Neko HeadBand :3

Greetings, humanoids :D
Hehehei, well... I'm updating today is to show off my new headband. ekekeke the Neko ear headband! Ta~~daa~~ <----  nice eh? hahahaha I KNOW!!! I bought it this morning when I went breakfast with my colleague just now and one of them suggest that we could go to Siong Lee while waiting for the next class to start. So, yeah. Well, I was thinking many times on buying the headband actually as you know, it is kinda awkward a bit of buying stuff like this with other people. If I was happen to be with my sisters, I would snatched the headband on the second I lay down my eyes on it. huahuahua. Demoo.. I'm not regretting for being awkward when buying it just now since it worth it. huahuahua XD I was planning on buying the other one that with the bell. yeah, that one is cuter, but more expensive of course. I only have 40+ in my wallet today and the headband is cost me about 12.90. and the other one with the bell is i think 14.90 ehh... if i'm not mistaken. and since I'm thinking of using my RM 40 for the whole week, so... yeah... I have to wait until next week. ekekeke hopefully no one will interested on buying it until I do. huahuahua XD Oh well, I'm not really scared of that though since in Miri here, there isn't lots of Otakus like me. the hardcore one. HUAHUAHUA XDD

<---- the image is blurry =.=' maybe I'll try to take the clearer image next time. ekekeke I need sometimes alone to have a better image. wasehh~ HAHAHAHA XD I can't just pose like a model in front of le mum okay? it will be so freaking weird. hahahaha and I think if I'm gonna do that in front of my mum, she would call me as idiotic. HAHAHAHA =.= oh well.... I think I'm going to have self-photoshooting within this week. ekekeke XD
School life? Well, nothing change, just that my brain is getting tired for thinking too much. hahahaha I don't know if I can survive semester two. Hmm... But what amazing the most about this semester is that I'm shocked that I do not complain very much. hahahahaha XD I mean, on last semester, whenever the lecturer is giving me some homework, I will act like "Oh why? what is this? haishh..." hahahaha but not this time, I think I'm kinda love it to have homework. HAHAHAHAHA maybe I'm just bored with my routines and homework is making it a little bit different than the other days. ekekeke XD I know, homework is kinda doing some magic on my life. hahahaha :D and yeah, confession I want to make is that I want to say that I kind of love Fundamental Accounting Class ans Business Statistic. HAHAHAHAHA I knowww~!!! this is freaking ridiculous and seriously, both of this class really challenging my mental and physical but yeah, maybe I'm just liking the challenges its giving me. hahahaha :D

and so, just now.... I was again surfing the web which selling the lolita's dress and the accessories. Well, the price is really freaking me out as it all like 200++ O.O I KNOW! i wish I'm a millionaires daughter. hahahahaXD but yeah... I'm pokai =.= hehehei... so... I was thinking of making my own pfffftttt... BWAHAHAAHAHAHA nah, just kidding. I was thinking that what if I ask the tailor to make one for me? hahahaha I think the tailor will be like "is this kid a lolita wannabe?" hahaha if he/she happen to ask that I would say "HELLLYEAHH" hahahahahahaha XDD *sighs* I wonder where can I find a good tailor that can make one for me. Because at least I can save budgets right? ekekeke since I'm not a good knitter or good in sewing and stuff, so, this is the best idea I could think of. and yeah, actually I was having another idea which is crazy enough. HAHAHAHA which is to ask my mum to make one for me HAHAHAHAHAHA =.= I know, it's just crazy even just thinking about it but you know, since my mum is quite good with sewing and stuff, so... I was you know... just thinking about it. Hahahaha I wonder how would she react if I told her about this. ekekeke I'm gonna ask her one day. ekekeke XD ahh~ gosh... if she willing to make one for me, it would be one of the best thing that ever happen to me. ekeke *hopeful thinking*

Oh yeah... I'm sure you've notice it already. hahahahaha *sighs* yeah.... my blog now look like Ouran host club official fan page. hahahahahahahahaha XD I just love it somehow. ekeke XD the banner is the one that making my blog looks like somewhat official fanpage haish~ hahahahaha XDD When I first saw it, I was like "WHOA~" hahahahah XDD well, credits to the one who make the banner of course. ekekeke XDso, I guess I'm going to stay using that banner until I get tired of it. huahuahua or or maybe after I watch some cooler anime. ekekeke XDDD

And speaking of anime... today is the second day I'm waiting for my package to come. ehehehei.... well, I think it will be arriving here this thursday or maybe on friday. but if it happen, I wish to be the one who take it from the postman's hand. ekekeke I wanna be the first to touch the package of course. hahahahahaha XD I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED to receive it! OMGOD! hahahahahaha but but I'm so very excited as I'm waiting for my Izaya Action Figure. *DECEMBER COME FAST!!!*  Still have 2 months to go. GAWD... hopefully I'm still alive that time hahahahahahahaha XD it's not funny I know... I'm not even laughing, it just my brain who is laughing just now. ekeke :D Anyway, I'm kind of out of topic for now since my brain is kind of lagging a bit. Today I was home at 2.30 maa and I don't really have times for nappy. besides, I woke up at 5 this morning, just to finish up my homework since last night I'm a bit lost in websites. ekekekeke XD And today, I think I'm going to sleep early too and maybe again wake up early like today for last touch of my Account homework. and still, I have to do some muscle reading for my English Class. Oh gawd. hopefully the teacher won't ask me to go in front and share what I've been written in my notes. ekekeke XD it will be a disaster since I haven't done anything yet. ekeke XD

So, I guess this is goodbye :D
See you peeps next time :3

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears ;)