It's Just Another Wonderful Time Of My Life and Confusion About My Newest Project hahahaha =.='


Greetings, Humanoid. Yeah, I'm home alright? ekekeke :) It's been 2 weeks I didn't update since my last post about my awesome weekend. Well, I guess my awesome weekend will never end ekeke hopefully (^..^) besides, it's getting even better on this weekend. Yep, I'm talking about today alright? ekeke :) Well, actually, nothing so-called extraordinary happen today but still it is awesome day for me though hahaha :) Let's move to that later. Right now, I want to talk about one of the awesome thing happen to me today. hahahaha :DD

I just found my Trinity Blood CD! I was like "Since When Do I Have This?" hahahaha XD I was freaking miracle ya know. ekekeke XD I don't even remember when did I bought it. Well, maybe I bought it randomly or maybe that time, I was go shopping with both of my parent and they pay for it. Ya see, the price... Is beyond my personal expenses. hahahaha XD I really dying to watch it right now, but umm, I think it is much fun if I watch it with Jaba this coming weekend ekekeke XD because, Trinity Blood is all about Vatican and Vampires. and we quite obsess with those two thing. ekekeke so, yeah. hahahahahaha XD just that, this anime is about vatican versus vampires while ours is about vatican vampires versus bad vampires who wish to conquer the world. ekeke XD

So, tonight... I think I'm going to watch Girl From Hell or maybe if I feel a bit hardworking later, I maybe going through some notes and yeah, I'm feeling bored like hell right now. hahahaha XD
Like, I'm really bored until I feel like I need to do some study. ekekeke XD Ahhh~ I'm so freakingly bored! even right now, my mum wasn't here with me. She's at my aunt next door house. Oh well, Oetoriya~ Oetoriya~ hahahaha CN Blue -I'm A Loner- ekeke XD

So, let's move on :)

So, today I was going for random shopping with Jaba. Well, actually we kind of doing it every weekend for the time being. hahaha :) Actually, we were sending sis Inut dating but while waiting for her, we decided to go ringo first. Both of us actually don't know where to go. So, I told sis Jaba that I wanna take my Toys' world member card. Yalah, like seriously. I really need to have member card as it kind of my second home. hahaha ;) Alright, alright... So, umm... we both bought few new books. Hahaha :) for sure, we haven't read the previous books that we bought last week. ekekeke :) Like seriously. I think we randomly bought all the books. Heh, now I really feel like I need an empty room and make it as my library. hahahahahaXD I don't have anymore spaces to put all my books. Well, I do have spaces but it's kind of hidden so, I might forgotten about the books if I kept them all in that kind of place. hahahaha :D

Anyway, after enliven the bookstore, we move to our next destination that is PermyMall there. ekekeke :D there, we just went to Merry Cassettes with one purpose that is to find Good Charlotte old album but unfortunately, they didn't sell it there :( We've been searching for the albums since, I don't remember, I think last two week ehh, hahahaha :D Anyhow, as we can't find it, we bought Underoath, Green Day CD and Pororo DVD for shawn. then as we were walking around the store, we both get excited as we saw piles of cassettes. I was seriously excited. It's been a while I didn't saw cassettes. hahahaha :D and whats make us even more excited is that the cassettes price was only RM 3. WHOA! hahahaha last time, as far as I can remember the cassettes price was like 30++ hahahahaha XD so, we both try to seek for GC cassettes instead, but oh well... Maybe we didn't find hard enough for it. We gave up and paid for the CDs and Cassettes :D

Then, as we were decided to go home, randomly we thought of going to buy CD games. hahahaha :D I told ya, we're random. ekekeke So, the nearest malls that have store that cells CD games is E-Mart. So, we went there and I bought Pac-Man 3 and Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja 5. I saw Kingdom Hearts 1 but the shopkeeper said he was out of stock. I was like, "Oh well :(" hahahaha :) I've been dying to play KH1 since I almost finish playing KH2. *gasped* I think I already deleted the game! OMG! OMG! OMG! now I have to start all over! OMG!!! T^T whyyy?????

Speaking of games, I think I'm going to try out playing resident evil. hahahaha Yeah, I think I'm losing my insanity. ekekeke. Maybe I'm so freaking bored, that's why I suddenly thought of playing it. And yeah, I will play RE but not tonight or in night time. hahahahaha XD I'm not so brave la~ Well, if I do play it at night time, don't forget to take me to mental hospital because I may have completely insane. hahahahahahaaha XDD

So, yesterday. We were doing another birthday surprise party and it was for sis Inut. ekekeke :) Happy 25th birthday, ninut! ekekeke :) i didn't take lots of picture that day as I'm too busy laughing together with my loveliest sisters. ekekeke :) yeah, I just manage to take few pictures ^ ekekeke :) Anyway, the cake was Orea cake, which sis Jon bought. and the present actually was bought by sis Jaba and Myself last week. ekeke :) It was a cute music box but i kinda love the wrapping paper and the ribbon more. hahahahaha :D and glad sis Inut love it ^^. And umm... not much happen that day though. Our parent suddenly doing some steamboat fiesta at the parking lot. ekekeke :D Yeah, I guess my family is undeniably random. ekekeke :DD 

Then, after that special celebration, sis Jaba and I went watching some anime called  Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru but we didn't finish watching it as we were getting bored with the story line as it was too freaking serious and not even a jokes. Well, I guess we much more prefer to watch something that include some comedy in it. ekekeke :D so... OH right! at first, before all the surprise party and all, we were actually watching High School of the Dead but we kind of cancel it as it seems to be... ya know, we kind of figure out that the anime would show like lots and lots of nudity. Later my mum would thought that we were watching anime porn. hahahahahahahXD i can't afford that. ekekeke XD but really, the zombies was really freaking me out. hahahaha :DDD

but, in the end... We decided to play games, the Vampire Knight and you know what's really amazing about it is that, we kind of finish the games in just like 2 hours or so. hahahahahaha XD I mean, like seriously.... we've been playing that games since forever and was never ever ever manage to finish that game. hahahahahaha XD then, I realize that... when we bored like hell, we kind of can achieve anything. hahahahaha XDD Seriously, it was amazing and the boss fight was really really easy. hahahaha :D Well, maybe because we were playing in 'very easy' mode. ahahahaha :D Oh well, we're no gamers ma~

And last few days ago, I was just finish watching Ouran High School Host Club Live Action and yeah~ just like in anime, I also falling in love with the Hitachiin twins. ekekeke :) Awwww~ the story is so freaking cute. even though they didn't do all the episode in anime version, I'm feeling lucky for they put my favourite episode and make it in live-action. OMGOD!! XDD and then, as usual lah, I lend it to sis Jaba and yeah, we suddenly came out with this crazy ideas of ours. ekekeke and started to roleplaying the twins. hahahahaa :D
At first, I was Hikaru but after few days of roleplaying, we both realized that we took a very wrong part. hahahaha I was more of Kaoru and she was more of Hikaru. ahahahaha XD so, until today, I'm Kaoru, and she's Hikaru. There are more of others roleplayers account in twitter and yeah, we play our part as the hitachiin really freaking good until we manage to annoy all the other roleplayers just like the hitachiin twins always do to others. ekekeke :D especially to Tamaki-senpai. ekekeke XD hell, it was the most awesome roleplaying ever. ekekeke XD

Well, its not our first time roleplaying though. If you do remember Last Love. ahahahahaha and yeah, we've been roleplaying lots and lots of character even our own parent. mwahahahahahahaaha XDD I think we're the only people on earth that is roleplaying our own parent hahahahaha XD Gosh, I can't stop laughing ekekeke XDD Okay, that's enough. hahahaha XD

Umm.. what else? Ah, umm... hahahahaha XD Oh yeah, right now... besides Ouran, I'm kinda like to watch the Adventure Time. ekekeke XD Yeahh baby~ I love the adventure time, alright? I just adore Finn and Jake friendship you know. It just too freaking wonderful. hahahaha and it kinda give me inspiration in making friendship quote like, "Be my Finn and I'll be your Jake" ahahaha :D I knoww!! hahahahaha XDD and and and I kind of shipped Fiona and Marshall Lee XDDD I don't know, I just Uhh!!! they just so freaking cute together! *actually, I was really absorbed with the fanfiction* hahahahahahahaa XD
Now, I'm officially FionaXMarshall shipper :D

I don't know if I had mention about this in blog but right now, I'm working on a new project. ekeke :) Oh yeah~ I don't know if I can do this without abandoning it like LLA and SCM :( I really wanted to write and finish at least one of my project but hell, my brain is always trolling me in this stuff. Its like, keep giving me ideas but when I reach like the climax, suddenly it shut down it systems and then reboot, and downloading new ideas for me. I really cussing this kind of trolled brain of mine. T^T. I wish I can finish my story like I did when I was still in year 6. hahahaha :) Yeah and I think that was my one and only story that I manage to finish off. Oh gosh =.=;. even this new project of mine, I think I already abandoned it for like 2 or 3 weeks now. hahahaha and yeah, honestly... I don't remember how I want to make the story going. hahahahahahahhaha =.= kill me please. 

Well, right now. I think I wanna redo but umm... I don't know lah as sis jaba already read the first chapter and without review from her. maybe she just forgot to give me review or maybe chapter one just bore her until she have nothing nice to say about it. ahahahaha XD but let bygone, be bygone. Now, I think I aa... I don't know what I'm thinking. hahahahaha because I don't think about anything. hahahahaha right now, my brain is empty and all this words that I'm typing is just random. hhahahahaha XDD Oh well.

And oh. sis Jaba told me, since last time (I can't recall) that she wanna remake Levedad, I mean, making it even longer that the previous version. I was like "seriously?" hahaha but then I thought, okaylah~ hahahaha XD well, honestly, I don't remember the story anymore. It's like my brain department has doing some cleaning in there and maybe accidentally deleted the files about levedads. hahaahaha I just remember quite a small part of the levedad. ekekeke well, briefly lah~ hahaha :DD =.=
I'm such a bad reader, am I? oh well... I'm a badass somehow. which a fact that I can't deny. hahahahaha =.=;

So, Uh... I still is deciding whether I should redo my newest project or I'm just ya know like... uhh.. hahahahahaha nevermind de =.= I feel like crying right now, ahahahahaha XD Hell, I'm confuse. haahahahaha =.=' I think I need to sleep now and decide what should I do about it tomorrow :) 
And actually, there was a lot I wanna talk about but I suddenly feel lazy and my eyes demand for a rest. ahahaha :) So, I'm going to end this post with few of my cute little nieces and nephews pictures :))

Adieu and Good Night :)

actually, I got another thing to say here but I forgot. huahahaha XD so, yeah.. maybe next time. ekekeke XD
bah, bah~ bed is calling right now. ekeke adieu :)

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)