Friendship That I Thought Won't Last.

Greetings, humanoid.
Today, I'm going to talk about the friendship I once thought was lost. Well, you see I was wrong. Completely wrong. I thought these girls would leave me and we can't be together like we used to. But that's all was wrong. In fact, we still can be together like we used to in high school. Nothing change between us to be honest. Just that we couldn't find time to spend together anymore. Well, you know. Our timetables are so freaking different from each other. Plus, we're studying at different schools.

Well, of course. We had numbers of fights before but then we eventually come back together again and act like nothing happens. Heh, crazy no? Well, that's friendship. But if we never fought, then I don't think we can still be friends today. Honestly, I just wanna say that I'm glad that I met this three beautiful girls and if I had a chance, and courage, I just want to take a brief moment, just to thank them for staying beside me, and be my friends until today. Even though we're like so rarely contacting with each other, sometimes, it will be like few month we're not going to see each other, I still can feel that they are there for me. Even when they're be with someone else, I know they are with me. I'm just glad you know. I never realized how special our friendships are until today.

We barely know each other and we might very lack of interaction between one another, but honestly, I can be myself when around these girls. I don't have to pretend to be someone that I'm not. They are accepting me as I am. I mean, you know quite well that I'm a toothless hehehe. Well yeah, I've told them and they're like Whoa~~ is it hurt? ahahaha I thought they're going to make fun of me you see and then would eventually break our friendship because they're shy to be friend with some toothless girl like me. hahaha XD
but they're just/. Okay whatever.. hahaha you know what I'm saying? hmmm... well that, I'm glad too :)

And honestly I said that there are time that I kind of disliking them, not all of them. only one of them. you know who. hahaha but then again, I thought that there is no reason for me to keep disliking her. I mean, no matter how bad I treat her, she's still staying. No matter how many text I didn't reply, she still there. I feel bad sometimes you know. Because she doesn't know why I'm treating her that way, so basically it's my fault for not telling what I dislike about her. hahaha Oh well, she'll know one day. Let others tell her about it. kekeke I have no heart to tell her.

We're so different from many aspects, mentally or physically. But that differences, maybe that's what make us still staying together until today. Well, maybe it just me who think this way, but doesn't matter though because I'm very glad that I knew them at the first place. I'm glad that I have a special group of people in my life and make me feel completed. I mean, I already have the most loving family in the world and now they're filling in the part which is the greatest friends of my life.

So, conclusion. I would love to cherish our friendship till the end of my breathes. I really do thanked them for staying by me for all these years. I think there is no other people can replace them in my heart. Thank you for the friendships. I shall cherish it forever.
and yeah, when I'm typing this.. I'm telling story like I'm going to leave forever hahahahaha seriously. I mean, the fuck? why all the sudden? ahahahaha oh well, for sure. I'm not gonna die. I haven't meet with my favourite celebrities yet. kekekeke :D Plus, I have final exams next two weeks. hahahaha XD
okay then, I shall sleep now.
Good morning

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears