Keep Your Head Up Because You Got Me Backing You Up :)

Ola, Pgie is in the house! Oh!
Scratch that..
Mrs.Lerman is in the house!
I'm Mrs. Ackles now. ( remarrying Jensen Ackles )
Eh? NO! wait!
I'm Mrs. McHale!

hahahaha :D And now, I'm quite confuse who am I exactly marrying with.
Oh well, I'll decide it later :)
I have so much to tell you today
Well, not really that MUCH
just few
still, it will be quite long though.
hahahaha :)

-as none of my siblings and friends seems to be crazy about you-
-I'm the only person, though-


So, let me start with what happen to me yesterday. hahaha :) Yeah, I know yesterday was Valentine's Day but instead of celebrating that ( Which I never done before ) I went for driving test. Well, to be honest I was quite shock when my driving tester told me that i'm gonna test exactly on Valentine' Day. hahaha  Yeah, I'm not happy but not because I can't celebrate Valentine's day but because he had told me that I'm gonna test on 27 FEBRUARY! I've set my mind on 27th. Yeah, I'm half pissed. hahaha :D and then, yesterday I failed the section 2 test but I passed the road test :) Thank God! But seriously, I thought I failed both because I didn't see the second paper which indicating my road test. Yeah, I told mum that I failed both. ahahaha  If I did failed both, I'm totally going to kill myself. hahaha :D But Thank God! Thank God, I passed the road test! So, on 27 February, I only going to be tested on the parking lots. Wish me luck!

Kay, next up is about my story :)
I've been writing chapter 6 since morning. OMO! DID YOU GET THAT?!
I'M WRITING CHAPTER 6!  I never thought I would manage to write that long. Well, it is long as I'm usually writing 4 pages per chapter. Heh, I'm amazing! hahahaha XD Like seriously, I was abandoning chapter 5 for like 2 days ( If I'm not mistaken ) and yeah, I almost give up that time. I don't really have ideas and my mind is swirling and I'm started to see another dimensions. hahaha :) Just Kidding, but seriously, I'm stunted. My brain didn't function well that time. but then, I suddenly have the spirit to keep on writing. Well, let me tell you a secret that is not really a secret. hahaha :)

Actually, I was moved by Jaba's story and how she keep on writing it. Then, when she commented / making reviews on my chapters, I feel moved and I wanted to continue on writing it. I feel like appreciated, hahaha :) I just love it when there someone tells me that they like my story. Any kind of story actually. And yeah, like seriously, this one is my very first fighting and supernatural story. I don't know how to write this kind of story as I'm more into writing romances and friendships kind of story. ehehei :) But yeah, I'm moved by her. Like I said, she inspired me in world of writing.

but, today. I saw her hanging out at Tumblr. She was nagging about she doesn't have ideas to write chapter 18 ( Yeah, 18 chapters in just one month ) I was like . But well, as Miss Optimist I knew she must be tired. hehehe :) yalah, who wouldn't? she had been working so hard for like a month :) But THEN, she told me that she wasn't able to concentrated on VS because she kept on thinking about LastLove and again I was like . She shouldn't have to think about Last Love first as it was going to be both of us who's going to do it. She got me to back her up, right? We can talk about it, Like when we're meeting each other this weekend. Seriously, when she told me this I kinda lost interest a bit in writing chapter 6. hahahaha :D #TrueStoryBro. But then, I think back. I shall give her support so that she could have that little hopes and realized that me ( her top reader and top stalker ) is waiting for her to publish the next chapter.

That is the least I can do. As she always give me motivational supports when  i feel like I can't continued the story anymore. So, now it's my turn to give her motivational support, boosting her confident to keep writing and keep her on track so that she wouldn't be distracted by the love story. I also wanted to continue the last love, Seriously. I AM and I've been longing to write that story like for ages hahaha ( Metaphor )

I told you, it's gonna be a long post. hahahaha :)
Yeah, right now I'm kinda out of topic on what should I write. hehehei :D And after posting this, I think I'm gonna continue writing chapter 6. hehehei :) I want to listen Jaba's review. yeah, I've tried my very best to write this one. hahahaha :) Nah, no action yet but will be soon. SOON and I mean it. hahahaha :) chapter 6 is only about they spending time in Athens, Capital City of Greece and also the moment they know something big is going to happen to them. hehehei :) What's gonna happen? WAIT~~ ehehei :) Patience is the key of success. hehehei XD

SO, that's my (not really latest) newest picture :) I edited it like yesterday. hahaha :) It's been a while though I didn't edit my pictures. So, that's one of many pictures of me being edited. hehehei :) 

So, that's all I wanna talk about :)
Gonna continue chapter 6 now. hahahaha :) 
Suddenly ideas struck me.
So, wish me luck!
Hopefully I can finished it up this evening :))
So, see you peeps in next post !

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears