Holiday Is Tiring

Greetings, humanoids. It's been a while I didn't update here. Well, you know... My current life is pretty hectic nowadays. ekeke :D just kidding, actually my procrastination is upgrading within me. Everytime I feel like updating, I always says to myself like "Maybe later," or "Still got time, relax~ nothing to rush" huahuahua well, yeah. seriously, I've got to much free time this semesters especially on Tuesday since I only have class until 10 a.m Ohhh yeahh baby! XD
Anyway, this week I'm enjoying my CNY holiday and my family and my good neighbor were going for a trip to KK for like 4 days 3 nights. Well, I'm not pretty excited about the trip though since, you know how I'm like. ekeke I was actually planning to make my holiday useful like watching all the short episodes of anime and I was also thinking to watch the unfinished anime. But yeah, my whole plans was crash into pieces. huahuahuahua XD I mean, gosh. I rather staying at home and watch anime the whole day than going for some tiring trip like this. Well, of course I went there by plane (my parents and my good neighbor went by cars) but still, it just too troublesome. I want to watch anime and read manga while lying down on my own bed. Is it too much to ask?! hahahaha but the best thing that happen when I was going for that trip was I bought new bunch of anime merchandise. WEEEWOOO WUUHUUU~~ especially Nyanko-Sensei, some doraemon and Naruto's characters. (P.S I haven't even watch Naruto kuikuikui )\

So, as I was saying, I bought Nyanko-Sensei merchandise. Oh yeahh~~ and and I also have Yuujinchou now~ wubwubwub! Now I'm just waiting to meet nyanko sensei to protect me and the Yuujinchou miahahaha XD and oh, me and sis Jaba did wrote our names inside the book. We're not youkai, I know but we pretty much resembles one. ekekeke XDD we are the youkai of the family. I mean, we're the weirdest members of the Empalah's family ekekeke XD but we're proud of ourselves though *shrugged* can't help it. We're awesome that way :)
besides than Nyanko Sensei and the Yuujinchou, I've bought also some doraemon merchandise and also doraemon car accessories. ngehehehe :D I won't known as Dorapgie for nothing though :) And then, as I was saying, I bought some naruto's character which consists of Naruto himself, Orochimaru, Pein, Konan and Kankuro. Actually I've got Naruto's toad (the giant toad that he always summoned when he goes on his Sennin mode, I can't recall his name ekeke) but I gave it to sis Jaba. hehehei :D and sis Inut said that if I got buy Gaara-san, then she would take it. even without my permission. ekeke :D Well, I'm currently searching for Gaara myself, but it seems like I haven't found any yet =.= oh well, I'll find it in the nearest future. Keep believing! and beside gaara, I was also looking for Hinata and Temari, since I already have Ino and Sakura. And I also aiming for the Hokage's too :)
And then.... Ummm... What else did I bought eh? uhhh.... Oh right, I bought some cute stuff too as usual la. hehehei :D the others no need to mention lah. Not so important and not worthy enough to be mention in here. ekekeke  (actually, I'm getting lazy typing ==)

SO, here's some pictures of my new collection :3

Oh right! I almost forgot. Well, sis Jaba bought me a Doraemon glass. OHYEAHH~~ it just awesome~~ I mean, its DORAEMON man~ hahahahaha :D it just a medium sized glass though but it's really cute. I don't feel like using it somehow. I'll just put it there along with my other Doraemon's collections. ekekeke :D Sankyuuu milovess~~ <3 <3

That's the picture of the glass I was talking about. Cute, no? hehehehehei :D and well, I've got some negative stuff to tell though but then, I was thinking that maybe I shouldn't publicize it here. Well, it just something quite personal about sis Jon's family and well, it still hadn't in a very good condition though. Well, it's not my problem for sure so... I won't saying anymore further about it. hehehehei :D Some things, we should keep it shut right? Just that I want to tell that I'm now quite scared of her husband now. I don't think I can even face him like face to face anymore. He's just freaking bad and gosh! I just... I don't know, but he just bad. I admit that I've lost all my respect to him after what he has done to my sister and my loveliest baby nia. i think, I might have a little hates towards him and well, I did mentioned that I'm scared of him right? you know why? because fucker like him can easily drew a knife at you when he got mad and stab you without hesitation. Hmmm... oh well, I shall not get mad about it though. I just prayed that he'll be forgiven for what he did. 

Later on, I'm thinking of watching some more anime. I don't know what anime, I'll just figure it out later. And well, my homework is piling there somewhere in my room. ekekeke XD I just remembered that I have FA2 homework, Economics the assignments and finance. Just three but uhhh.... it actually took me like 4 to 5 days to finish them all. ekekeke just hoping that I can finish it before my CNY holiday is over though. Busy~ Busy~ Busy. and yeah, one more thing. I sprained my leg when I was going onboard the plane just now. I'm like, what the fudge?! great timing =.= but now, it's kinda bit okay. Hopefully it will be back to normal tomorrow morning though :D
Oh ya! tomorrow is valentine day yaww~~~~ I'm not celebrating it this year ( well, I didn't every year ) ekekeke :D Happy Valentine Days to everyone that celebrating it tomorrow :) Have fun, don't make baby without marriage. ekekeke :D
Good bye for now :)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)