Another Year To Survive.

Greetings, Humanoid. It's been a while I didn't update my Mr. Bloggy ehh? Well, yeah. I've been busy after my Finals. Speaking of finals, I'm pretty much didn't expecting something good to be written on my grades ekeke since well ya know... I'm not really studying hard last time because I suddenly doesn't feel like studying at all. miahahaha well, that's is one of the reason why and the other reason is that I was distracted by the school holiday which came right after the final exam finish huahuahua maybe I'm just very excited to relax at home. hmmm oh well, like I can do anything right now. What past, let it past de. And next week, the result will come out and I'm hoping that I will get good marks and will not having any re-sit. I mean, gosh... I don't want to study everything all over again. hahahaha hopefully NO fail =.=/ and soo... uhh... well I've already started my 3rd semester in being called as College students. I'm just starting yesterday actually. huahuahua and the timetable is very priceless. I mean, I can't even have time to eat lunch together with sis Jaba anymore =.= All the lecturer in this semester seems to be very strict with time and they are like very punctual. I'm seriously hoping I can cope with this kind of punctuality thingy. hahahaha well ya know very well that I'm so not good in being punctual. And Plus. I kinda having a feeling that I will experiencing something more challenging in this semester so I really-really hope that I can throw aside my procrastinator side and be more hardworking. I mean, if I want to go out from the college, I shall do anything to graduate. huahuahuahua like seriously. I can't wait to go out of here =.='

And first of all, I would love to say HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY, Mr.Bloggy~ WOOOOWOOOO~~~ Sorry for the laYte wish though. Actually Mr. Bloggy birthday is on 16th of December but well, not that I forgotten but I just don't have time to make a special solo post for it. So, yeah. I'm very much sorry about that. Anyhow...
I just really-really feeling great that it's been 3 years and I'm very grateful that I've found Blogger at the first place because it really help me a lot in reducing stress and taking away all my nervousness and sadness. Thank you for always there for me, Mr. Bloggy when everybody else seems to be busy with their own stuff. Thank you for staying by my side eventhough I'm cheating on you with the other social network, but seriously. They can never compete with how much my love for you. hehehehei :)
I love you very the muchy My Mr. Bloggy :)
Happy Birthday :)

Okay. So... Today, my package arrived~ Woots~ Woots~~ MY INFINITE 2013 CALENDAR!! hahahahahaha I feel like the happiest person in the whole world ekekeke :D anyway, other than the calender, they also provided Infinite Notebook and 7 wooden pencil which carved names of each members. ekekeke and it very pretty. I feel lucky for owning it though. hehehei :) I mean. Gosh. It is the most beautiful wooden pencil I ever had. ekekeke :) Anyhow. I don't feel like using any of the stuff ekekeke because it is precious~ I mean, come on. I've spend 115 for it. hahahaha I wouldn't want to waste it ekekekeke :D
Well, maybe one day I'll use it. I'll use it when I have the chance to meet with infinite face-to-face and I'll have them to sign the book for me huahuahuahuahuahuahua... okay enough. ekekeke :D speaking of Infinite, I have not even started writing the new version of InfinityAndBeyond. Well, I'm quite of lacking of inspiration nowadays. I mean, my imagination is seems to be like stunted. hahahaha Well, maybe I have to many other stuff to be worried about or maybe I'm just lazy to imagine things now. hahahaha :D I can't ignore the fact that I'm being very very lazy nowadays. ekekeke :D don't believe me? Ask my mum. She knows and she's fed up with it. ekekeke :D Not proud though. Well, maybe I'll list down 'to be hardworking' in my new year resolution list :)

On my previous precious 2 weeks holiday, I've been spending some times to watch anime and I've been watching anime called Another. this anime, for me it is quite interesting and the story plot is rising my curiosity and the ending is something that I've not even expected. hahahaha :) Yeah, that is what I love about the story and it is very scary and mysterious. for me and the hero is very cute looking huahuahuahua well, as expected in every anime. hahaha :D and yeah, I list this anime as one of my favourite anime of the year 2012 :)

and then, I've been watching Arakawa Under the Bridge but I haven't finish watching it yet. I still have few more episodes to go and I'll give the short review about it in the future. Same goes to Sarai-ya Goyou, a story about a shy samurai which I think his shy personality is cute. hehehei~ But I haven't finish watching this one too ya know. Actually I was thinking of finishing it last few days but then I got so many distraction, so yeah. I left it hanging. But of course, I'm gonna watch it as soon as possible. And then, umm.... I've been watching some japanese anime horror story but I didn't finish watching it because I feel bored. well, the story is there just  that the plot is like confusing and it seems like circling in that plot only and seems like there is no end to the story. It does scared me out but yeah, it's bored. for me la~ hahahaha :).

But despite all those half-watched anime, I also did watching some until the end. ekekeke :D like 07-Ghost. Seriously, when I first watching this anime, I'm like OMO OMO OMO OMO~ what is this anime all about? why the supporting character look so damn cute? hahahahaha yeah, I mean Mikage okay? but too bad, he's dead in the series T^T. Yeah, I cried so hard that time when he died. I mean, his friendship with the hero, Teito-kun is very-very... gosh, undescribe-able. when I saw them, I wish that I'm having the same kind of friendship too ya know. I can feel their closeness. I cried so hard at one part which teito-kun were having his vitamins supplements on the roof top and Mikage was newly joins him for recess time and Mikage were freaked out when he knows that Teito only ate those supplements and no real food. So, he immediately pulled Teito arms and took him to the canteen and treat him porridge. And then, since it was the first time Teito get a special treatment from someone else, he cried and Mikage was like "Is the porridge really that good until you cry like that? GOSH! I want one too!" hahahaha I cried and I laughed at the same time. I mean, Mikage is the bestiest friend that ever exist. why does he have to die? HWAAAAAAAA T^T until today, every time I recall back this part, I will still be grieving for his death. But ... his memories will stay within me always. yersehh... I'm talking as if I was in the series. ekekeke :D And thanks to Mikage, Teito-kun learned that having someone by your side is really important and willing to die for them is nothing to be regret off. it is simply the best anime ever. I've learn so many things when watching this anime. Hmmm... Now I'm demanding for season two. I've heard rumors about season two but I'm not so sure about it being publish in the nearest future. But for sure, there will definitely a season two for 07-Ghost because the Manga is still ongoing. ekekeke :D yeah, I've decided to read the mange too. ekekekeke :DDD

Besides 07-Ghost, I also finished watching Natsume Yuujinchou. This anime..... I'm so like jansfiuajsiovnueijfoieufjwiewfuwjiofjes!!! I can't get enough of this anime. I feel like re-watching it all over again. It's like gosh.... for the whole 4 season, I'm never out of the warmth feelings and the sadness and I don't know. My feelings is mixed like mixed vegetables. And I really love the neko, the Nyanko-sensei. and and Natsume is very cute looking. I'm seriously falling in love with his flaws. hahahaha he have a very sad life story and yeah, I cried in watching this one too. hahahaha but in the end, he have this happy ending which he continue to watch over the zoku yuujinchou. hmmmm..... I feel sad though since I've finish watching this one but then at the same time, I feel glad that I bought this anime and watch it. hahahaha :)
This is one of the best random anime that I've watched so far. Seriously. I really am recommending you people to watch this anime. This is so freaking adorable and the story plot, the character are all adorable. Especially the Buta-Neko. huahuahuahuahua gomenasai Nyanko-sensei. ekekeke :DDD

Oh right. I forgotten to mention about Supernatural Anime version. I haven't finish watch this one too and same goes to Durarara!!.. Well, this two... I have to wait for sis Jaba though since we've started watching it together so... yeah.. we're gonna watched it until the finish line. ekekekeke :D

And then I've decided to re-watching Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi. ekekeke because last time I was in culture shocked (I'm not very used to Yaoi anime last time) and now my body and soul is ready for the lemons. kekekeke :D and then I also decided to watch Junjou Romantica as well. Uh-Huh. Since I'm half-heartedly a yaoi fans now. Soo... why not trying to watch some. ekekeke it wouldn't hurt anyway *shrugs*

And then, I also finish watching Kuragehime anime. This anime is about a boy who came from a politician family who love to dress in girl outfits. hahahaha and then, he's like meeting this group of geeks who have different kind of weird obsession. like the heroin, she's obsess with jellyfish. hahahaha :D I know.... But still, this anime series is very cute and adorable all the way till the finish. Just that I'm not very satisfied with the ending. huahuahuahua because she didn't ended up with the hero guy ekekeke XDD anyway, this is really worth of watching though.

and oh, I've watched this anime with sis Jaba. ekekeke and she's the one who picked out this anime :D I'm thanking her for that though :)

Right! before we decided to watch kuragehime, we were watching Tamayura hitotose but we didn't finish watching it because we suddenly felt bored watching. ekekeke:D well, this anime is quite good and he story line is very moving. I mean, we cried. ekekeke :D yeah... it seriously sad at first but then, we didn't really get the point of the story. Well, maybe I'll try to watch it next time though :) Maybe I'll get the point.

Speaking of Tamayura Hitotose is quite reminding me of Tsuritama. I don't know if I ever mentioned that I've watch this cool anime but I don't care. I want to talk about it anyway. huahuahua XDD

This anime is about Yuki who has never had a friend for the rest of his school life until one day he have to move out with his grandmother to a place called Enoshima. In this small town, he met with a boy named Haru who claimed himself to be an alien. Haru is like being very clingy with Yuki and they even stayed together in the same house. And after Yuki met with Haru, he was able to know more people like Natsuki and Akira. Then, the four of them become a very good friend. In the end, they found out that Haru is really are an Alien and there are circumstances they need to face. I don't want to recall because seriously... I cried so very hard when watching this anime. hahahaha you'll get my point once you watched this. hahahaha right now also, I still can cry over this anime. I mean, it just. I don't know... something about this anime really give a big mark in my heart. hahahahha :D I'm so glad that I've bought this anime :)

And last two nights... if I'm not mistaken... I was trying to watch Bleach and....... I failed. hahahahaha I don't like the heroin named Rukia. ekekeke I mean.... she really getting my guts. hahahaha I don't know. I just feel like she annoyed me in some ways that I, myself couldn't understand or explain. So, I only manage to watch until episode two. huahuahuahuahuahua fudge me right? well, maybe I'll try to watch it again in the future. ekekeke :DD

and right now. I'm re-watching Fruits Basket, My all-time favorite anime. Last I  watched this anime is when I was first watching Kyou Kara Maou. Yeah... if i'm not mistaken la.. what I remember is that I'm still so young that time and I'm pretty much obsessed with Kyoh Sohma. hahahahaha and yeah, when I rewatching this anime, I'm still falling in love again with the same character. huahuahuahua XDD I feel like finishing it tonight though because I think there's only few episode left and uhh... I hope that the heroin will end up with kyo instead of Yuki. But then, as I recall back. If i'm not mistaken, Tohru will definitely end up with Yuki. Pshh... like obviously la.. Oh well, Kyo have me somehow ekekeke:DD

So after finish watching Fruits Basket, maybe I'll start to re-watching Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi. ekekeke :D oh yeah. I'm in the mood for Yaoi~ XDDD

And so.... enough about anime. ekekeke :D Actually I have homework to settle with but I think, I'll just do it tomorrow since my class started at 10.30a.m so I still have couple of hours to do it. Besides, I only have one short answer to write. yeaahh~~ So uhhh.... ummm... life? I pretty much don't know what is happening with my life right now. but what I'm aware is that sis Moon is despising me. hahaha and I have no idea why. Maybe because I treat her badly? hmmm.... I wonder... oh well... Its not like I can change things though. its up to her to hate me or to love me. Eventhough I feel used, but that's okay. I'll accept her as much as I can :) She's a blood relative somehow. hehehei :)

And speaking of feeling used up. Yeah, this few days, I'm stupidily feeling this. I don't know. I feel like everybody is using me up to lighten their life up. And I feel used up and I feel like everyone only befriended and be nice with me because they feel like they're in debt. I mean debt like, well...  you see.. I have this habits of giving people gift as many as I can and as much as I want to... so, I think they only being my friends and treating me nicely because of it. And yeah, when thinking of this, i feel not appreciated. I wonder, will I ever get to be treat nicely if I never ever giving them gifts. I mean, seriously. will I be able to get the same treatment? well.... I guess, I'm just being idiot-self. Hmmmm..... I wonder if one day, I stopped giving gifts to people....will they abandoned me? Maybe because I'm afraid of being abandoned, that I gives people gifts. Well, that's mean, I'm 'buying' people to likes me =.='
It's my fault in the end. oh well....

And yeah. I never get tired of listening to Core Pride because it really reminds me of Blue Exorcist :DDDDDDDDDDDDD I'm seriously going to re-watch Blue exorcist. hahahahaha :) and I'm seriously demanding for season 2. yeahhh~~~ XDD
So, i guess this is goodbye for this post.
I want to finish off Fruits Basket and Arakawa Under the Bridge and Sarai-ya Goyou because I want to watch Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi! XDDDD
and and uhhh maybe I'll stop buying Anime Cd for the time being because last year I'm over-budgets. ekekekeke (.______.)
so, this year, I'll planned my money very well. ekekekeke :DD

So yeah.. Good Bye and Sayonara!

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)