MyLoveBoy ♥I'm in Love♥ (seriously) XD

AnnyeongHaseyo, I'm Pgie imnida~ haha :) Happy Saturday Bloogers and to my mr Bloggy, I love you still. muahaha :D Orait, today is saturday. haha :) Well, obviously. Actually I don't know what to write for my introduction today as I'm feeling so tired. Yep, I've gone for shopping whole day lagi! haha :) as usual of course. I bought myself a sketch book, pens and even a novel entitled CreepOver. hohoh :) i'm a fans of scary story and movies, you know that. teehee =D But I haven't read about it yet. Maybe after SPM kot. Just hoping that I won't forget to read it. Please remind me, kudasigh! haha >.o Talking about SPM, i still have 2 more weeks to covered all 10 subject. Amazing eh? I haven't done a things yet. Just keep on online, online and shopping. Teehee (^.^) Urgh! Demn, I'm so nervous, I'm scared that I would let my parent down you know, but sure, I haven't lost hope yet. because deep down within me, I believe I can do it. Maybe I won't get straight 10A+ but I believe, I can get 10A even without the + haha =D fighting, pgie-chan!! :D

Oh, today actually I decided to buy another comic for myself; adding my collection lah. but unfortunately Popular Book Store didn't update their comic section. So, I ended up with CreepOver. hehe :) Oh, I did bought 3 books last time when I go to E-mart. I bought Shin Chan, shoujo genre and a mysteries. hehe :) I love the shoujo manga. they inspired me to keep on drawing and making my own. teehee =) I've been secretly decided to make one manga after I officially graduated from high school later on. I won't published it lah for sure, it will totally embarrassing, ekekeke :D I can't promise a thing about it because I just thought about it. ekeke =D hopefully I won't change my mind about it >.0 What else to talk about? Huh? where's my love boy? Oh well, I let you guys wondered first. ekeke =D Keep on reading, you'll find him. ekeke :D Orait, today I went to McD and have some Large McChicken because I so freaking starving just now. Urgh, I can barely talk, hahaha XD After that, we going home lah and oh, on our way home, we saw massive incident involving a motorcylist and a car I think. WOW, he's bleeding so badly you know but he's alive as far as I'd saw just now. hopefully he'll be alright, AMEN! Okay, now I'm going to tell you about a boy who finally manage to caught my heart which had been locked for over a years. LOL XD well, call me crazy YES! I'm crazy about him. I haven't confess to him yet because that would never can happen. He's not from Malaysia, he's came far far away from Malaysia. hahaha :) well, of course he's an Asian and damn, he's gorgeous and the cutest creature that I ever saw (after Kang Hyuk Min) ahaha =D Oh, my hands are shaking, LOL XD I'm so excited. LOL =) so embarrassing, because he's an ulzzang. hahahahahahahha :D YESH! he's a new ulzzang and I think he already got a girl friend lah. (hoping he would never ever read this >.<) So, here he is~ :D

Hahaha :D he is Park WonCheol, age around 20+ and I think he just finish his study. ehehe :) Well, i'm a high class stalker, you know~ Oh, I found some of his pictures taken in Philippines but I don't know what he is doing there. For sure, he done some charity :) yeah, kind-hearted right? Oh well, I know... He's my future husband anyway. ekeke =D No SHARING! ngehehe :) haizh, I wish to know him more and can stalk him every second of my life. LOL XD urgh~ my intuition is telling me that my sis will going to bash me about this. LOL XD but no worry, i'll threat her with Ho Jun Yeon. ekekeke :DDD Oh, damn he's gorgeous. LOL XD and yes, I hope he'll post more of his photo online and please, those who have his pictures, please share and let me download them all. I promise, I'll post it :D hahahahaha XDD

So, i guess that's all I need to say about him for now. hahaha :D i'll share more about him. teehee :D YES, right now, I declare that I'm officially in love with him. ehehe Kang Hyuk Min, I'll give you a few month of rest. LOL XD but no worry, I'll keep eyeing on you no matter what. You're my number one (once) hahahaha :DDD with that I ended this post with :


내가 사랑해, 박원철!!!

That's all :) adieu =D
P.S : Let your Smile covered up your Tears :)