Flower Blossom in the mid of Winter (Part I )

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA okay. Greetings, humanoid. Well, you see... hehehehe I was actually going to put my own picture but then this picture of sis Jaba caught my eyes huahuahua so why not? hehehei~ It won't hurt. ekekeke XD we're ulzzang huahuahuahuahuahuahua XDDD don't judge me. XD
Anyway, I've been very lazy to update my blogs this few days and even coming to school, I'm getting later than usual. huehuehue. I don't know, I just don't find my school is amusing but still, I can't hate that school since I still have about a year left. hehehei :) So, gambatteh Pgie-dono. wasehhmen~ or or Pgieshitsuji. ekekeke XD
Oh speaking of Japanese words, nowadays I'm very much confuse with my languages. hahahaha I'm often mixing my english with japanese. huahuahua that sometimes I have to restrain myself from saying words like, "Dakara... Shikashi...Eto... Demo..." when I try to explain stuff to my teammates hahahahaha == and one thing I'm pretty much aware about my brain nowadays is that, it kinda love to translate english words into japanese. like when I was reading GTO manga and like Onizuka-sensei shouted "Shut Up!" and my brain like automatically will say it, "YURUSAI!" hahahaha gosh~ == and and for sorry part, it would say like, "Onizuka, Gomenasai" huahuahuahua goshh... I don't know what kind of problem am I having right now. Some Language confusion, maybe? hahahaha XD but anyhow, I think this is a great thing though. I mean, It would be very helpful if one day, I might really going to Japan with sis Jaba and this auto-translation brain thing would be a big help ekeke XD And yeah, watching anime is seriously my Japanese language teacher. Okeii~

So, last few days ago, I was playing with my hair like trying to curl it. ekeke and well... it didn't turn out well but still, I really want to see whether I look good or not if my hair is curled. hehehei :) Well, maybe one day I'll go and try to curl it in le saloon or something. ekekeke and uhh.... OH RIGHT!! my exam result is out already anddddddd I got straight B! hahahahaha seriously, I'm surprise too ya know especially for my FA and Statistic. I mean seriously, I didn't even study and plus, for statistic, I even send my assignment really really late. hahahaha but yeah, I'm very grateful for getting those excellent result somehow. Oh... hmmm... maybe this is a sign telling that I'm actually a genius bastard. hahahaha I mean, seriously. I don't even study. hahahaha XDD Gosh~~ Yokatta~ XD I think if I'm serious with study, I can get all A's hahahaha well, I feel like trying to be serious this semester. I mean, yeah.. I wonder what it's like to get all A's. I miss the moment though. Last I get straight A's is like uhhh 4 years ago... whoaaa~~~ I feel like yesterday. hahahaha XD what Am I saying?!! ohhh wait.. I have to go to school now~ I'll continue later :D

Byebye For now :D