Love Is In The Air

Konbanwa! haha ^^ is that right? ehehe. Oh well, Ok. urmm.. Actually i'm just finish tiding my things up because my room is so untidy. haha ^^ Today, i go shopping with my parent like i just wish last time. But unfortunately, my parent don't want to bring me to BMM! Aigoo~ yeah, i'm fine. haha. What am i talking about actually? i don't understand it myself. =___=;.
       Well, i think i'm going to do all my homework first. And after i finish them all, i'm going to write again. I promise myself that started from today, i'm going to write my blog twice a day unless something happen like my internet line gone crazy. Haha ^^. Oh ya! i just realize that i never mention about someone that i like at school. Well, i won't mention his name or anything that related to him because i don't want people to him. Let just keep it as our secret. ehehe. So, i'm going to called him Changhyun. Kehkehkeh. 
         Like this. I've been crushing on him since form three that is last year. But not for long since i found another cute boy. haha^^. For me, he's kinda cute but my friends doesn't think that way. Maybe because i like him. Last month, i like his bestfriend but then, his bestfriend has someone special already so i change to him. hahaa ^^ he always be my second choice. kehkehkeh =D Urmmm..I haven't told him and will never do that. hahahaha ^^. I just hope he could notice it himself. Actually, i never told anyone including my bestfriends about my feeling toward him. I keep it myself because i don't want people to tease me.                    
    Its hard for me to concentrate in my study because sometimes i caught myself starring at him but not the teachers. Aigoo! And sometimes, i caught him glancing at me. Well, maybe he notice it or MAYBE he feel uncomfortable. I really want to let him go from my mind. I don't want to fell in love because i can feel that i'm not ready yet. Now, I'm still trying to ignore my feeling toward Changhyun. haha ^^ Well, wish me luck!
       I think this is enough for now, i'm going to start doing my homework. But before that, i'm going to my Ajumma's house which is next to my house. 

Ordinary Day For Ordinary Me!

        Ahnyeonghaseyo! haha ^^ today i'm going to school like always. Well, today is just an ordinary day for ordinary people like me. The best part of today is when EST floating class were being cancelled. I was so happy because i have more time to sleep. haha ^__0
        Oh ya! last time i go shopping with my parent. We go to boulevard.  When we arrived there, i bring them straight to Speedy. I bought the CD of my dreams. Hahak! 4 years of searching and waiting is finally paid off. Now I own 3 BigBang albums, Girls Generation 2nd Album, and Wondergirls- The Wonder Years. I search for 2NE1 but the reciptionist said that 2Ne1 is out of stock i was so dissapointed. I also search for Shinee and SuperJunior but only got Super Junior-M. I don't really into SuJu M that's why i don't buy it. I also saw 2PM's album. there were two of it. first, i want to buy it but then i figure that i'm not really into 2PM too. So, i think may be next time la. haha ^^. 2NE1 album only sold at Bintang Mega Mall. I desperately want to bring my parent there but i'm afraid that we can't find a good spot to park the car because at BMM, there only got limited parking lot. I wonderla, why still many people want to go there. Hmm.. well, mybe because the structure of the mall is very attractive inside. When we enter the Mall, its feel like we're in heaven. A lot of shop sell many different kind of things. And we can get everything we want there. well, not all. haha ^^. Urgh! i'm out of topic. haha >__<.. 
            So, urmmm... tomorrow i want to bring my parent to Bookshop because i need to get myself a reference book for literature. Actually i need that book to do my notes as my teacher asked for it. I haven't write anything yet. And if can, tomorrow i want to bring them to stop a while at BMM. ehehe =D i really need that 2NE1 and gDragon's first single-HeartBreaker. And i think, if i can go tomorrow, I also want to get 2PM, Rain and TVXQ's album. HWaa~ how i wish~ haha ^^
        I think thats all for now. Maybe i'll write again when i'm free from homework. Oh ya! start from next week, i have progressive exam. So, i think i'm not going to write because i need to study. If i fail one, i don't know what's waiting for me. haha ^^. okay then, Hopefully i can finish my homework A.S.A.P .

See You Later Alligator!
           Ahnyeonghi Gaseyo!