Happy 1st Aniversary Bloggy! hahaha :D

Happy First Birthday Dear Bloggy! hahaha :D i was so surprise when i saw the date and my first post (last year post) hahaha :) i never knew today was the day i started my blog! hahaha :) whoa! can't believe it, its been a year. i think we have shared a lot of things, right bloggy? hehehe :) yeah, i wish you real person so that we could celebrate your special day with cakes and maybe a games. hahaha :) whaa~ i just can't believe it. my baby turns 1 today :) anyway, bloggy is the only person who know and understand me very well :) i just love bloggy so muchy! hehehehe :D i'm so excited right now! hahahaha :D

enough of excitement. ehehe :) anyway, 9 more days left and the christmas is here! wohoo~ well, i haven't buy any present for my dearest yet because i haven't went for christmas shopping. hopefully i can go by this week because next week, my cousins from labuan will come here to celebrate together with us. in fact, the whole family will gathered here this year. and all 5 of my mum's siblings will gathered together for the first time! this is the best christmas ever baby! anyway, my dad won't be around because hs boss don't give him any christmas holiday. well, i'm not quite dissapointed about that because its almost every year he won't celebrating christmas with us all. anyway, i wish him a very good christmas! heeheh :D talking about everyone will be here soon, i guess Phoebe and Isaac won't be here. so do Chyi and her family, i think. but i really hope that they all comes and celebrate this once a year special day. Christmas is totally an awesome day because this is the only day i can meet all my cousins and aunts and uncles gathered together :) just that, i really wish Phoebe is here with us. hehehe :) a little bit lonely without her. 

 ermm.. what else? oh yeah! i got my own little christmas tree. hahaha :) its just a small plastic pine tree but i really love it. hahahaha :) i put some empty boxes that i already wrapped under it so that it looks more real. hehehe :) i guess my christmas spirit this year is very high! hahahaha XD i'm just so excited to see my whole family comes. i can't wait to hug and give present to each other YAW! hahaha :) to bad Santa don't come to Asia, if he does, i would let him stay and celebrate it with us all. ngahahaha XD.

my wish for christmas? umm.. well, i have 12 christmas wish for myself, families and friends :) so, here are my 12 christmas wishes :]

1. i wish my family will stay blessed, happy and healthy.
2. i wish Phoebe and Isaac will celebrate christmas will us all.
3. i wish my friends will have a blast christmas celebrations
4. i wish i can have LG cookies or maybe LG icecream ^^
5. i wish i can have iPhone :)
6. i wish i can have Canon or maybe Nikon or Lumix camera :)
7. i wish i can study hard and smart next year
8. i wish my grandpa will healthy as before.
9. i wish me and my friends won't lost contact
10. i wish i can get good results for SPM
11. i wish i can makes my family proud of me.
12. i wish my brother will change and be mature.

hahaha :) so, thats my 12 wishes and hopefully it all can come true ;) heehee. anyway, right now, my brain is kinda blank. so, i think, if i have the mood to online later, i'll write again. so, adieu :)

so, thats it for today :) enjoy Younggi pretty face all!  :)

P.s : let your smile coverr your tears :)