Korean Drama Number One Fans! (^V^)

Annyeong! sorry for not updating for 2 days. not that i forget but i'm just feeling a little lazy to write out. hahahaha :D last 2 days, i feel so boring and lonely. well, you see.. my sis Ina had married already and then sis Jon went back to Kuching with her Hubby. then, sis Phoebe went back to Bintulu with her mum. so, i was left alone here in miri T^T. But i'm grateful to have Shawny by my side. hehehe :D and last night, sis Jaba and Pnut come over and we spent the whole day together but after they leave, i'm alone again. Ah~ as you can see, i'm more into KeyKibum right now. huahahaha :D i saw his cuteness. LOL  :D but still, in Shinee, Taeminie is my Number One. they born to be cute and have all the popularity. they born to be entertainment and they have that talent. i wonder who will marry them? who ever that person are, she is the luckiest human being in the world. hahaha :D i wish its going to be me but its just a stupid wish where its will never comes true. tomorrow i have exams. i'm going to sits for Addmath 1 and physics 2 paper. wish i can do my best in both paper tomorrow. and today what i am really need to do and to finish after i'm done with blogging is do my Physics peka and study. 

this few days, i've been wasting my study time with this korean drama called Full House. honestly, its been few years i've been wanted to watch this drama. hahahaha :D but thanks to Maaduu.com for providing the full episode of Full House. Gomawo! hahaha :D the genre of this drama is Romantic Comedy. very funny and some of its scene are so sad. ehehe :D yeah, i haven't finish watching it. maybe after exams or maybe next weekends. ehehehe :D i'm very hoping that exams is going to ends soon so that i able to watch this drama till the ends of the episode. i can't stop wondering what happen later. hahahhaha :D

ahahahha :D this one is the most famous drama in history. LOL :D Just Kidding. yeah, everyone said this drama is awesome. when 8TV show this drama before, i miss it so once again i thanks to Maaduu.com for sharing the full episode of Boys Over Flower. hahahaa :D i haven't watch this drama yet. maybe because i want to watch it together with sis Jaba. yeah, when we promise, we have to keep it, right? hahahahah :D just be patient and will trying my best to not fall for its seduction. LOL :D 

Ahh~ last for today, i just wanna talk about Seunghyun Oppa a.k.a LeeU. really-really miss to see his cute and adorable face. i just saw new photo of him from his facebook lately and he seem no different at all. only that his hair is shorter than before. hahaha :D really miss him. LOL :D but his new hairstyle is more suit him i think. he look double adorable after getting that hairstyle. teehee :D i keep wondering, when can i meet him? when can i talk to him? same goes to the others. when can i personally meet them? haiya! well, i just can kept wondering when? where? how? what? why? because they never want to meeting someone who is nobody like me.. but if i'm the daughter of the richest man in the earth, i may have a chance to meet them all. LOL :D but thats not going to happen. hahaha :D whateverla.. i'm grateful to have such a nice family which is full of joy and love. just that, having a couple of problems. but HEY! no one have perfect life! hahaha :D

So, thats all for now and so, i let the photo of Victoria for F(X) to ends my post for now. enjoy :D

she's cute right? she's look like korean but she soo not korean. she's chinese. LOL :D ahh, lucky her. she's my new idol after my twins, Minzy. hahahaha :D 

P/S : let your smile cover up your tears.

Love Sincerely,