ANOTHER BUCKTEETH! OMGAWD!! adkmakfmaegle,gle~~~~~ XDD


Greetings, humanoid. As usual, I'm making excuses from doing my homework. kekeke anyway, that's not important though. Reason I'm updating? Um... not quite about what happen to me this few days actually it just all about the band that I'm currently obsessed with. Kpop? Naawwww.... I'm not only into K-pop okay? well, the band I'm going to talk about is an English Rock Band called Pierce The Veil. I'm not really new in knowing this band though but before I'm just like, "Okay... nice... good looking, uh-huh, awesome... Oh wow, Sleeping with sirens," hahahaha yeahh... in other word, I'm actually more into Sleeping With Sirens before. kekeke :3 anyway, this band is actually pretty awesome ya know. I especially love the lyrics and the song beats. It just... god. hahahaha it's freaking awesome. Every time I listen to their song, I keep on feeling like it was my first time listening to it. i can never get enough of their songs. Just like what Danger Radio made me. hehehei. Once I got their song stuck in my head for 2 weeks something. I keep on catching myself singing or humming it in class and my classmate were like, O.O hahahaha well, you see... most of my classmates aren't really into rock music. I mean.. pshh... it's freaking rare to seek for rock music lovers in my city. I mean, I think almost everybody is now drawn into Kpop. well, I do too but yeah, rock music is my first love and forever will be.

To be honest, I'm not quite will talking about the Band overall but I'm just going to share my weird obsession on buck teeth. hahahaha yesh~ as you can see, Vic Fuentes, the vocalist of Pierce The Veil has this cute big buck teeth. ya know. when I saw this I'm like nsaonefwfjejowgfjoejrfoe!!! teeetttthhhh. hahahaha seriously. I don't know why am I acting this all weirdos (I am weird for sure) I'm seriously having some obsession with this kind of teeth. like Infinite, I love that kpop band because most of the members are having buck teeth *drool* freaking cute >.< OMAIGAWD~~~~~
*coughcough* anyway, let's starts;

Hey, vic~~ *waves*  well, let's start by a short introduction of this cute guy. Okay. I don't know much about him since well, like I said... I'm more to their music and not the members and the teeth. OMAII~~ so sexyy~~ XDDD

Anyway, there isn't much I've found about this guy. I just knew that he have a brother who is in the same band as he is, named Mike Fuentes ( I never saw his teeth.. I shall look at his teeth too maybe) and he was born on 10th February 1983, which make him now age around.... 30 years old whoa... we're 11 years gap. hahahaha anyway, as I already mentioned, he's the vocalist and sometimes, he did play the guitar. Maybe he's the guitarist as well. hahaha I don't know. I just love his teeth okay? And yeah, one more thing that is awesome about him (beside his teeth) is his freaking voice I mean, it is the cutest voice I ever heard. Well, one of the cutest voice. I mean, Kellin have a cute voice but Vic, Hell.... he's like having the cutest voice that could give me eargasm. huehuehuehue~ it just god. soo freaking awesome. I mean, even when he sing lively, his voice still sounded awesome. even when he talks. kekeke I mean, come on, obviously. it his voice >.> anyway, ummm....

AEWNFEWJFIWJEFW~~~ i can't take my eyes off his teeth. wuwuwuwuwu if I had the chance, I want to touch that teeth. wuwuwuwu. I mean come on, that teeth is so freaking precious especially the two big front teeth. HOW COULD YOU RESIST THE CUTENESS?! ya know, seriously... my heart is beating fast right now hahahaha god, I'm seriously weird -.-. Now I'm worried about myself. hahahaha XD sorry >.<
Okay.... Um... another fact that I found about Victor is that... whoa whoa... did I just call him that? hahahaha XD well, since we're not close or whatever, so I think I might just call him his full name. kehkehkeh. Victor... Victorr... I like the sound of it... Victor. Okay stop!! *cough* so, the fact. right... LADIES, be ready with this one. kekeke :3

I found that the fact that he's SINGLE and I'm like whUUTT?? how come? hahahaha I mean, he does have the looks, the fame, the voice, the teeth... I mean, he's almost perfect. He also surrounded by the fangirls. I mean, there is so no freaking way he can be single. hahahaha but that's what I found on the net. I don't know the truth though. but my heart, mind, body and souls telling me that he have a girlfriend. hahahaha I mean, come on! he's too hot to be single~ XD seriously. and maybe he just doesn't want the world to know about his love life. *shrugs* I mean, it could drive the fangirls crazy if they found out ya know. I mean, pshh... of course, the freaking damn obsessive fangirl. Me? well, of course I do wish he's mine though but I know my place.. so, yeah. hahahaha xD forget it. I'm not his type anyway *shrugs* me no sexy, me only cute-cute ma. huahuahuahuahuahua don't judge me. kekeke XD

TEETHHH TEEETHHHH TEEETHHHHH..... lookkkk!! the other have no big front teeth! >.< so frustrating. T^T hmmm... Oh well, I'll just stick with Victor. hehehehe :3 and uhh... oh yea... I found one site that tells Victor types of girl and I'm not sure if its true but what I knew is that he like a girl who are kind-hearted. (pfftt.... this is why I said he won't like me)

OMGAWDDDD!!!! SCRATCH EVERYTHING I'VE SAID ABOUT HE'S SINGLE! HAHAHAHAHAHA GAWD! OH GAWD!! i was checking on tumblr just now and I found that he's FREAKING TAKEN by girl name Rachel Coheb... conhen... cohen... something. sorry...wait. I check again the same. Really sorry. hahahaha wait2.... yeah... I'm pretty sure it was Rachel Cohen... uh... i don't know what she's doing though since I can't find anything related to her much. Only Victor and the band. kekekeke but yeah, she's cute alright? and pretty... and gorgeous. Suit his face. Seee.... I told you guys! THERE IS NO FREAKING WAY HE'S SINGLE! ekekeke :3
well, i also saw some of the PTVarmy post about how they don't really like the girl to be with Victor because of something about her personality (according to them) and Victor's personality. ( which I have no freaking ideas about it) but some of them are showing their disappointments too but they say it's all up to Victor. (yeah, i kinda agree with this group) I mean, like seriously. Victor is free to date anyone of his likes. I mean, seriously. He knows what he's doing, he's 30! dude... 30! he's on the stage where he should already have a family of his own. Like kellin (kellin's baby girl is so cutteeeee~~ i wanna pinch the cheek!! XD )

and still.... the girlfriend thingy doesn't stop me from obsessing with his teeth. hehehehehehehehehe *creepy fangirl laugh* I want to caress the teeth all night and brush it with all might. Oh gawd, I'm so falling hard with the two big teeth! XDDDD I'm going crazy now. T^T
someone save me~ hahahaha XD

Okay, the teeth again. *cough* i mean, Victor. hahahaha XD so....he's ummm just another awesome dude that I've found and I'm glad that I knew him and his band for sure. and I really-really do love his teeth. Gawd. I can't stop saying how beautiful his teeth is....>.< Still, my number one favourite buck teeth is always my DongWoo baby~ yeahh XDD
no one can compete with that cutie pie XDD

And so, I think I'm done with this post thing. hehehehe :) before I'm too freaking drowning in the fantasies of Vic Fuentes teeth~~ soo much cuteness~~ XDD so, yeahh... plus I still have to deal with my homework T^T. Oh well, I shall do it for the sake of myself. kehkehkehkehh~ wish me luck Vic teeth~ XDD

so, here are some more of awesome shot of his teeth~ Enjoy the cuteness :))

yeah.... sorry Victor but I'm completely in love with your front teeth >.< XDDDD
Call me crazy, but helllllll yeahhhhh I'm crazy. hahahaha XD
Now, last picture.... the awesome Pierce The Veil

not exactly my favorite picture of him since he didn't smile, showing his teeth. But he's cute here. so yeah :)

And yeahh, I forgot to mention that Kellin Quinn is Victor one hell of a Best Friend ;) They are just two awesome people who mingle together no? make my world feel much better than ever~ thank you guys~ :3 
P.S Kellin also have buck teeth but he seldomly show it and its not that big though. *sighed* oh well, his voice definitely has melt mii heart :)

And last but not least, photo of Victor and Kellin together on a concert. I think they're singing King For A Day which is explained in the picture where Kellin put a crown on Victor's head, as if labelled him as the King for that particular day. Isn't they're just awesome? hehehehehehehehehe :)

okay, I shall go now :d even if I don't want too :(
Oh well, till we meet again.
And I shall thanked my awesome sister, Sis Jaba for introducing me to Sleeping With Sirens in which has leads me to find Pierce The Veil :)
Thanks dude. You're the most and forever my awesomeness sister till spongebob get his driving license or until Patrick stop acting dumb without the brainiac brain thing stuck on his head :3

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)