Hello, December!

Konnichiwa! i would love to say WELCOME DECEMBER! hahaha :D yeah. late welcoming message. i know. still, nothing is too late. hahaha :D month by month came and pass but nothing change in my life. always as dark as usual. i haven't found my light yet. hopefully i can find it next year :D december.. i've been waiting for the month to come because i can't take this hateful 2010 anymore. SUCK! for me la. i only got few good memories this year and from beginning of the year, i always facing the bad things. urgh! hate it. still, i'm grateful for being alive. haha XD. oh ya! the photo that i use to start this post is a photo of my new favourite JRock Band, that is..*drumrolls* taa-daa! AliceNine! wohoo~ love their songs. they are third jrock band that manage to caught my heart. *my first is Orange Range and my 2nd is AnCafe*. there also got AquaTimez, Ayabie and so on :D i forget ^^ And of course, new band, new hubby! wohoo! hahaha :D my new japanese hubby is Ogata Hiroto :D whooaa~ he's cute! i love his teeth cuz he got two big front teeth like ME! hahaha!!

<---- cute hoh? hahaha XD i know! unfortunately he is mine, girls. so back off! LOL XD neah.. Just kidding. we can share him. hehehe :D he was born on 4 May 1985 *9 years older than me. hmm.hmm..* hahaha :D never mind! he is the guitarist in Alice9 and also the dorky in the band. haha :D i think he is the shortest in the band and also the shortest of all my hubbysss :D well, because of that, i will love him more :D ahahaha XDHe has a very hyper and jumpy attitude *as i told you, he's dorky* hahaha :D and he also love to smile :D *sound like me* XD not much i know about him. just knowing that he's smoking 0.o suprise? neah.. i think almost all my hubbysss are smoking. like....Hyukminnie and Jiyong ^^. i can still accept that because that won't change anything. LOL XD i will always love them all. eyhh! even i didn't talk about them or post their photos, that didn't mean i don't love and care for them hoh! hahaha :DD *too dramatic* oh well, that's all i wanna say about him :D maybe next time, if i got anything new i know about him, i'll tell. no worry. i will share. hahaha :D

OH yea! i got new hairstyle :D wohoo :D i don't know the name but i love it. ngahahaha :D and yeah, i've straighten my hair as well :D thanks to mummy :] love her! hahaha :D actually i've been thinking to dye my hair brown. but i'm still wondered if brown suit me or not because i'm afraid that brown didn't suit me and making me look more ugly. hahaha :D enoughlah, i'm being this ugly. ekekeke :D i just waiting for my dearest sis Ina to come home and i'll asked her about this later. teehee :D oh yea, talking about sis Ina, she is going to be officially marriage soon and today, me and sis Jon go to the malls and surveying the dresses. i want to dress as lovely as i could for sis Ina to show my love towards her. yerrdehh~ hahaha :D but unfortunately, i can't find one. so, i decided to find dress online. so, in the end, i manage to found 3. but only one caught my eye. wohoo! still, the colour isn't suit for the wedding themes *red and white* so i guess, i will wait for sis ina herself to pick for me as she's going home (here) this sunday. if i'm not mistaken. hahaha :D 

Yeah, this is non-edited photo. trust me. haha :D plain. no make up, no edit.. (well, i don't even use make-up) ahahahaha :D my eyes are purely as big as that. i don't use contacts and specs. even my specs got only the rims. hahaha :DD i'm naturally ugly. LOL XD still, proud of it. (p.s : ignore the pile of dirty clothes behind there) hahaha :D i took this photo in the toilet, my favourite place to take photo cuz there, i can snap as many as i want without being see by my mum. hahahaha :DD i'm shy de posing in front of the elder. ekeke :DD and yeah, i'm quite photogenics but i rarely got good pictures, i mean, cute looking when other people took the photo of me. i don't know why. but i'm way too different when someone else took my photo. hahaha :D ermm.. what else to say? my brother? not much to say, as usual. didn't change at all and day by day, he's getting worst. ha! i don't want to think about him. let me lives my life. i want to enjoy my life la bah. if i keep thinking about him, i wouldn't have my own life. let me be selfish in this matter. what else? oh yes! i've been watching another anime, Vampires Knight. hahaha :D i love the story plots because it reminds me of sis Jaba's story when we're still kiddos. hehehe :D which her story is about us and our other cousy being the ghost hunter and becoming vampires when battling the bad creature. LOL XD miss all the story. if i'm not mistaken, that story has 11 or 12 seasons. hahahahahhaa :DDD now, she didn't tell that kind of story anymore because now, we more into loves, mysteries, secret agents like that. hahaha :D and trust me, sis Jaba is the best story teller. if tim burton's listen to her story, i'm sure, he'll make her story into movies. hahaha :DD thats true. she also the one who drag me into arts and i do loves arts. we both write stories then exchange it with each other. last few years, that time, i'm still in primary school and they still lives in their old house. we, together painting and doing a books which tells about ourselves. that was fun to do you know. but now, we've getting older and have no time to do that kind of things anymore. :D

 that photo is Kiryuu Zero, my new anime's hubby. hahaha  he just to adorable right? but from season one until season two, i barely see him smile. >.< hahaha :D actually i haven't watch the whole season 2 yet. i only finish season 1 because i think season 2 is somewhat boring. LOL XD anyway, love the anime because of Kiryuu Zero! hahahaha :DDD so i guess, this is all for now. its 12 : 20 a.m and i really need to go before my mum tell me to go to sleep :D hahaha :D but before that, i think i'm gonna check on my Mall World on Facebook first, then, i'll go to my dreamland :D
so Adieu XD

my lovely Hiroto will ended my post this time :D enjoy XD

p.s : let your smile cover up your tears :D

LOL XD. this will end it. arigatou for reading! byes!