KhunToria Addict :)

AnnyeongHaseyo~ hahaha :) long time no see since my last post, which is about my teeth~ hehehe :) well, i'm not that busy and yes i wanted to post something in blogger but i just feel so damn lazy to do so. ehehe :) ekk, ah, yeah. and for this few days also i've been watching WeGotMarried. i was syok sendiri. LOL XD last time my favourite WGM couple is GaIn and JoKwon and this time KHUNTORIA IS MY NEW ADDICTION~ kyahh~ well, both Nickhun and Victoria is not really my favourite celebrities. just that when i watch the show kan, i can feel that they have SPECIAL FEELING towards each other. LOL :) i wonder if they will be married real life. hehehe :D

They are so perfect for each other~ hehehe :) nickhun is Prince Of Thailand and victoria is Princess Of Sea~ ahahaha :) prince and princess bah~ Nickhun said he wasn't romantic enough to make Victoria happy but for me HE's romantic enough. i really wish i'm victoria. LOL XD anyway, eventhough he doesn't prepare much but i still love everything he done for Victoria. and Victoria, whenever they meeting each other she always get her both hands full of stuff. hahaha :) she always bring something for their date. and last episode i watch is about they were just moving to their newlyweds home :) hehehe :)  love it! and last time i surf  Youtube kan, and i type "Khuntoria Kissing Scene" LOL and i found one. just that i'm not sure whether they really kissing or just ALMOST kissing. Uuuhh~ i wish they really are. so, here is the vids that i told you guys and you guys tell me, are they kissing or almost kissing or they just playing around? please oh please tell me~~hahaha XD
(just that the repeating of victoria voice annoyed me a little. hehehe )

hahaha :) love it!

so, that's all in this post. Adieu :)

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)