Random Posting :)

Annyeonghaseyo! XD
Yesh. The time is 1:33a.m. ekekekekeke :) I just finish eating my curry noddle in cup and I'm pretty much full right now and my eyes are getting heavy. ehehehei~ But I'm not planning to sleep yet since I need to settle down with my English assignment first which is about memory. Hell, I don't even have any idea on how to do it. hahahahahaha =.= I'll just do it according to my own knowledge. ekeke :) At least I finished it on time right? Yeah, that is all that matter most.

Anyway, today is Fiona's 18th birthday and I just wished her Happy Birthday in Facebook~ WEEWOOO~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAKNAE <3 ekekeke :) Actually I've lost contact with her since I don't know, like last month I think. Yeah, she's a Curtin student. Must having a tons of work and stuff to deal with. Me? I'm just a normal crazy college bastard. ehehei~ Oh well, as long as she's happy with her life now. ekekeke :) So, my wish to her is that, I hope she'll success in everything she do and never ever give up when it came to obstacles. May Our Father gives her endless blessing and always protect her from the temptation of evil spirits :)
May God Bless her :)

Um.... Well.... today as I was checking on tumblr, I just found out that Mitch Lucker, the vocalist of Suicide Silence just died. I'm like wow~ I can't believe it. He still too young and there are so many more thing he can do with that young age. But to be honest I'm not really a fans of Suicide Silence but yeah, I do listen to some of their songs. And the thing is, I wrote this because I'm still not very satisfied with the 1D&Bieber fans who said that Mitch deserved to die and they said he's a devil worshiper and insulting punk. I mean, come on guys! Its not like every screamos or punk or rockers are devil worshipers and Mitch... He don't deserve to die. No one deserve to die.

Like seriously, even though I'm not a big fan of Suicide Silence, when they mocking him out, I feel like Ugh.... I feel like bitchslapping them. I mean, come on la. Who are they to judge people that way? If they just judging people from how they look or how they performing on stages, No. Please stop it. I think even though sometimes rock music or screamo songs might sometimes giving headache, their lyrics is always filling with beautiful words that could help one's life. Most of the punk rock band, they talks about real life, their experience, giving hope to the hopeless, saying the truth...Its really rare for us to not find a good meaning behind all those headaching endless screaming in the songs.

So, my point here is. I'm not going to bashing 1D or Bieber or any other pop fans since I'm a fans of that genre myself. The things here is, I just want to share that we can't insult people and giving such rude comments. No one likes that. Don't judge people by appearance.We aren't born to judge, only God can judge us.

And YES! My kyuzizi is going to have a solo invasion! WUTSSS WUTTSSS!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! I wonder what will his tracks will be. ekekeke :) anyway, speaking of sunggyu, I think that Marjie is secretly making him as her bias. Yep, I'm quite sure about this since today afternoon, she kind of asking me to give her link to Sunggyu's moments. hahahaha :) Yeah. It's kind of breaking my heart a bit ya know. hahahahahahahahaha =.=' It's not like I can stop her from falling hard for sunggyu, since we all know that it is really really hard for not to falling for him. hahahaha I mean, he's cute, funny, tall, have great voice, nice body... in other words, he's a kind of guy that every girl dream to have (including me) XDDD

And honestly, I've been thinking lately. Maybe I should just let Marj have him as her bias. But it really will take a very long time since I'm very cling to him right now. hahahahaha =.=' I guess, I just have to sacrifice.. as the usual. *sighed* I guess I'm really have no luck in love. I mean, in real life, I sacrifice for my best friend and now in virtual life. hahahahaha pathetic me. hahahahahaha but pshhhh... what the hell. hahahaha :))

AHA~ yeah... hahahahahaha XD I'm not really worry for losing Sunggyu though since I still have my Himchan. ekekekeke :) EVEN CUTER! Omonahh~~ gonna die because of that killer gaze of him. So smexyy~~ <3 hahahahahaha XD I don't know why but currently I realized that a guy with small eyes really are attracting me. HAHAHHAHAHAHA gosh! don't ask! I wonder too~  I mean, never in my life, I thought of a small eyed guys could be such a turn on. ekekeke :D Don't get me wrong, I do find some of them are cute before this but now, I think it's the main attractions. hahahahaha and and yeah, the luscious lips. Oh my gawd~ especially Himchan's. His reddish lips. OMO~ any girl who had the chance to kiss him is fucking lucky. hahahahahaha =.=' 

well, indeed. I am not going to be one of the lucky bitches. ekekekeke =.=' *sighed* But I do wish though. ekekekeke :3 Just kidding! XD Himchan would rather kiss a stray dog than kissing me. hahahahahahahaha XD seriously. hahahahaiwai~ XDD
But it's not wrong to believe it will be true someday. I mean, it won't hurt as long as we just believe it. I mean, nothing is impossible. Who knows, luck might be on my side and I got the very chance. HAHAHAHAHAHA *delusional kpoppers*

And when I saw this pic, I'm like "OH WOW~ SMEXY" AHAHAHHA and there it is... a birth of new fanfic. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA uh... well. it suddenly strike my brain department and the idea is like, this two sister (my usual main character) hahhahaha XDD is like a hunter. they hunt for demons. They are like from some secret society under the government and no... they have no superpower but they very skilful with weapons and they are just still in teenage's age lah. But then, there is this one time, they are on a mission.. which they got call to catch this one powerful demon that is trapped in a big abandoned building. Then suddenly they were separated. and then, one of them is like stuck in a dark hall, with light flickering, and then she kind of meeting this demon (himchan will fit the role) hahahaha XD

But this demon is not the one they've been searching for. He is also sent to kill the demon by his upperclass. and...... yeah... I'm lost it. hahahahaha well, actually I'm deciding to make it a short story version lah~ not like to Infinite-t and beyond. Um... I wanna try to make a short story. ekekeke :) Well, for sure not now though. hahahahahahahahaha~~ but maybe soon~ :)))

so it now 2.24a.m and I'm getting sleepy. I think I'll just do my assignment later morning or after dinner. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA =.= yes. kill me please hahahahahaha
So, I guess this is goodbye then.
Enjoy my HimChan pic :))))))

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)