Annyeong~ ehehe :) long time no see~ well, i don't have anything to share de. I got one but i don't feel like typing. besides, i really need to reduce my amount of online-ing for this year :D yea, for my own good. DUH! hahaha :) anyway, i just finish searching for my HyukMin's photo and Maths question. You must be very surprise when i say "searching for Math Question" hahaha :) yea.. me too~ but i did this because my caunselling teacher demand me to do the maths question so that i could improve my maths in the coming exams. Uh-huh, counsellor call me on the last period today :) well, maybe because my marks aren't good and wasn't suit for Elite classes. yea, obviously :) i got 5 failed. T^T but what else can i do? i'm just not good enough besides, you know kan how complicated and pathetic has my life become? everything seem to make me down~ but i'm not going to let my emotion and personal problems to control me or i'm gonna be useless daughter for my parent. YEAH, babey! that's the spirits! haha ") to be honest, even though i typed like this, i actually don't have any confident to be the best. yea, i'm coward. courage the cowardly dog~ hahaha :)

 So, what's coming? Valentine's day of course! me? celebrated it? Dreaming de! hahaha :) well maybe if HyukMin come to Malaysia later, then i'll going to celebrate it. ekeke XD so, what so special about this day? well, for me it does special and really do means a lot to me for on this day i can gives present to everyone that i love, Families, Friends and of course, Myself! hahaha :D i've talk about this giving moment with dear prudence and she said it was briliant and she said she's going to gives me and the rest cookies~ haha :) me? uh, well, i'm planning on giving them keychain. Hai! i've seen a lot of cute keychain at DPS last sunday~ hahaha :) i aimed some of it and i think i just give it to Prudence, Val, and Fiona only :) hehehe. what else? Ah! first trial exam is coming too~ 1st of March de =.=; i haven't done any revision yet and yea the counsellor told me to started today with Maths! and she said she wanna see how am i doing on recess tomorrow. LOL XD i'm dead meat right now!~ ekeke. then she said, she's gonna see me again in the future, i think after the first trial because she want to see my improvement. i guess, i really do need to do something from now on XD

  So, i guess this all for now because i already heard my homework is calling me non-stop =.=; i better treat them well or they gonna tell my mum :) hahaha ^^ so, i will write again soon but still don't know when. hopefully i can write very soon because i miss you so much, Bloggy! haha :) so, i guess.. this is goodbye- Annyeong! :3

so, here is the photo of my sweet Valentine's photo :) enjoy  LMFAO XD

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)