Heyyyyy :)

Greetings , humanoids :)
I've been thinking to update since yesterday but yeah... my  laziness strikes hahaha so yeah.
Anyway, I've just finish doing the slides for tomorrow presentations and I'm quite nervous right now because my teammates is... *sighs* I don't know why am I being so unfortunate for having them as my teammates. Well, for Petlonney, I'm fine with her because she just not really confident with herself and she's quite shy when it came to speak in English. She said her english is not so good, well.. yeah... She's kinda having difficulties in pronunciation.
But what I like about her is that, she always try her best in doing everything. She's being so kind and treat me like her little sister. And she's very caring person. so, actually I have no problem with her. hehehei. BUT this bish is my number one problem. -,-
This girl, she always came to class late, always absent from classes and she's quite annoying. She ask me to many questions even some of her questions is very much have no common sense and i find it rather irritating me. I mean, my gosh! use your fucking common sense la. Well, i don't think that girl having some in her shitty mind =.= So, because of her presence in my group... I'm not really hoping to get the best grades and good comments from my lecturer tomorrow. But for sure, I'll do my best presenting tomorrow. And if I have to, I will try to answer as many questions as I can tomorrow. this is for my own good too and yeah, unintentionally I'm helping them. Oh well, take that as a blessing though :)
Maybe Father have special purpose on making me be friend with the girl. Well, maybe. So, I guess I'll just have to try my best to tolerate with her, help her in academics and stuff, and as well as being a good friend to her. Maybe she needs it.. well, think on the bright side though. If I'm standing in her place, and its really hurt if everybody start to hate you for the reason you never know. Well.... I guess I'll just stick with her. I mean, I only have to be with her for like less than 2 years. hahaha :) then, I'll say, Adios Bitches~ I'm out.

<--- One of my Ulzzang husband. hahahaha well, he's pretty much in 'relationship' with my awesomeness sister now and I still wonder how can that happening. hahahahaha :) Well... anyway,
Lately, I've been active in Instagram. Actually, I'm just starting this yesterday.... If I'm not mistaken. hahahaha :D Yeah... It all start by posting HyukMin's pictures... and I kinda suddenly felt like sharing about Ulzzang with the rest of the world. Well, I know Ulzzang is not even coming from Miri here but I'm quite more into this genre so I'm thinking of sharing my likes with the others. So, yeah. Now, I'm unofficially Ulzzang-promoter in Instagram. Well, so far.... I only post those ulzzang I like, such as HyukMin (of course), WonCheol, TaeJun, HyungSeok, HyungJun, Inseok, SeulMi, Ya El, YoungGi, HyeWon, MinJun and Yu Ha Min and so far I'm getting a very good responds from the other Instagrammers. They kinda likes all the ulzzang pictures I've posted there. hehehehei :) and some of them even comments on the pictures saying like "WOW", "HE IS SO CUTE..." "I LOVE THIS PICTURE" and so on. I'm feeling contented because they loves all the pictures. (Obviously... no one can resist Ulzzangs charms. ) So, when they put comments like that, I'm having the feeling that they are happy. So, when they're happy, I feel that I've unlocked new achievements in life. hehehei :)))
Speaking of comments, you know, Dence... she kinda comment on one picture like asking me to stop posting ulzzangs pictures because its hurting to see their faces. So, I'm like "Yeah, their beautifulness is hurting your sight~~~ I wish I'm pretty like themmm,"
Then she answered me like, "You want to be pretty like them? we don't even know if they are naturally beauty. I mean, if I have the money, I can also be as pretty as them just by doing plastic surgery,"
When I read this, I'm like... the fuck? wanting to be pretty like the ulzzang doesn't mean like I want to do plastic surgery like them =.= So, I replied her like, "Plastic Surgery or not, they all are still group of pretty people. So why judge them? I mean, who are we to judge? Don't judge me. hahahahaha...."
then she's like "haha yeah... LOL"
well, by the LOL, I know she's irritated a bit ngehehehehe I win this time. ekekeke :)

I mean, like seriously lah. So what if they wants to do plastic surgery to beautify themselves? I know its wrong but seriously, its their rights to make changes on their body. As long as we didn't do the same thing to our own body. right? Hmmm... Oh well, whatever.

Umm.... Oh right, my study break is next week. Well, I'm not even ready to sit for the exam yet but yeahh... I can't control the time. they principle is not my dad. hahahaha :) so, I think I'm going to die. hahahahahahaha ;) seriously. Especially for Statistic. Well, think positively... I'm going to do my best to study and understand the whole thing in business statistic. I'll do my very very best. YEAHH~~ same goes to FA and the other subjects. I will try to use my one week study break as well as I can :)
Uhh.... oh ya! this coming Friday, there will be a comic convention will be held at Permy Mall there. A GEMPAKSTARZ comic convention. OINSFOSIFSJFNJKFMLCJSNFOJWOIDK J En!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!
Well, me and sis Jaba has promised each other that we're going there together hehehehe We're going there right after she went back from work :)))) oh...... :( but sis Jonjon said she want to go too... and she said we're going in the afternoon after I finish classes. Hmmm.... Oh well, I'll just talk to sis Jaba tomorrow about this  :) if we cannot this friday, then we'll go on saturday lah :) Hopefully she won't get disappointed somehow. I mean, that is the last thing I ever want her to feel. =.= But I kind of feel it in my bones, she's going to be disappointed somehow. *sighs*

Tomorrow, I'm going to drive my brother new car. Weeewoooo~~~ hahahahaha that's because my baby is going for repair tomorrow :( hopefully the mechanic won't take a very long time to repair my baby though. I will going to miss him so very much :(
Anyway.... today I went shopping with le sis JonJon and Baby Rania. She bought like 5 dresses for Nia alone. hahahaha :) and I've bought lot of random stuff like, phonecase, phone pluggy, new purse ekeke, uhh.... oh mustache watch for sis Jonny and then I bought 5 Anime CD. speaking of which, I've bought Supernatural Anime Version DVD~~~ XDDDDDDDDD I can't wait to tell sis Jaba about it and watch it together~~ XDDDDDDD and then, I bought Fruit Basket ( my old time favourite anime ) and uhhh I forgot the anime title. ekekeke :) Oh well, whatever
Anyway, that's all is for my upcoming end year holiday. ekekeke my two weeks holiday. I'm going to spend it by watching anime and reading books and maybe continue my stories~ YEAHH~~ <3
I can't wait for holiday!!!!!!!! and yeah, since December is around the corner, I can't wait to receive my IZAYA, and Okumura's twins Action Figure this December jfijapkfejgijooiwejfoiksdifokioewkf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm imagining the Postman look like santa claus, giving me big packages that containing the three action figurine. JAdjfjeuwfioejfuher~~~!!!!!!!! OMONAHHH~ i'm gonna faints. Well, right now. I can't really show my fangirling side since I'm updating in the living room, with my parent sitting there watching Animal Planet. Yeah, I'm trying my best to keep a straight face right now. kukukukukuku XDDD

YoungGi still as cute as ever~~~ :))) She look like real-life anime girl. hahahaha:) Oh well, she's a legendary ulzzang anyway:) So, ummmm..... what should I tell on next? OH right~~~ I think I'm going to put this post to an end now because I want to finish up my P.O.M tutorials. ekekeke :) I'm deciding to send everything out tomorrow. for B.Com, maybe after presentations. ekekeke :) I don't want the lecturer like scolding me before the presentations because I will not have the feeling to present later. ekekeke :)))))

So, I guess this is goodbye then. Byebye:)

P.S: Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)