Better Than Uljjang :)

Annyeong, everyone! hahaha :) today is another lovely day for me..well, not quite but still it is cool and fun today. hmm.. right now i'm at Phoebe's House because i think i need to have privacy for myself for a while that is why i'm gladly accept my Uncle's invitation to come over :) and right now i'm doing my homework de :) hehehe :P so, let's back to the real topic ^^ yesterday, if i'm not mistaken.. i suddenly remembered a type of doll, which i adore so much and the only type of dolls that don't scare my pants off :) (especially Chucky and baby alive T^T) this type of doll is look soo like the human only they look much better, even MORE better than uljjang :) trust me! 

 if you look at their photo from a far, you'll think that they are human but in fact they are not :) how i wonder if out there got anyone who have their faces like this doll? hmm..hmm.. i don't think so la. because in this world, no one's perfect even how cute, handsome or pretty that person is, there must be something wrong with it. trust me *talking through experiences*
 anyway, i realize i'm starting to out of topic. hahaha :) so, back again. These type of doll is made from Korea. and the company that made them are called Dream Of Doll. Ugh, i think kan, these doll is the one who inspiring the uljjang because they sometimes look similar, especially Yu Ha Min.. so looking good like those dolls. hahaha :) but like i just said, this D.O.D is much better :) just that they aren't hooman~

 and yea, as usual.. when i found something new, i'll get attached to it very easily. hahaha ;) even these doll become my victims of love. LMFAO XD  and.. yea, i just found something about him. well, kinda short introduction of him :)

D.O.D high school 12th grade

He is one of the top 3 B-boy with Crush and A&D.

He started rather later than others, but he's gifted in dance with intensive dance lesson from Crush, he's actually even better than those who started before him.

He has been a model since 13 years olf, currently is runaway model with beautiful dancer's body.

He is a celebrity in school.

Also he is very smart and as well a member of A&D's Top Brain.

He's Hot heh? hahaha XD i know, even right now i'm drooling~ LOL XD well, i admit it, i'm insane! hahahaha XD but neah, he's not on my top because he still can't replace Lee Teuk~ nae sarang! hahaha :P ommm... what else.. oh, i bet you guys wanna see photo's of others heh? well, i can show you some of them, not all.. because you can search it at Flickr yourself :)

so here are my favourite photos :)) enjoy!

they are sooo Real Looking!! hahaha XD i'm in love with them all~ FYI, the prices is quite expensive you know.. even their clothes are more expensives that ours! well, you can check it yourself if you don't believe me. ^^ so, what else? hmmm... well, i guess that's all then :) heehehe :) nice to see you guys and thank you for reading :)

so here is my other Bias photo from D.O.D of course. (my new obsession) hahahaa :D enjoy and ADIEU! 
(P.S : He's smoking..i know ^^)

Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)