My Life So Far :)

AnnyeongHaseyo! hehehe :D and of course Boujour to readers( who readlah ) haha and to my lovely Mr.Bloggy :) ehehe... I think I want to make a song entitled Mr.Bloggy, hahaha :D SMTOWN, please change Mr.Simple to Mr.Bloggy. ekeke :) urgh, I wish I SMTOWN owner is one of my uncle. cheewah~ XD anyway, it's been a while I didn't write my blog. hmm..hmm... i guess you know well why. YES, SPM tuhh~ so far, so goodlah.... but I tell you, AddMath, Physic and Math, I don't think so lah. huahaha :DD from the first day I entered highschool, I always target science and math target B or C cuz I'm so bad~ bad~ and very bad~ bad~ (Can't NoBody) hahaha :D so, I guess I only target for 7A's or at least  6 lah~ haha :) I don't to be disappointed later if I target to high then I can't achieve it. But if, I said IF I get 10A's, OhHa~ I'll celebrate Gawai, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Hangul Day, ThanksGiving day, Christmas day, Birthday, what-so-ever daylah TWICE. hahaha :D Seriously, I'm seriously serious.. ekeke :) AMEN~ Amen! hahaha :D Well, 7 down and 3 more to go. Chemistry will be on next Tuesday and after that Biology. Then One week rest, after that I'll sit for EST then.. jengjengjeng~~ I'm FREEEE as a bird~~~ :D WEEHOO!

Yesterday, I went home at 3.30p.m cuz I got Physics lah. Physics, Paper One and Two, I die but I then came back to life on Paper 3. Hopefully my paper 3 will help me get AT LEAST D or C lah~ hehehe :) Last time I check my History and Math paper One and I saw my History Paper, Okaylah...errr... Math? Ummm... Lets talk about something else. LOLs XD Oh, today I accompany my sis Ina to shopping. I bought things lah~ Oh, I bought BB Cream. hehehe :D but I bought the small one only lah cuz I just want to try it and then just now, I try... You know what, it give me magical touch. My face look like already being edited you know. LOLs So CLEAN~ hahaha :DD I'll post the result at the end of this post. ekeke :D anyway, back to business. Umm... what else to say? Oh yea, I'm addicted to Sistar19 song, MaBoy and U-Kiss 0330 :) I keep on repeating the same song over and over and over again. LOL :) and yeah, I'm in love with 2PM newest MV *I'm Your Man* GOSH! kill me~ They're HAWTT~~ hahaha :) I almost drooling when I watch the MV last weekend. But too bad, mum takes over and change the channel and I was LIKE 'HOW DARE YOU?!" hahaha :) I kept silence but I let my action speak for me. LMFAO XD anyway, it just how my mum and I spread love towards each other. ekeke :D

Umm... My life? nothing change so far. My brother still stupid, my dad is working somewhere far and my mum keep on saying, " be patience, everything will be alright" even though she knows that nothing is right. I'm now getting worried about my own safety but I know God always there to protect me, still, I have that little worriness inside this little feeling. Urgh! I don't understand every single things that happen in my life. I've check my depression meter last few days and guess what? I'm Depressed. LOL XD Yeah, seriously. who wouldn't? I can't even concentrate on my study you know. I always find it easy for me to lose my concentration T^T. and when my concentration is diluted, jengjengjeng~ meet me on twitter. LOL XD I only can find peace on twitter or my mr.Bloggy lah~ Oh, gosh~ hehehe :) Well, you can say that I'm running away from my life problems, Oh yea, you're 100% right! I'm always try to run from it, but no, it's keep on tracking me. I think my problems had put tracking devices inside me. LOL :DD

Oh, I almost forgot! on twitterkan, MnetKr and CyWorld music followed me back. Weehoo~ I feel so important. LMFAO XD yeah, who wouldn't? Official twitter tuu~ ngehehe :D but I guess they're just follow randomly lah... hahaha. still make me felt so important. ekeke :DDD Oh, hopefully they know me and will invited me to any of the award they will organized in the future. LOLs XD Okay, enough showoff-ing. LOLs Sooo sorry, I just couldn't help it~ ekekeke :DD

 And YES KPOP! I'm back~ weehooo~ ngehehehehe. XD watch out! hahaha :D But even though I'm back with my KpopLife, I guess if I can lah, I don't want to get update with rookie artist. Enough lah I adore their senior. ekeke :D for now, before I back completely, I just want to update myself with FT Island, MBLAQ, 2NE1 and SISTAR :) they are my four and only true love. ngehehe :DDD well, seriously, I have 5 reasons why I back into my Kpop :)
1. I've re-read my fanfics about FT Island and exchange student. and I found that I'm started to miss KPOP so badly~
2. 2PM MV's "I'm Your Man" making me crazy and want to know about what I've miss in K-World~
3. GwakMinJun, I found his tumblr and saw his playlist. I found that all the K-song he got makes me want to download them all. LOLs XD
4. MyYouTubeAccount, my U-tube homey showed only Kpop vids that I've like and watch for I don't know, maybe a century ago. LOL XD make me want to watch them all back :DDD
5. My last reason is best friend, Prudence. She keeps on updating me with U-Kiss and giving me lots and lots of information about Kpop group that we both like. Urgh! I was like "WHYY~~~~" hahahah :DDD

Ummm.... I guess, that's all I want to tell lah, maybe if I got more ideas, I'll post again. hehehe :) so Adios, Chingudeul~ :D

Here's the BB Cream effect on me :D Taadaa~ XD

Seriously, this is NO EDIT version of me~ hahaha :) thanks to BB Cream. you guys should get one yourself and give it a try :) So, I guess starting from now, I'll be less using my photoshops :) thanks again to Silky girl, BB Cream :P

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :D