Will Do My Best To Be The Best ^--^

<--- that is Cover for LastLove hehehe :) first edition. hopefully we will manage to do the second edition :D eh, don't talk about second edition now because first edition pun still LONGGG~ way to go :D just reaching 9 chapters. more is on the way :) So, Annyeong everyone! Today i go to school. haha :) yeah, that's my routine. Going to school, home late, online, sleep. err.. homework? what's that? can be eaten kah? hahaha :) JK. well, I don't want to make any promises this time as tomorrow is Good Friday and of course another holiday for me. but I don't want to promise that i will use that day to do my homeworks because I'm afraid that if i promise, i'm gonna broke it like usual lah. hahaha :D so, this time. let just see whether i'm going to do it or not. haha :) and tomorrow also i want to do fasting for the whole day. yepp :) actually we're Christian should fasting for 40 days before Good Friday but I just knew all about it last few days T^T its okay la. tomorrow i'm going to fasting from morning till evening. wish me luck! i just want to show my loves towards The King of Heaven. i want to show him that I love him more than anything else and i surely want to stop from commit sins again. I'm tired to be a bad person =.=; bad person suck! hahaha :) Next two weeks, my second trial will be here. ready? errr... well.. hahaha :D

Actually, I really suppose to start study last few weeks ago but what I did is * just refer to the pictures*----------------> hahaha :D yeah, fooling around. that's what i do. Online gaming, facebooking, tumblring, twittering, ringring.. haha :D HAIZ! sometimes, I'm quite angry at myself. so stubborn and so lazy! i wonder what make me like this. hmm...hmm.. and this whole week, I got home late and yepp, I slept to soon :) i slept around 10 like that and yea i set my alarm to rang at 4.30a.m but its not working at all. Yea, i do woke up but only to off the alarm. hahahaha :D and at school, Prudence's book is my number one victim for me to copy. ekeke :D sorry dence! no choice because I don't want to be scold by the teacher bah. haha :D besides, i'm the class monitor. ekeke. useless class monitor T^T

so, I hope that I can discipline myself and start to study. if possible, I want to start today lah. well, nothing is impossible if i determined to do so, right? so, whatever comes later, i'll try to ignore them all :) first steps for today is finishing half of my homeworks and if I got more extra time, i'll try to finish all of them lah. then tomorrow, I want to request sis Jaba to let me doing some notes on Biology, Chemist and Physics. then, do some excercises on AddMath and Maths. :) History, EST, Moral, BM and English, I can do on my own lah :) hehehe :) hopefully i can perform well on this coming exams. I want to show everyone that i deserve to sit on Elite class and deserve to be call as Elite Student :) I born to Elite and I'm going to walk out from that school like Elite :) YESH! Gambatteh!

what else? hmmm.. ah, before this Gawai, the one and only things that i desire to have the most is GD580 Lollipop. hahaha :) if my parent generous enough, they will agree but i don't feel like that will agree. for sure, they'll say "SPM first, then if you manage to get good result, just asked anything," huff~ that's mean NEXT YEAR! my iphone is going crazy now. i feel like throw it to Sungai Miri! urgh! hate it! hate iPhone! hate touchscreen! hehehe :) the camera also not clear. Haiz! i want new phone badly T^T. so, i just keep hoping for the best. my current number in class, errr... better not say. pathetic! hahaha :) 

ah, before I forget. Today I learn Integration. weehooo~ i manage to solve every single question without copying prudence's or ekcheng's answer. ekeke :) YAY ME! ya, I'm starting to liking addmaths. but i'm a bit losing tracks on Physics and Biology. Chemistry? Okaylah..not so bad. Mathematic also lah. not really off track hehe.. just that today i lose focus on maths class as i hurriedly doing my chemist peka. but in the end, i didn't even send it. forget to photo-state the planning experiment =.=/ i'll explain to my chemist teacher next week. haiz! i'm dying! hahaha :D what else? well, not else I want to say. I'm out of word. ekeke :)

so, to end this post, enjoy these anime's picture :) adieu

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)