Wish IF I Get Straight As :)

Annyeong, everyone :) Oh Yes~ we meet again. this is my 119th post. weehoo. *show off* hahaha :) anyway today i feel so tired lah because i have to stay at school for EST and thanks God, the choral speaking thing is cancelled. YEAH! LOL :) but still i feel guilty towards mdm. Patricia just now. yala, she put hope on us bah but we ruins it. hopefully this guiltiness won't last long :) urmm.. what else? ah, today also i got tuition. ehehe :) but today a bit different lah because we become a bit serious. LOL :) well, mum and dad was there watching over us. that is why we being serious just now. ekekeke :) we can't watch Bleach and Oh, My Lady! today~ miss few episode already de =.= nevermind la. as long as i won't get fail anymore. ehehehe :D

hah~ well, actually i don't have anything to write LOL. just want to write for fun de. hehehehe. homeworks still waiting but i don't feel like doing it. Maybe later i'll do it lah. uh, it almost 12a.m de. ekekeke :D relax~ after blogging i want to prepare things for tomorrow and i also have planned that i'm not coming for 3R club as well as BC class. ekeke :) tired de. besides, i want to finish off all my essays lah. need to change from now on before its to late later. well, i decided to change since i saw our senior result for SPM last year. i saw lots of them got As. so i was like "wahh~ i want As too~" ehehehe. i will be so PROUD of myself if i do get straight As for SPM~ weehoo~ i will jump until i reach for the moon later if i do get straights As. ngahahah :D i know and i believe i can get As! i may failed in many subjects but i will prove it to everyone that i can change that RED pen to BLUE pen in this coming exams which is predicted on May :)

8 months left to SPM :) short time heh? well, relax~ well for SPM, if i can get flying colours kan, i want few things from my parent. hehehe :) not many lah. just a few. maybe 5 only. hehehehe. well, first of all, i want iPhone 3g from them.. eh no, i want LG iceCream. ekeke :) cute lah~ hahaha :) next, i want DSLR camera. weehoo~ hahaha :) i really want this one. ekeke :D and the third things i want is.. urmm...ah, 2 tickets to South Korea :) weee~ why 2? well, i want to bring Jaba also. hahaha :) because we both like korea kan? hehehehehehehe :) next one, i want mum and dad pay for our expenses when we are at korea later on. ekeke :) well, actually, i don't think i won't be able to go there because our Ringgit Malaysia is WAY TO SMALL when convert into KOREAN WON :'( hahaha. but i'll find another way to go there. whatever it takes, i will get my foot step on Incheon Airport. ekeke :) and last but not least i want to ask mum and dad to approve me to go for community service. hehehe :) i really want to do this so hopefully they would let me if i get flying colours. besides, i'm old enough to take care of myself kan? hehehe :) hopefully, all of this can come true. hehehee :)

so, i guess, that is all for now. hahahaha :) got nothing else to writelah. oh ya, before i forget, me and sis Jaba is doing a story at out shared blog. well, we haven't start yet and sis Jaba is still brainstorming right now. hehehe :) i can't wait to read it up. well, i think the story will be very funny lah because we both don't really know how to write in proper english. LOL XD the results is, the story will be very broken just like my blog. ekekeke XD and yeah, i just read her part in that blog and walawehh~~ VERY GOOD DE~~~ i lost my confident. hahahaha :)

so, that's all for now. adieu :) 

P.S : let your smile cover up your tears :)