What's under your bed : nothing. Dust and cockroaches. i think. LOL XD
Favourite sports : basketball but due to health probs, i dun play anymore T^T
Favorite place : anywhere as long as i'm home :)
Who do you really hate : none. *LYING*
Do you have a job : full-time daughter XD

My Doom's Day is NEAR X((

Annyeonghaseyo~ before i forget, i would love to wish all lovers in the world, Happy Belated V-Day (eventhough i know this day cannoe be celebrtaed) haha :) anyway, i hope that those who celebrating this special day will took care of their partner well and never will hurt their feelings :) Me? Nope.. i don't celebrate it and i will if HyukMin ask me to be his valentine. hahaha :) because my heart is only for him as he is The Love Of My Life :D LOL XD hopefully he don't read this and even if he does, hope he don't know English. LMFAO XD

And the reason why i'm blogging today is that i want to tell that my First SPM Trial exam is getting nearer and i'm DEAD-MEAT! yesterday, my EST teacher told us that our exam will start on 28th February and NOT 1st of March! i was like "OMAIGOSH!" i haven't study yet T^T! i'm doomed~~ before this, i promise my mum that i will get top 20 if she agreed to repaired all my phones and now, i don't feel i'm going to able to do it :( i'm sorry mum! but for sure, nothing is too late and i think a week and a half is enough for me to study well right? nothing is impossible right? URGH! i'm so not confident to have good grades right now! X(( i don't know what to do! my brain stuck! i don't have any idea on how to study T^T

And right now, what i'm suppose to do is DOING MY PHYSIC but what i did is TAA-DAA~ i'm online and blogging T^T well, i will STOP online exactly on 7.00p.m or i'm dead tomorrow because ekcheng will going to eat me alive! well, i'm not gonna do anything else,including my other homeworks because i'm really going to do my physics. FULLSTOP! oh well, wish me luck then. huhu T^T die~~ Hyukminnie~ T^T

so, i guess i better offline and start doing physic :) so, adieu! here is my long lost photo of my school, SMKP and my hyukmin. well, i edited it a little. enjoy! 

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears.

 Annyeong~ ehehe :) long time no see~ well, i don't have anything to share de. I got one but i don't feel like typing. besides, i really need to reduce my amount of online-ing for this year :D yea, for my own good. DUH! hahaha :) anyway, i just finish searching for my HyukMin's photo and Maths question. You must be very surprise when i say "searching for Math Question" hahaha :) yea.. me too~ but i did this because my caunselling teacher demand me to do the maths question so that i could improve my maths in the coming exams. Uh-huh, counsellor call me on the last period today :) well, maybe because my marks aren't good and wasn't suit for Elite classes. yea, obviously :) i got 5 failed. T^T but what else can i do? i'm just not good enough besides, you know kan how complicated and pathetic has my life become? everything seem to make me down~ but i'm not going to let my emotion and personal problems to control me or i'm gonna be useless daughter for my parent. YEAH, babey! that's the spirits! haha ") to be honest, even though i typed like this, i actually don't have any confident to be the best. yea, i'm coward. courage the cowardly dog~ hahaha :)

 So, what's coming? Valentine's day of course! me? celebrated it? Dreaming de! hahaha :) well maybe if HyukMin come to Malaysia later, then i'll going to celebrate it. ekeke XD so, what so special about this day? well, for me it does special and really do means a lot to me for on this day i can gives present to everyone that i love, Families, Friends and of course, Myself! hahaha :D i've talk about this giving moment with dear prudence and she said it was briliant and she said she's going to gives me and the rest cookies~ haha :) me? uh, well, i'm planning on giving them keychain. Hai! i've seen a lot of cute keychain at DPS last sunday~ hahaha :) i aimed some of it and i think i just give it to Prudence, Val, and Fiona only :) hehehe. what else? Ah! first trial exam is coming too~ 1st of March de =.=; i haven't done any revision yet and yea the counsellor told me to started today with Maths! and she said she wanna see how am i doing on recess tomorrow. LOL XD i'm dead meat right now!~ ekeke. then she said, she's gonna see me again in the future, i think after the first trial because she want to see my improvement. i guess, i really do need to do something from now on XD

  So, i guess this all for now because i already heard my homework is calling me non-stop =.=; i better treat them well or they gonna tell my mum :) hahaha ^^ so, i will write again soon but still don't know when. hopefully i can write very soon because i miss you so much, Bloggy! haha :) so, i guess.. this is goodbye- Annyeong! :3

so, here is the photo of my sweet Valentine's photo :) enjoy  LMFAO XD

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)


Today's Update [ me and phoebe ] MY 100th POST!

Annyeong! Today me and Phoebe play with tumblr’s camera. Haha :D yea.. got a lot of crazy pose of us. LOL XD anyway, I don’t have much things to say right now as I already say everything on my previous post. LOL XD so, here is the photo of us. Enjoy it~ *just show some of it de..

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :D

it's my 100th post!! XDD

Month Of Lovers :D

Annyeong everyone :D today is the first ot February :D as you all know, February is a very special day for all lovers and those who are in love :) i feel the same way just that i still don't have partner to celebrate with :D hahaha :D 13 days left before Valentine's Day which it gonna be Christyan and Prudence first anniversary~ wohoo~ its been a year! and after this very month, will gonna be a first SPM trial for all of us. Hopefully i can do my best :D btw, do you like me photo? *refer to the above* haha :D i called that photo as "The BadInnocentEyes" because its look innocent, in fact its already seen a lot of bad things, like murder, bully, lies, etc.. hehe :) on tv la.

<--- Photo of the month! hahaha :D love this one. i look different in that very photo. i mean look more cuter. LOL but to be honest, i'm so different in real world. ekeke :D yea, camera.. they hide every ugliness. hahaha :D so, what to talk about? hmm.. actually i don't have any topic. hahaha :D ah yea, i'm now at Phoebe's house de. yea.. we're having sleepover at her place. and her dad is going to go offshore by later on, must wake up like an early bird la. hehe :) but according to my eyes condition right now, i don't think i can sleep at this very time. because i can feel that my eyes is still freshh~ hehehe :D and thats not gonna be any problem even if i'm going to be awake the whole day because mum not here and i have nothing to be afraid off. ekeke :D and right now i'm listen to P!nk new song, well one of her new song call Raise Your Glass. this song is dedicated to all freaks in the world "uh, ME!" after i listen to this song, i feel so good and confident because it gives me strength to faced everyone :D talking about song, for the time being, i loves to listen to bruno mars :) yea...his voice.. OMG~ i'm in love:D hahahaha XD but i think he's already got partner de. hahaha :D Bruno's song that i love the most is Love the way you are :)

hahaha :D that photo is when i was on hunting trip :P ekekeke. yea, i hunt for food inside my uncle's fridge :) but to bad i can't find anything to eat. drink? yea.. got but i don't feel like it. well, maybe later. i saw green Miranda :) ehehe which going to be my victim later. ekekeke :D and yea, i'm freezing to death right now. the air conditioner is so damn powerful >.<  i barely can move my body. hahaha :D if i can do magic, i'll use my eyes to type while i'm wrapping my whole body with blanket XD

<-- that is my lappy and my headphone :D new one. LOL *show off* i just took the photo. look nice kan? i know! ekeke XD *sigh* what to talk about ha? i'm out of idea. my brain is freezing right now. hahaha :D oh ya! right now i'm unofficially in a relationship with LukeIvane. hahaha :D what a very complicated relationship. ekeke :) wish we can be officially in relationship. DUH~ who doesn't want to be with the hottest guy in school? *at his school la* hahaha :D oh yea, i suddenly remember that i've confess to the one that i admired. LOL XD that is my first time you know :) it took few days for me to decide whether to kept silence or tell him. hahaha :) but then my bestie dare me to tell him, you know prudence. she dare me and i wasn't really good in being dare, so i try my best and there i told him the truth and everything~ hahaha :D but i also told him that he don't have to trouble himself to find out who i am :D LOL. to be honest, i'm afraid that he's gonna find me and scold me for sending such things. hahahaha :D if he scold me kan, i will tell sis Jaba! hmmhmm..

Last few days, i stalk hyukmin again and i found that he look different now :) maybe because his hair is shorter. i don't hate it but i dislike it. the hairstyle make him look older :( i want him in medium-length hair :D and i've observed that he look even more skinnier! i was like "WHOAA. what happen?" so, i want to use this opportunity to say *like they even read it* that i want to sue the modelling agency for not giving  him enough food to eat. i know la, model need to be skinny but not that skinny. he looks like skeleton. DUH! the skinnier the person, the older they will look. haiya! that basic also dunno ha? hmm..hmm.. anyway, for me, they should encourage all their models to eat more la. don't have to be so skinny. not nice. hahaha :D about the seu-ing things, i'm just joking. i don't even have a lawyer to do the sue-things. hahaha :D anyway, i'm not in the mood of Sue people :) beside, i'm to young to do so. hahaha :D back to the topic, hyukmin now is around 19 years old. yea.. older.. 2 years and i wish i can celebrate Valentine's day with him :) dreaming with open eyes. ekeke :) *broken english. i know*. so, right now, i'm listen to RunDevilRun by Kesha.  and i heard that run devil run is originally by kesha but then the SNSD took it. hmm.hmm... with permission of course. ehehehei XD

so, i guess that is all i want to talk about. so here is Young Gi's cute face to end this post :) hope to see you guys on my next post, which i don't know when because mum said that she's gonna took this precious lappy from me  T^T this may be our last post T^T so, bye-bye chingudeul. saranghae :)

so, thats it :) adieu :DD

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)