Introducing The New Members Of My Family XDD

     Welcome To The Family Carissa! <3 wahhhh~ she just soo adorable and too cute to be true! aisyehhmenn. when i saw her kan, i was like " oh my god! she so damn cute!" hahaha XD. proud to be aunt again. ekeke. she's the first daughter of the family among me and my cousins. ekeke. its my first time of getting  a daughter. hahaha XDD.
                                Congratulations to them both, Sera Unnie and Ronz Oppa! 
                                                thanks for giving us the cute new member.
                                                  당신을 사랑합니다!

me and baby Gawai~

I'm A Mother Again!


Annyeonghaseyo! today is the second day of gawai and my cousins from Labuan already here. Wee~ so glad to have them here ^__^. Okay, as i've been write for the title, i am, again become auntie~! congratulation to the lovely couple, Ronz Oppa and Sera Unnie! wahh~ i feel so excited. they got baby girl! the baby was born yesterday, exactly on GAWAI day. So, my aki said, we should call her baby gawai. hahaha. never thought this would happen. ^___0. wahh~ i was so speechless. ekeke. so happy to have someone new into the family. i wish i can give her a very warm welcome. ^^.

Okay, enough about the baby. hahaha. well, yesterday, me and cousins Phoebe watching Asian Horror Movie from morning till night. my eyes was so tired for looking at the screen 24 hours. hahaha. well, the story was very interesting especially THE DOLL MASTER 
The ghost was really kawaii~ hahaha. yeah. she got a very big eyes and a small lips just like a doll itself.  here the photo of her and the doll. very look a like right? hahaha, i know! she was being force to kill by the doll makers. haiya! i hate the doll maker. hahaha. well, better you watch this movie yourself because i'm not really good in telling story. ekeke. ahh, today i decided to watch the red shoes. another scary movies from.... i think korea if not japanese. i'm not sure either.  
About gaawai celebration? well, its good not so bad. ekekeke. still can having fun and spend times with family. but i didn't go ngabang lah.  hahaha XDD

so, these photo ends my blog for today ^__^ hopefully can write again soon