QuickPost :)

AnnyeongHaseyo and Hello, bloggers! hehei :) I'm just having the urged to write but honestly, I don't know what to write. maybe I'm just wanted to touch my lovey-dovey lappy. hehe :) Oh, i'm craving for it for a week now, or maybe less. hehei. I'M ADDICTED! LOL :) Oh yes, now my new nickname would be PgieCheol. ekeke :) find me on FaceBook and I'm thinking of changing my twitter as well as my tumblr name to that too. ekeke :) well, maybe not now but someday. oho! Just now, I went to sneak into Park WonCheol roleplayer's profile and I saw his pictures. Apa lagi, I go download lah~ hahaha :) Damn, he's gorgeous. I like his eyes :) *even though I know he is wearing contacts*

And Oh, it's 2 weeks left before SPM and I'm dead. haha :) I don't think I can get straight A+ for SPM but oh yeah, I'm targetting all A's for SPM. Doesn't matter lah if it + or -, as long as I can get straight A's, Oh I can't imagine what I'm going to do. So, starting from tomorrow evening (as at noon, sis Ina want me to accompany her to shopping) I'm going to do my very best on finishing all my homework and starting from next week, I'm going to study till the last breath I have. hahaha :) fighting! I can't let my parent down you know, because I'm their only hope and I have no choice but be the best I can. With blessing from God, I know I can get all A's for SPM. This year is my last year of being called as HighSchool girl and after all this end, I'm going to be as free as a bird :D

Well, enough about that because I know I can do it :) What else? Oh, right. Later morning, I want to try to start waking up earlier than ever as my brain is functioning very well early in the morning. So, I've set my alarm at 3.30. so wish me luck on that. hahaha :) Oh, let us talk about plans after SPM. I do have lots and lots of plan you know but I won't tell now because the time is not giving me a chance to do it. I need my beauty sleep. I mean, I need to sleep before the clock strike 12.00. teehee :) maybe I'll tell you my plans next time :) just keep on updating on me :) LOL XD So, I guess this is the end of my latest post :) Wish me luck for my exam yeah? hehehe :)

So, I let my all time favourite ulzzang girl to end my very post :)
Kyahh~♥ Hong Young Gi always the cutest!

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)