I'm back Being an Otaku.... Well, I think I never stop being an Otaku. huahuahua =.='

Hey, Humanoids~ Yeah, that's one of my favorite anime twins apart from the Hitachiin twins. ekeke :) well, I love Hitachiin more though. ekeke even though the Okumura twins is quite a highlight in Ao No Exorcist, but still yeah. my body and soul vote for the Hitachiin twins as my most favorite twins. ekeke What am I babbling about? ekeke
Oh well, I'm just pretty excited today ekeke :D I just finished my first exam day! WEEEWOOO~ well, I'm not sure if I did good, but I'm trying my very best to do it just now. I think I missed some important part just now but let bygone, be bygone. ekeke I'm looking forward for tomorrow exam :) Well, I haven't prepared myself for tomorrow though but I will, after posting this post. I promise! ekeke :)

Anyway, lately I've been thinking a lot and I really do have so much things that is listed in my to do list. But, unfortunately none of it was accomplish. Like for example, washing my car. This week is the third week I didn't give bath to my baby car :( Yeah, and the main reason is Twitter. Yeah, honestly, I'm soo hooked up with Twitter lately. Since the day me and sis Jaba running from the mother'father' annoyed internet friend. hahaha :D Yeah and we sort of really playing our part in roleplaying as the Hitachiin twins. ekeke :D and of course, because of that, we kind of having so many friends and roleplayers but mostly, anime girl. ekeke Oh what can i say, host club is a club for princesses? *wink* <--- I was just got carried away winking around like Kaoru in twitter. hahaha :D Hah~ since the day I role played Kaoru, i feel like I'm really are Kaoru hahaha but the only thing that differentiate us is our gender, Kaoru is a boy ma~ hahahaha but some of the time, I feel like I'm being Hikaru ahahahaha now I don't know, I'm role playing who, to be exact. hahahaha :D
Whatever, still the hitachiin's anyway. ekeke :D and one thing that really make me laugh so loud last time is when a role player -shiro- was flirting with hikaru. I was like O.O HAHAHAHHAHAHA oh god~ its just crazy. hahahahaha XDD and then, as Kaoru, I'm the third wheel again, just like in Ouran High School anime. ekeke XDD

And so, just now... while I was looking for the Hitachiins and Okumura twins picture, suddenly a wild idea appear. My brain department suddenly feel hardworking, producing all the new ideas and stuff. hahaha :D so, i was thinking to make a fanfiction. Well, the story is like this. *clear throat*
I was thinking like there was a secret corporation, that working underground, but this corporation always helping the government agencies in destroying terrorism. and also, within the corporation, there are some special units which they sent to deal with supernatural being like ghosts, vampires, werewolves, demons and stuff. the members of the special units is only those whose body systems can endure a special virus name V-virus which can make them become a vampire for few hours or so la. hahahaha :D

No connection with the twins?? Wait for it. We're coming into it now. hahaha :D so, for short, the secret corporation will send two of their agent ( I want to make 3-4 but I'm not really good in giving part to many characters mwahahaha =.=) from the special units to some schools. So, I'm going to start with True Cross Academy (( Well, if can, I wanna make this fanfiction as short as I can )) and then, maybe Ouran Private High School ((second season )) hahaha :D Anyhow, the two agent will definitely have to fight with demons and stuff or maybe some lost witches ahahaha :DD I haven't thought of it yet... soo... you get the picture, no? hahahaha don't worry, it's more complicated if I tell-tale ekeke don't trust me? you can ask sis Jaba about it. ekekeke XD so, I was thinking to make the two agents in Japanese name, something like, uhh... Miku-chan. hhahaha or or maybe Hana-chan. bwahahahaha cute ehh~ hahahaha or or more common, Ayumi-chan. ekeke =.= oh well, I got to read more Manga for sure and take out any names that I feel suit to this two agents personality.

Speaking of personality, I was thinking of making the agents acting like they know nothing, I mean DUH~ they are in disguise anyway. hahaha :D So, yeah. ekeke :D

the two girls is the one that I would wanna make as my agents later on. ekekeke Well, just something random popped in my head just now. its le name. I think maybe.. JUST MAYBE, i will named them like Miko Natsume and Nekorina Mio how was it? ekekeke XD and yeah, both girls (( above )) is from the anime called K-On. ekeke real name Yui (Brown hair) and Mio (Black hair) ekekekeke Yeah, they are cute alright? ekekeke XDD but still... Ahhh~ I'm not so sure about this. ekekeke =.='
besides, I have another story to deal with. ekekeke I mwan, not only one, but manymany~ and OHH YA! not so good news to tell, I'm going to continue writing when bad meets evil. ekeke Oh yeahhh~~ and and maybe the storyline will be different this time because I don't remember the original story line ekekeke XD never mind, Relax~ hohohoho

Uh... so, I have nothing else to say here though. hahaha :) I just feel like I need to study now because I have like 4 chapters to read. ekekeke XD so, wish me luck with this. and speaking of exam, Tomorrow is my Application of Computer Package Theory exam, then on wednesday, it will be my Intensive English and Moral studies exam which I will going home around 4.30 =.= i know~~ and and on thursday, I won't have any exams, but on friday, I will have my favorite subject, Introduction to Business and my least favorite subject, Introduction to Computer hahahaha :D Yeah, but yeah, I'll try my best for them all though~ Hopefully I can pass all the subject and continue on my second semester without repeat! WEEWOO!!! XDDD
and Oh, today... I stopped by at Siong Lee store and bought this -----v

Awesome no? I know!!! but One Piece, losing it E in the end~ hahahaha :D right now, my phone wearing Naruto~ ekekeke maybe by next week, I'm going to let it wear One Piece. Last time, I saw lots of them but maybe got other humanoid bought it before me >.> never mind de, as long as I can have it. ekekeke XD thank you Lord for the blessing! XD
I have lots of blessing in this few months and yeah, I never missed to have fun with my dearest. ekekeke :D Yeah, too much fun until I feel like my thorax is ripped off hahahaha :DD
Oh yeah. P.S to Jaba : remember our aim to buy the neko backpack~ WEEWOOO~~ I CAN'T WAITTT!!! XDDDDDDDD
So, I'm going to show off the backpack once I manage to buy it. ekekeke XD adieu for now :D
Here some funny picture of Ouran High School Host Club that I found just now. ekeke :3

and the next one is the pictures of them which I thought reallll cuteee >D<

^ true story ~ mwahahahahaha :DDDD for me, I only watch ouran because of them mwahahahahahaha XDD
so, yeah... lastly, here's my photo update :))

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Stay Blessed :D